LA Datasheet, LA PDF, LA Data sheet, LA manual, LA pdf, LA, datenblatt, Electronics LA, alldatasheet, free, datasheet. LA Datasheet PDF Download – Single-Chip Signal Processor for Color TV Use, LA data sheet. Sanyo LA datasheet, Single-Chip Signal Processor for Color TV Use (1- page), LA datasheet, LA pdf, LA datasheet pdf, LA pinouts.

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The internal block circuit diagram of LA7680 IC

Discussion in ‘Hobby Electronics’ started by alitonto, Apr 24, Digitor 12 volt portable tv for car – mistery Reply to Thread. Search Forums Recent Posts.

Apr 24, 1. Digitor tv model G pcb B The tv does not start; there is Checking the circuit board I see the base is connected via a resistor to ground and via a high voltage ceramic cap back to the emmiter line of the HOT.


Shouldn’t somethingelse be feeding the base or do these 12 volt tvs dattasheet differently? Any thoughts will be very much appreciated. Apr 24, 2. Apr 25, 3.

LA7680 डेटा पत्रक PDF( Datasheet डाउनलोड )

Yes I am quite sure because the emitter pin is directy soldered to the ground of the circuit board. I am starting to suspect that someone has tried to repair this and removed some wire coming directly from an IC.

Anyone got schematics on this TV can they please tell me where the drive to this Satasheet should be coming from. It will make this easier.

Apr 26, 4. Apr 27, 5. Thanks for the info as I couln’t find who makes these tvs; I will follow up for a schematic with DSE but in the meantime I would like to know if the voltage at the collector of the HOT for ,a7680 portable 12v tvs in general should be as the bigger ones. I have measured Apr 27, 6.

Apr 28, 7. This tv has these ICs: Apr 28, 8.

LA Datasheet, PDF – Qdatasheet

Apr 29, 9. Special thanks to Frank for assisting me realise that I was looking for the wrong IC info; I didn’t think that the LA on the tv had plenti of legs; for some reason I was convinced it was only 24 pns. I have now obtained the al7680 datasheet.

Great help thanks A. Apr 30, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take vatasheet couple of moments here. After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out. Similar Threads 12 volt electric car speed.


DIAMOND v. DIEHR. Opinion of the Court. JusTICE REHNQUIST deliVered the opinion of the Court. We granted certiorari to determine. Engineers James Diehr and Theodore Lutton invented an improved press that cured rubber by controlled heating. The press contained a temperature probe. Citation. Diamond v. Diehr, U.S. , S. Ct. , 67 L. Ed. 2d , U.S. LEXIS 73, U.S.P.Q. (BNA) 1, 49 U.S.L.W. (U.S. Mar. 3, ).

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Respondents filed a diamons application claiming invention for a process for molding raw, uncured synthetic rubber into cured precision products. While it was possible, by using well-known time, temperature, and cure relationships, to calculate by means of an established mathematical equation when to open the molding press and remove the cured product, according to respondents, the industry had not been able to measure precisely the temperature inside the press, thus making it difficult to make the necessary computations to determine the proper cure time.

Respondents characterized their contribution to the art to reside in the process of constantly measuring the temperature inside the mold and feeding the temperature measurements into a computer that repeatedly recalculates the cure time by use of the mathematical equation and then signals a device to open the press at the proper time. The patent examiner rejected respondents’ claims on the ground that they were drawn to dixmond subject matter under 35 U.

Dier new and useful, it is just as patentable as is a piece of machinery. The machinery pointed out as suitable to perform the process may or may not be new or patentable. Industrial processes such as respondents’ claims for transforming raw, uncured synthetic rubber into a different state or thing are the types which have historically been eligible to receive patent law protection.

Although their process employs a well-known mathematical equation, they do not seek to preempt the use of that equation, except in conjunction with all of the other steps in their claimed process. A claim drawn to subject matter otherwise statutory does not become nonstatutory simply because it uses a mathematical formula, computer program, or digital computer.

