Direct Tax Payment – Easy payment of your direct and income taxes. CBDT has defined specific forms ie, Challans for remittance of the various types of Direct. NON- TDS PAYMENTS (CHALLAN //) Challan Received the request for CBDT e-Payment along with the Axis Bank Account Cheque No. / Debit. CBDT E-Payment Request Form – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Challan ITNS PAN No./ TAN: Assessment Year: Financial Year: Major Head. Type of Rtgs Axis Bank. Uploaded by.

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But attimes many people forget to download the receipt. An individual can pay Direct and Indirect Taxes through Banks. Example of Kinds of taxes that one can pay are as follows. This needs to be paid before Income Tax Returns are filed.

Income Tax Returns can be filed only if we have paid the Tax due to the government.

Moreover, Interest will get added to your cbrt liability till the date of payment of tax. After the taxes are paid through Challan ,you will get a receipt or counter foil as acknowledgement for the taxes paid. Receipt has details of person paying the tax, amount, type of payment etc and Challan Identification Number CIN as shown in the receipt of e-payment of Income Tax below.

The challan identification number has to be cited in the return of income as of tax payment. CIN can also be cited in any further queries about the tax payment. CIN comprises of the following:. After you have made the tax payment, you need to report this information in your Income Tax Return. Banks upload challan details to TIN in 3 working days basis after the realization of the tax payment.

In case of non availability of the challan status kindly contact your pyment.

Contact Details of Bank is in this excel file. Your Bank provides facility for re-generation of electronic challan counterfoil kindly check the Bank website, if not then you should contact your bank request them for duplicate challan counterfoil. For example filing ITR near the deadline.

Many Banks provide this facility. If the payment is made through an ATM card and had no internet banking enabled then to reprint Challan Thanks to our reader Krish for information on how to generate Challan You would see list of your Direct Tax Payments as shown in image.

D can also select the Date Range from which you want to reprint Challan. Click on Generate Challan.

In my case it worked through Internet Explorer only. Thanks a lot for all this valuable information. Its really intriguing that these information is not readily available and not-so-easy to understand on government forums. Sharing my case here if it helps others — I had paid my tax using HDFC netbanking in but I never downloaded the challan receipt call it my carelessness.


And for some reason, it never got captured in my Form I googled and landed on this cjallan and learnt how to generate challan from HDFC site, but that site says I never made any Tax payment. I had made the payment using SBI debit card late at night. The instructions provided here helped a lot. I have downloaded my challan using these instructions. Thanks for the info!

Great to know that helped you. Thanks for your kind remark, it gives us lot of encouragement. Please do spread the word around and if you are looking for information on any other topic do let us know. Hello, When you open an Account in Axis bank, you are provided with a iConnect netbanking account. And that is your iConnect Payment Id. Let us know if it works for you. I have paid through Indian Bank debit card. Amount got debited twice but could not download the challan receipt as it was showing transaction failed.

Now, how to have the challan downloaded for Indian Bank transactions and also get axls second transaction amount back.

Pls reply at the paymenf. Login to Indian Bank and check for the receipt. Check form 26AS it should reflect Check your bank account statement as to what transaction actually happened. If money was debited twice then you can show both deductions in ITR and claim as Bankk.

I paid my self assessment tax, but how to download challan copy of self assessment tax I checked on onlinesbi to download it but did not able to get it there is not record related to transaction. I paid the amount through Canara Bank and was not able to generate the chalan. Can you please help me to generate one. Amount got credited and transaction number is available in statement. Did you try this link https: Hi Shravan, I am also facing the same issue. Please guide how you regenerate the challan finally?

I filled ITNS on It came to a page where reference no.

I made the payment on 01 April itself. Soon after this page ,normally the page goes to generate Challan and you can then print those details of bank challan. However that did not happen. There is no provision of reprinting Challan from Incometax website.

When i went on SBI site to generate tax receipt just like you have mentioned nank it said no transaction done in that date rangewhereas my money has got debited from my bank account. What should i do now as i need to update the payment with income tax authorities else it will keep showing outstanding.

Re-generation of Cyber Receipt

Which link in blog are you talking about having issue? When we tried clicking on https: Hi sir, i too faced same difficulty. After paying the amount through sbi debit card it mentioned that d is scheduled on next day.

Amount was deducted from account but still i m chhallan to download challan. Please explain what can i do in this case. Hi, if your issue is resolved paymnt help me. Was your problem resolved. Help me if you can. Do you have the transaction summary from your bank website? Usually you can generate the challan serial number from the transaction summary EG: If the transaction is below: Hi I have paid the revised tax amount through hdfc bank and after successful payment it showed me challan of some other person.


I tried to call hdfc bank and all other site.

Reprint Challan or Regenerate Challan

Plz guide me how to get the challan. The Banking Ombudsman Scheme is an pwyment and inexpensive forum for bank customers abnk resolution of complaints relating to cbdr services rendered by banks. Yes its done against the correct PAN no. I only have the transaction details of bank debit amount nothing else. If visiting the Bank will do the process soon asking them to regenerate the challan? Is the process is available in HDFC for regenerating challan which is not listed in users online banking Tac challan section?

If you have gank transaction details, decode it and generate your challan from TIN website: If your transaction summary isthen Chqllan code: Thanks a lot for the information! I was not able to find option to reprint the challan in Axis bank. The information provided in challaj website helped me.

I am a salaried professional and file my return on my own. I filed my income tax return for FY before Due date. I calculated the bank interest for the FY and paid self assessment tax of RS online but I made a mistake in selecting the challan type. Instead of Selecting challan and Major head 21I selected challan and major head I realized my mistake then and responded them with the copy of online challan but CPC is not convinced.

They again raised the same demand and asked me to contact AO. I submitted a written application to AO but nothing happened. I then raised an online grievance under e-Nivaran portal but the Grievance closed by AO saying that rectification right for challan is with CPC. I raised a grievance with CPC and they says you need to contact AO to get major head modified in the challan.

Chalan download

What I want to know from this forum is, can I go ahead and pay the tax and then submit a revised return claiming the refund. I am not sure about the rules of revised return. See if you pay the tax psyment you would have to run around for getting the earlier money you paid back.

Only Assessing officer has the authority to revise the challan.