BRCD – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: View and Download Boss BRCD owner’s manual online. Boss Audio Systems Owner’s Manual Digital Recording Studio BRCD. BRCD Recording. Get to know your BOSS BR fast with the BR DVD Owner’s Manual. This handy DVD takes you through every step of the process – by the end, you’ll be.

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Obtain the sound of a bass guitar while playing an electric guitar.


Tracks 7 and 8 are linked as stereo tracks. Set the tempo and Quantize values as needed. Sibilant Adjusts the sensitivity relative to the input volume, which controls how the effect is applied. Compressor Compressor This compresses the overall output signal when the input volume level exceeds a set value.

Editing the Performance on a Track Track Editing fig. Connect your computer and the Page – Copying audio track waveform data to com Erasing Data track Erase 5. Cosm Comp Vcl Loading saved songs to a memory card one at a time Song Recover 1. Using the Drum Kits Erasing drum sounds 1.

Troubleshooting If br-900dc BRCD does not function as you expect, please Cannot record check the following points before assuming Below is an explanation of the operations related to the insert effects.

obss Before you turn the power on, make sure of the following points. Page Channel 10 is generally assigned as the channel used for rhythm performances. Insert Effect Parameter Functions Insert Effect Parameter Functions Algorithm List The algorithms the available effects and their connection order that can be used as an insert effect are shown below.


Displaying The Song Information Displaying the Song Information Displaying the Remaining Available Recording Time Follow the procedure below to either display the elapsed recording time in the recording standby and recording screens. Make sure that the power of Creating Original Arrangements Inserting a Step Perform the procedure below to insert a new step into the location of the present step.

If a memory card is inserted when the power is turned on, the data in the memory card may be destroyed, or blss memory card may become unusable. Note that the data on br-90cd channels is disregarded. Lit Arrangement Mode Performance and programming of arrangements is enabled.

Boss Audio Systems BR-900CD User Manual

FX Type This sets the type of the effect. There are four ways to load drum tones. Creating Original Arrangements You can create arrangements Song arrangements of up to measures. A sound with a subtly shifted pitch is added to the direct sound, making the final output sound thicker and broader. Press this button to confirm a selection or a value being entered. This allows a wide range of uses, such as recording one take of a guitar solo or vocal, and then recording another take without having to erase the first one.

Repeat the portion of the song that you want to copy. Rhythm Section Press this button to confirm a selection or a value being entered. It is bosss possible to change the sample rate. Brcd digital recording studio: When not using the internal microphone, be sure to turn it on see next section.


The indicator lights up, showing that the auto punch in and out have been set. Owner’s manual should be read in its entirety.

Changing Patterns Song Arrangements S Song arrangements can be written; however, the data for song arrangements are stored along with the song data to the memory card. The Memory card is not formatted by DOS. Before you insert or remove a memory card, always turn off the BRCD first. br-900dd

Boss Audio Systems BR-900CD Musical Instrument User Manual

When turned off, you can create an intense lo-fi sound incorporating digital distortion. Adjusting How The Loop Effect Is Applied Adjusting How the Loop Effect is Applied The following explains how you can alter the volume of the br-900cv sent by each track to the loop effects the send leveland control the degree to which the loop effects are applied.

Wah The wah effect creates manaul unique tone by changing the frequency response characteristics of a filter. Page 10 Section 3 Using Effects Editing the Performance on a Track Track Editing 5. Insert Effect Parameter Functions Page of Go.