Respondents’ claims must be considered as a whole, it being inappropriate to dissect the claims into old and new elements and then to ignore the presence of the old elements in the analysis. The questions of whether a particular invention meets the “novelty” requirements of 35 U. We granted certiorari to determine whether a process for curing synthetic rubber which includes in several of its steps the use of a mathematical formula and a programmed digital computer is patentable subject matter under 35 U.

The patent application at issue was filed by the respondents on August 6, The claimed v is a process for molding raw, uncured synthetic rubber into cured precision products.

The process uses a mold for precisely shaping the uncured material under heat and pressure and then curing the synthetic rubber in the mold so that the product will retain its shape and be functionally operative after the molding is completed.

Respondents claim that their process ensures the production of molded articles which are properly cured. Achieving the perfect cure depends upon several factors, including the thickness of the article to be molded, the temperature of the molding process, and the amount of time that the article is allowed to remain in the press.

It is possible, using well-known time, temperature, diwhr cure relationships, to calculate by means of the Arrhenius equation [ Footnote 2 ] when to open the press. Nonetheless, according to the respondents, the industry has not been able to obtain uniformly accurate cures, because the temperature of the molding press could not be precisely measured, thus making it difficult to do the necessary computations to determine cure time.

But the shortcoming of this practice is that operating with an uncontrollable variable inevitably led in some instances to overestimating the mold-opening time and overcuring the rubber, and in other instances to underestimating that time and undercuring the product. Respondents characterize their diamoond to the art to reside in the process of constantly measuring the actual temperature inside the mold.

These temperature measurements are then automatically fed into a computer which repeatedly recalculates the cure time by use of the Arrhenius equation. When the recalculated time equals the actual diamonr that has elapsed since the press was closed, the computer signals a device to open the press.

According to the respondents, the continuous measuring of the temperature inside the mold cavity, the feeding of this information to a digital computer which constantly recalculates the cure time, and the signaling by the computer to open the press are all new in the diher.

The patent examiner rejected the respondents’ claims on the sole ground that they were drawn to nonstatutory subject matter under 35 U. The remaining steps — installing rubber in the press and the subsequent closing of the.

In re Diehr, F. The court noted that a claim drawn to subject matter otherwise statutory does not become nonstatutory because a computer is diamodn. The respondents’ claims were not directed to a mathematical algorithm or an improved method of calculation, but rather recited an improved process for molding rubber articles by solving a practical problem which had arisen in the molding of rubber products.

The Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks sought certiorari, arguing that the decision of the Court of Customs and Patent Appeals was inconsistent with prior decisions of this Court. Because of the importance of the question presented, we granted the writ. Last Term, in Diamond v.

As in Chakrabarty, we must here construe 35 U. In cases of statutory construction, we begin with the language of the statute. Unless otherwise defined, “words will be interpreted as taking their ordinary, contemporary common meaning,” Perrin v. United States, U. Chakrabarty, supra, at U. The Patent Act of defined statutory subject matter as “any new and useful art, machine, manufacture or composition of matter, or any new or useful improvement [thereof].

Not until the patent laws were recodified in did Congress replace the word “art” with the word “process. Although the term “process” was not added to 35 U.

A process is a mode of treatment of certain materials to produce a given result. It is an act, or a series of acts, performed upon the subject matter to be transformed and reduced to a different state or thing.

In the language of the patent law, it is an art. The machinery pointed out as suitable to perform the process may or may not be new or patentable; whilst the process itself may be altogether new, and produce an entirely new result. Recently, in Gottschalk v. That respondents’ claims involve the transformation of an article, in this case raw, uncured synthetic rubber, into a different state or thing cannot be disputed.

The respondents’ claims describe in detail a step-by-step method for accomplishing such, beginning with the loading of a mold with raw, uncured rubber and ending with the eventual opening of the press at the conclusion of the cure. Industrial processes such as this are the types which have historically been eligible to receive the protection of our patent laws.

Our conclusion regarding respondents’ claims is not altered by the fact that, in several steps of the process, a mathematical equation and a programmed digital computer are used.

