This page is a copy of the tables from Jonathan Ott’s Ayahuasca Analogues, copied, of course, without permission. If Mr. Ott or his publishers. Today, nontraditional combinations of plants with these ingredients are known as ayahuasca analogs or anahuasca. Combinations composed of isolated or. – Buy Ayahuasca Analogues book online at best prices in India on Read Ayahuasca Analogues book reviews & author details and more .

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People who focus on the Vine have experiences that are qualitatively different in some important ways from those who focus on the DMT plants. Rue is a seed from a flowering plant, Jurema root bark fro a shrun related to the Arcia tree family.

What are Ayahuasca analogues?

The term ayahausca analog appears to have been coined by Dennis McKenna. Want to Read saving…. He then filtered the suspension with a coffee filter. I took Syrian first and waited for over an hour before then taking Her. After reviewing carefully the ethnobotanical, chemical and pharmacognostical literature on the Amazonian Amrta, Ott describes more ayahuassca three dozen psychonautic experiments designed to elucidate the incredible pharmacology of ayahuasca potions, ingenious Ayahuasca Analogues is the first book to explore in detail the human pharmacology of ayahuasca, fabled jungle ambrosia.

Ayahuasca Analogues : Jonathan Ott :

Review Erowid at GreatNonprofits. There are clear biochemical differences between the vine and rue. It most often involves the combination of Banisteriopsis caapi vine with other plants, usually plants containing tryptamines. These are the Ayahuasca Analogues of the book’s title, and Ott’s psychonautic experiments include several with such “analogues,” as well as with pharmahuasca — the pure ayahuasca alkaloids in “ayahuasca capsules.


Suzanne Palmer rated it liked it Sep 24, Emmanagogue is a substance that contracts or acts on the uterus, strong emmanagogues can easily induce abortions.

Unfortunately, such evidence is lacking at this writing.

And spread the word that accurate info about psychedelics and other drugs improves health, culture, and policies. Tryptamine and Beta-Carboline constituents of ayahuasca. Matt Shaw rated it it was amazing Jul 10, Rue and Jurema are a different Marriage altogether.

Ayahuasca Analogues : Panguan Entheogens

Bas De Jong rated it really liked it Jul 13, Just a moment while we ayahuacsa you in to your Goodreads account. Last updated 20 January, No trivia or quizzes yet. Check out the dietary restrictions for MAOI use at hyperreal. The higher levels of tetrahydroharmine in B. One of the reasons for this is that, in a Rue-based brew, only the minimum amount of Rue is used necessary to potentiate the DMT. Furthermore, I can feel the effects of the caapi; although I always felt that it was the rue communicating with me, not the mimosa, I never felt any effects from the rue itself other than nausea.

The experience of group B will resemble ayahuascw experience of group C more than it will the experience of group A, in spite of the fact that group B is drinking the same brew as group a and a different brew from group C.

Ayahuasca Analogues

The analogy between the tryptamine plants and Light with which to see what is happening is also made in indigenous cultures. This is a structural analogue of Harmine anaoogues has been stripped of its methoxyl group…. I have not experienced nausea, but I willed myself to puke after walking my dog at least an hour and a half after ingesting both brews and sure enough, there was plenty of liquid sloshing around up to that point in me guttiwots as a droogie of mine used to say.


Ott boldly characterizes the discovery of ayahuasca potions by various groups of South American Indians as “one of the most sophisticated pharmacognostical discoveries of all antiquity.

Comments with commercial intent are also not accepted. Preparation is everything and this is something that analofues of us in the West especially are not accustomed to, we want everything at the flick of a switch. The resulting tables of more than 60 plants in each category document Ott’s contention that there are at least four thousand possible combinations of plants which can yield entheogenic potions like ayahuasca.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The rue combination brings him from slightly down and dysphoric to neutral and dysphoric while the caapi combo takes him to happy and optimistic and at times, slightly euphoric. Owing to the complex legal status of ayahuasca in many places, comments geared towards finding ayahuasca or ayahuasca ceremonies cannot be accepted.

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