Excluded from such patent protection are laws of nature, natural phenomena, and abstract ideas. Benson, supra at U. Only last Term, we explained:. Such discoveries are ‘manifestations of. Our recent holdings in Gottschalk v. Benson, supra, and Parker v. Flook, supra, both of which are computer-related, stand for no more than these long-established principles. In Benson, we held unpatentable claims for an algorithm used to convert binary code decimal numbers to equivalent pure binary numbers.

The sole practical application of the algorithm was in connection with diegr programming of a. We defined “algorithm” as a “procedure for solving a given type of mathematical problem,” and we concluded that such an algorithm, or mathematical diamonnd, is like a law of nature, which cannot be the subject of a patent.

Flook, supra, presented a similar situation. The claims were drawn to a method for computing an “alarm limit. Using this formula, the updated alarm limit could be diehg if several other variables were known. The application, however, did not purport to explain how these other variables were to be determined, [ Footnote 10 ] nor.

All that it provides is a formula for computing an updated alarm limit. In contrast, the respondents here do not seek to patent damond mathematical formula. Instead, they seek patent dismond for a process of curing synthetic rubber. Their process admittedly employs a well-known mathematical equation, but they do not seek to preempt the use of that equation. Rather, they seek only to foreclose from others the use of that equation in conjunction with all of the other steps in their claimed process.

These include installing rubber in a press, closing the mold, constantly determining the temperature of the mold, constantly recalculating the appropriate cure time through the use of the formula and a digital computer, and automatically opening the press at the proper time. Obviously, one does not need a “computer” to cure natural or synthetic rubber, but if the computer use incorporated in the process patent significantly lessens the possibility of “overcuring” or “undercuring,” the process as a whole does not thereby become unpatentable subject matter.

Our earlier opinions lend support to our present conclusion that a claim drawn to subject matter otherwise statutory does not become nonstatutory simply because it uses a mathematical formula, computer program, or digital computer. We do not 90 hold. Similarly, in Parker v.

Diamond v. Diehr, 450 U.S. 175 (1981)

Flook, we stated that “a process is not unpatentable simply because it contains a law of nature or a mathematical algorithm.

It is now commonplace that an application of a law of nature or mathematical formula to a known structure or process may well be deserving of patent protection. As Justice Dirhr explained four decades ago:.

We think this statement in Mackay takes us a long way toward the correct answer in this case. It is inappropriate to dissect the claims into old and new elements and then to ignore the presence of the old elements in the analysis.

This is particularly true in a process claim, because a new combination of steps in a process may be patentable even though all the constituents of the combination were well known and in common use before the combination was made. The “novelty” of any element or steps in a process, or even of the.

Sectionhowever, is a general statement of the type of subject matter that is eligible for patent protection “subject to the conditions and requirements of this title. The question, therefore, of whether a particular invention is novel is “wholly apart from whether the invention falls into a category of statutory subject matter.

See also Nickola v. The legislative history of the Patent Act is in accord with this reasoning. The Senate Report stated:. It is later stated in the same Report:. We view respondents’ claims as nothing more than a process for molding rubber products, and not as an attempt to patent a mathematical formula.

We recognize, of course, that, when a claim recites a mathematical formula or scientific principle or phenomenon of naturean inquiry must be made into whether the claim is seeking patent protection for that formula in the abstract.

A mathematical formula, as such, is not accorded the protection of our patent laws, Gottschalk v. Similarly, insignificant post-solution activity will not transform.

On the other hand, when a claim containing a mathematical formula implements or applies that formula in a structure or process which, when considered as a whole, is performing a function which the patent laws were designed to protect e. Because we do not view respondents’ claims as an attempt to patent a idamond formula, but rather to be drawn to an industrial process. A “cure” is obtained by mixing curing agents into the uncured polymer in advance of molding, and then applying heat over a period of time.

If the synthetic rubber is cured for the right length of time at the right temperature, it becomes a usable product. The equation is named after its dia,ond, Svante Arrhenius, and has long been used to calculate the deihr time in rubber-molding presses.

Diamond v. Diehr ruling by US Supreme Court on 3 March – software patents wiki ()

The equation can be expressed as follows:. A rheometer is an instrument to measure flow of viscous substances. During the time a press is diamondd for loading, it will cool. The longer it is open, the cooler it becomes and the longer it takes to reheat the press to the desired temperature range.


Enhanced Ground Proximity WarningSystem (EGPWS) usually integrated as a mode of operation of the Electronic Flight Instrument System. Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot’s Guide. This includes descriptions of the various system modes;. Built-In-Test (BIT) and. Automatic height calls, warnings of excessive bank angle – Mode 6 Therefore an Enhanced GPWS (EGPWS) includes a Terrain Awareness.

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These systems can give audio and visual warnings to the pilots to indicate when they are approaching a situation that will lead to them flying into the ground water or other obstacles on the surface.

They are integrated with glass cockpits and other systems on more advanced aircraft with the possibility to provide warning information with Synthetic vision systems SVS. However, like other systems uses to mkdes accidents they still have their own limitations.

Ground proximity warning system – Wikipedia

The TAWS was a response to the growing concern about aircraft flying into terrain. So on December 24ththe FAA issued a rule that large aircraft must be fitted with a device to give an aural and visual warning when aircraft was below ft 1. These initial devices were simply a radar altimeter that could tell what height the aircraft was above the ground. These early systems however, suffered from a few limitations which meant that the systems quickly evolved.

The most noticeable limitation was the fact the radar altimeter could not look ahead and there for could not pick up steep terrain 2. The GPWS uses a number of instruments to tries predict the future and indicate whether the pilot is a situation that may cause an accident. There are several situations that the GPWS will issue an alarm, each situation has been given a mode number and may given a different alarm depending on what is happening.

Excessive descent rate Mode 2: Excessive terrain closure rate Mode 3: Altitude loss after takeoff or go-around Mode 4: Unsafe terrain clearance when not in Landing Configuration Mode 5: Excessive deviation from ILS glide slope Mode 6: Descent below the selected minimum radio altitude Mode 7: The GPWS gathers information from the instruments and uses computer calculations to determine what the aircraft is doing and its relation with the ground.

Some modes depending on the severity of the situation will give an aural alert or an aural warning.


Appropriate TAWS response procedures to each mode are determined after modss study of aircraft type performance capability. They are clearly defined by so that in case egpwa a Warning, they can be followed without hesitation as soon as a triggered. Operators normally define different response procedures based upon moces drills for a Warning sometimes called a Hard Warning and an immediate review in the case of an Alert sometimes called a Soft Warning 2.

There are still however, limitations to theses systems that require the pilots to use their experience and situation awareness to determine if the warning is real. For example, if the instruments are giving false alerts or if the pilot is intentionally in that situation, the pilot must then ignore the warnings that are given to them. Also with the introduction of glass cockpit into aviation is etpws create a situation where the pilots either learn to rely on this system to prevent CFIT or they learn incorrect responses to the alert.

Either way this can lead to pilots who find that they cause accidents that the TAWS is trying to prevent.

There are however, possibilities to also prevent disasters happening by intentional flight into terrain. An example would be terrorism.

It is possible that the systems could be built to be integrated with other advanced systems to only allow aircraft to fly certain routes thus preventing anyone from flying new over populated areas 3. Edit History Tags Source.

Create account or Sign in. SKYbrary 13th September The Challenge of Security.

Unless otherwise stated, egpes content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Psychology Academic Job Search. WikiNorron Almost as good as the guide, maybe better! Click here to edit contents of this page. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. Watch headings for an “edit” link when available.

Append content without editing the whole page source. If you want to discuss contents of egpss page – this is the easiest way to do it. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page.

Ground proximity warning system

Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Something does not work as expected? Find out what you can do. Image embedded from [ Universal Electronics ].


Biochemical calculations by Irwin H. Segel, , Wiley edition, in English – 2d ed. ISBN: February Pages With Biochemical Calculations, 2nd Edition, students will gain confidence in their ability to handle. Biochemical calculations: how to solve mathematical by I H Segel by Irwin H Segel. eBook: Document. English. 2nd ed. New York: Wiley.

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WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. Don’t have an account? Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript.

Biochemical calculations ( edition) | Open Library

Some features of WorldCat will not be available. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you.

Advanced Search Find a Library. Showing all editions for ‘Biochemical calculations: Refine Your Search Year. Select All Clear All Save to: Your list has reached the maximum number of items. Please create a new list buochemical a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items.

Biochemical calculations how to solve mathematical problems in general biochemistry.

Biochemical calculations

How to solve mathematical problems in general biochemistry. Home About Help Search. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Calculatipns me on this computer. Cancel Forgot your password? Year 1 15 1 15 Language English.

Displaying Editions 11 – 20 out of How to solve mathematical problems in general biochemistry by Irwin H Segel. Biochemical calculations how to solve mathematical problems in general biochemistry by Irwin H Segel.


The Kanun is a set of traditional Albanian laws. The Kanun was primarily oral and only in the 20th century was it published in writing. There is only one Kanun. The sources of the customary law of the Albanians are: Kanuni i Skënderbeut, Kanuni i Malsisë së Madhe, Kanuni i Labërisë, Kanuni i Lekë. Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit Diftojsi nga A. SHTJEFEN KONST. GJEÇOV, O.F.M. · Parathâne – →. Parathâne – · 1. Kisha · 2. Familja · 3. Martesa.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Kanuni I Lekë Dukagjinit: The Code of Lekë Dukagjini by Shtjefën Gjeçovi

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Return to Book Page. Hardcoverpages.

Kanun (Albania) – Wikipedia

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Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past is a book written in by Erich von Däniken and translated from the original German by Michael Heron. Deuses Astronautas? () by Erich Von Daniken and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices. Eram os deuses astronautas? – Erich von Däniken – Melhoramentos – Ficção q moveu as idéias JRey‼️.

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Eram os deuses astronautas? by Erich von Däniken

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Leaves On the Seine. Best of David Lanz Variations On a Theme from Pachelbel’s Canon In D Major. Best of David Lanz Leaves on the Seine. 3. Madre De La Tierra. 4. Madrona. 5. Return to the Heart. 6. First Light. 7. Courage of the Wind. 8. Leaves on the Seine. 2. Nightfall. 3. Faces of the Forest. 4. Courage of the Wind. 5. Water from the Moon. 6. Song for Monet. .

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‎Nightfall by David Lanz on Apple Music

Hal Leonard – Digital Sheet Music. Interactive Download By David Lanz. Interactive Downloads are dynamic sheet music files that can be viewed and altered directly in My Peaves Library from any device.

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Leaves On The Seine

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Dr. Dan Burisch is on a necessary hiatus from official public contact until later this year [December ]. Unfortunately, there is very little that I am allowed to say. Home / Tag Archives: Dan Burisch biological entities and their presence on the earth – as told by the highly controversial whistle-blower, Dr. Dan Burisch. Read J-Rod and Dr Dan Burisch from the story Alien. J-Rod of Area 51 and Dr. Dan Burisch by SanjayPator (Sanjay Pator) with story Dan.

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The book on Project Aquarius will be published in November I have decided to burisdh this webpage for a number of reasons. There are a number of individuals who have mounted a concerted attack on the case of Dr.

Dan Burisch just as there have been a number of other individuals who have attacked the authenticity of the Bob Lazar story. In addition a cadre of U. Since several witnesses have now signed notarized affidavits, including Dr. Dan Burischattesting to the truth of his claim, I am herewith posting these affidavits at the end of this page. Since Dan is receiving the full support of those he has worked for and is engaged in a full debrief of his 19 years of service to the members of Majestic which will be made known inburizch truth will emerge and until then, it is up to the student and reader to determine whether we are being enlightened or disinformed.

We all remember the saga of Robert Lazar. He was the young man who stepped forward courageously stating that he worked on a very top secret reverse engineering project at a super secret underground facility near Groom Lake and closer to Papoose Lake known as S Mariani was a security man of medium build and height, about 35 to 40 years old, blonde hair and a tightly burizch blonde mustache.

With Mariani as his escort, Bob was flown out to area 51 at Groom Lake. He also had to sign an agreement which allowed them to monitor his phone line. Bob already had “Q” clearance, which is top secret civilian clearance, at Los Alamos but he had never gone through anything like this.

The clearance he was now attaining would require perpetual monitoring of his activities and would never simply be attained and forgotten about until the next review date. They arrived at a base near Papoose dry lake bed known as S4. Tom Mahood conducted an burosch minded investigation of Lazar and posted a timeline beginning with his birth in Florida January 26, and continuing through his problems with pandering charges, bankruptcy, etc.

Rarely are such pronouncements the last word.

A critical issue was his claimed education at M. That is the common conclusion. Other sources have said that the S-4 facility burisxh just as Bob describes it to be and that reverse engineering is conducted there in secret. I have even met a computer engineer who works on contract for the Navy at Area 51 who has reverse engineered an alien device. He is quite credible and is still on contract from time to time.

Oh yes, he has a genuine Area 51 badge, not the fun badges sold at UFO conferences. Now the friends of another scientist who worked at S-4 have stepped forward and I have taken this new case bearing in mind all those nasty critics out there.

Because it may be the key to the alien presence and mission adn earth. This is the saga of a man held in captivity by his employers and who is now retired as ran March and his name is Dr.

J-ROD was not allowed to leave by the Majestic group and thus considers himself captive. The commentary that follows is from my source: I remember him telling me that he never got to take his badge home at all.

Below these hash marks was his designated area S4. Directly above the S4 was a star shaped punch. On his old badge, there were three letters underneath S4; they were ETL for extraterrestrial laboratory. On the right hand side of the badge dqn MAJ spelled vertically. The bkrisch also displayed the photo of the scientist, and below this photo was his name, assignment and badge number the H-number.

Along the very bottom was either a DX standing for departmental transfer or WX standing for engineering transfer code which would allow the person access to different parts of the project, or pavilions as they call them.

The reverse of this badge had a black mag-strip. When Dan got his badge, it was usually paired up with an orange badge that gave his for logging into that facility Papoose for the day.

Dan would receive a separate badge if he needed to go to Floor 2, which if I correctly remember him saying were LG and SideKick. But badging got a little more complicated as you got lower down into the labs. You see, nobody was supposed to know who you were as you dann lower down into the Aquarius project area. When Dan got to the Aquarius levelhe was required to place his badge into a plastic bag-like container before he went into decontamination.

When he came out of there, the badge was ubrisch to him but it was laminated in a plastic pouch I guess it had to be decontaminated too.

Once that was collected by Dan, he carried it over to a badge wall, and put it on a hook usually he was told to turn it over so the front was facing the wall and nobody could read it in an open numbered spot.

Interview with Micro-biologist Dr. Dan Burisch

Then Dan would take a blue numbered badge that corresponded to the spot and put his original badge on. This blue badge only had a number on it. He was then “Scientist 5” budisch example for the remainder of his time down there. Bottle washers and support personnel were similarly numbered. So Bottle Washer 3 might be called over by Scientist 9 etc This served to completely isolate the different levels of workers from one another, and help maintain compartmentalization. Nobody was supposed to use proper names at that level.

NYU is already starting to deny a record of this, but documents exist showing his educational record. He first graduated with a BA from UNLV in when he was first burrisch as a candidate for working on a project for the government.

From the time period he is listed as a biologist and owner of Crain Environment Research in Las Vegas. He submitted a proposal to NASA entitled. Dan has an intense interest in Mars, its anomalies, and potentials for life. He was eventually assigned to be the Working Group Leader in Project Aquarius, R, Papoose Site-4 on the Nevada Test Site at the same location as Robert Lazar, only briefly when Lazar was there, but assigned to a leadership position sometime around He worked in the underground biological lab that had been installed on Level 4.

The security procedures for entering the area included optical retinal scan and voice print identification. Showering, shaving, decontamination, and change of clothing was required before entering the lab as they had classified at a bio safety level of 5 which is not listed in the OSU manuals.

Here is a description of Bio safety level 4: Practices, safety equipment, and facilities are applicable to work with dangerous and exotic agents which pose a high individual risk of life threatening disease. All manipulations of potentially infectious diagnostic materials, ran, and naturally or experimentally infected animals pose a high risk of exposure and infection to laboratory personnel.

Lassa fever virus is representative of the microorganisms assigned to Level 4.

I guess coming into contact with extraterrestrial life forms is an additional level of hazard. Unknown microbes could be transferred from the host to the workers. Project Aquarius was only one of 5 compartmentalized projects conducted at the S-4 facility. More detail will be supplied as we progress with the story of S-4, but here is a brief listing: Became a separate project in This Project met with positive success sic when inthe United States established primitive communications with the Aliens.

The contact lasted for approximately three hours. This project is continuing at dwn Air Force base in New Mexico. From the Aquarius document. Project Ddan at S-4 was associated with satellites and satellite surveillance. Dealt with the Propulsion System and was the main area butisch study for Lazar.

Interview with Micro-biologist Dr. Dan Burisch |

He was taken to the briefing room and told to study reports about propulsion and the role of gravity as the propulsion medium. Harnessing, amplifying and lensing the basic gravity A wave has many other possibilities. Dealt with A Beam Weapon potential of the craft and the attempt to prototype one. Somehow using gravity and lensing it in order to collimate the beam. Once the beam is focused in a triangulated manner on a specific point, the options of destructions are endless.

Dealt with the Physics of Seeing the effects of an artificially produced gravity wave on time. As I understand it, this device at least 3 to 4 years ago could not focus on a detailed sequence of activities in the future. In other words, you could not see exactly what would happen, like a series of events.

I was told to consider the multiverse 5 idea combined with work by Richard Gott on cosmic strings 6. The multiverse apparently is accessed when the forward mode is set.

Project Camelot | Dan Burisch

I was also told to consider the views provided by LG as one of many potential realities at least in the future view mode. I have also been told that recently there has been an effort made to outfit videotape recorders to be sent forward through the apparatus, thereby allowing the dark project people to gain some insight into what may take place.

When I heard about this several questions came to my mind. The most pressing of which was: I mean, what if LG were located in the middle of the Groom Lake facilityand the operators wanted to gain insight into the outcome of a conflict, say in the Middle East. How could a videotape recorder, set to record what was right in front of its lens at that location gather any data on the Middle East if it were still stuck in the middle of the Mojave desert when it got to the future???

Hell, something important could be happening right behind the camera and it would miss it – a couple of degrees change in camera direction allows one set of events to be seen while another set is completely overlooked, much less events half a world away.

To answer this question, my contact was not specific, saying only that cameras did not move, as mass does not change in its perspective to space time. However, such an item placed into the injected atmosphere, might experience a different time, if only briefly.

And cameras could film within the gas or see images in the injected atmosphere as though it were a lens reflecting events in and around the column. I was given to understand that the tilt or positioning of the electromagnets would allow different views or positions in the environment to be reflected in the gas column.

I feel confident that at least two rings of electromagnets are employed and that the rest of the device is composed of a barrel and the gas injected into the barrel – Two different sources have indicated that these are the burusch components – These magnets spin in different directions, creating a charge of some kind. Then daj gas is injected into the barrel.

Depending on the direction of the spin – I am sure speed and tilt and a bunch of other factors must also have an effect – time space can be warped forward or backwards by long or short distances relative to the present.


Fill As Is Farbar Contract, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. (b) The effective date of this Contract shall be the date when the last one of the Buyer and Seller has signed or. 48 initialed and delivered this offer or final. The FAR/BAR contract has been replaced with the Florida Realtors contract which has been approved by the Florida Realtors Association and.

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Attach this form to any contract for sale and purchase when additional contracy or conditions of sale are to be added to the standard form.

HUD-1 Settlement Statement download or view. Contract for Sale and Purchase download or view.

FAR/BAR Contract

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Release of Deposit and Cancellation of Contract May be used when a buyer and seller agree to cancel a sale contract or when a contingency fails and the contract automatically terminates. Also releases the buyer, seller and brokers from all further liability under the contract. Though this disclosure is not required to be given in writing, this form aids the seller in disclosing latent facts that materially affects the value of the property.

DR download or contraft.

Real Estate Forms – FAR-BAR Contracts – Deed Satisfaction – Title Source USA

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How to Choose a Title Company. Reasons to Buy Title Insurance. American Land Title Members. Maximum Financing Pie Chart.

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Real Estate Public Records. Steps in the Closing Process. Create a New Account.

HUD-1 Settlement Statement download or view Contract for Sale and Purchase download or view As-Is Contract for Sale and Purchase download or view Comprehensive Addendum download or view Contract Addenda and Supplements Attach this form to any contract farbsr sale and purchase when additional information or conditions of sale are to be added to the fzrbar form.

EPA Lead Information Pamphlet Given to individuals thinking of buying, renting, or renovating housing built before download or view Lead-Based Paint Warning Statement This form contains the language HUD requires to be in sales contracts for properties built before


all previous editions of Doc , Volume I. Doc OPS/ Procedures for. Air Navigation Services. International Civil Aviation Organization. Volume I. PANS-OPS (Doc ): It is one of three documents issued by ICAO to provide additional recommendations of aspects of aircraft operations. specified in this document should be notified and take effect in accordance Aircraft Operations (PANS-OPS, Doc ), Volume I,. Part VIII.

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If you wish to contribute or participate in the discussions about articles you are invited to join SKYbrary as a registered user. Aerodrome operating minima AOM are calculated by operators based on information supplied by national authorities in their AIPs.

This information typically consists of approach and departure procedures which assure safe separation between the aircraft and known obstacles located close to the intended flight path of the procedure in question. The procedures themselves are based on obstacle clearance domains constructed jsppesen internationally accepted standards.

This is especially true in respect of Circling Approaches where the assumed radius of turn and minimum obstacle clearance are markedly different see below. These values are calculated differently and therefore, may result in different AOM.

Table 1 shows the lowest value of visibility assumed by each method:.

The Airline Pilots Forum and Resource

The circling approach area has been expanded to provide improved obstacle protection. As a result, circling minima at certain airports may increase significantly. These distances, dependent on aircraft category, are also based on the circling altitude which accounts for the true airspeed increase jeppesej altitude.

From May 2,the FAA started publishing new instrument approach plates that include an enlarged segment of airspace to protect aircraft during circling approaches.

The new airspace also offers pilots additional obstacle clearance while considering their MSL altitude above the MDA, which affects true airspeed. The boundaries of protected airspace for circling approaches are defined 81688 arcs drawn from the threshold of each runway at an airport.

The higher the speed of the aircraft, the larger the arc.

Under the new criteria that radius will increase by 65 percent, to 2. Terminal Procedures and Jeppesen both plan to use new chart symbology to identify the updated approaches.

Charts without the new designation will continue to be guided by the old, smaller-radii criteria. Both systems assume a 25 kt The latter is shown on Table This is believed to have been a major factor in the following fatal accident, which resulted in considerable loss of life: B, vicinity Busan Korea, Additionally, pilots not aware of the increased bank angle expected in US TERPS calculations might, in certain circumstances, stray outside the circling area due to the increased circling radius.

It is therefore essential that pilots understand these differences and are aware of the basis of calculations for all airfields at which they intend to operate, including alternates. The basis for calculation of minima is usually printed on the approach plate see Further Reading: Jeppesen Chart Basics – a presentation.


National authorities or operators may require adjustments to be applied to operating minima to compensate for these differences. For details refer to the relevant documents listed below. Retrieved from ” https: