Each year, tens of thousands of IT and communications professionals attend Cisco Live events held around world. Hundreds of thousands more participate. Check out all of the daily happenings from the showroom floor in Orlando ! Video highlights, interviews, and photos of your fellow colleagues. IP Multicast – Watch or listen to audio, video, or multimedia presentations related Multicast Network Management (PDF – 1 MB); Secure Multicast (PDF – 4 MB).

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Equally important is the automation networksrs the management, network and security environments. At the end of the session you will have a good understanding of the details as to how IP Multicast truly works and will be better positioned to survive alone and unafraid in the Multicast Wilderness with nothing but your wits and your new found knowledge of PIM.

Robert will present an overview of the lightweight wireless system and how it compares to the autonomous systems. This session was given at Cisco Live Understanding EVPN deployment and how it replaces a traditional layer2 and layer3 functions in your data center will also help you understand the mechanics of all Networrkers related technologies. Turning Back the Hands of Network Time Network Instruments will show you effective network forensics techniques for root-cause isolation of application, network, and VoIP Call Quality performance issues as well as visibility into User access and intrusion violations at critical points in your network.

As such, it is better suited for North-South traffic into the data center and virtual applications.

Old Cisco Live sessions a great free resource! | CCIE or Null!

The session will expose you to various deployment scenarios including point-to-point site connections, route reflectors, dual home, dual providers and encryption for public networks. Between tunnel and transport modes?

More and more enterprises are using it for virtualization and other services.


Cisco Nexus The Cisco Nexus Series, part of the Cisco Nexus family of data center-class switches, delivers an innovative architecture to simplify data center transformation by enabling a high-performance standards-based Ethernet unified fabric.

Networking in Virtual Environments An introduction to the components that make virtualization work preseentations the common ways virtual environments are managed.

Basic configuration commands for each component are also summarized. Many people I met said the same thing. We’ll then take a look at a few network models and see how the technologies, Cisco products, and customers requirements are all tied together in a metro-optical network. Aarthi Ramamurthy Chris Bearman. This presentation covers incidents, nature of attacks – including symptoms and artifacts, phases of incident response, tools and techniques, and a case study.

Cisco Live! Presentations Available for Free

These SolarWinds solutions address the needs of network engineers from performance management to fault monitoring to NetFlow Traffic Analysis. It provides multiple layers of protection across the entire attack continuum.

If you are a data engineer or a voice engineer, you will find value netwprkers this presentation. Notify me of new posts via email. Finally, we will go over expectations of becoming a penetration tester, we will touch on women within penetration testing and give you an idea of what to expect in prwsentations real world. Instead of focusing on Cisco technologies specifically, we’ll address the more global concerns involved and mention where Cisco technologies can be brought to bear on specific issues.

The Big Picture The Cisco Jeopardy Game – There is, or maybe there should be, a great new approach to training IT professionals to troubleshoot complex network designs.

CIM a data model, not an implementation defines the Schemas used to represent the real-world objects being managed and uses an object-oriented paradigm, where manageable objects are modeled using the concepts of classes ciscoo instances. During the session, the basics of how MRA works, various deployment scenarios, Expressway basic configuration elements, DNS, and certificate requirements will be discussed.

We will also briefly discuss some of the newer more advanced features that are now available because of the new software architecture, complete with a demonstration of configuration and feature enhancements.


Doing so in a fashion whereby security of control plane, management plane and data plane are addressed adequately allows to address infrastructure security in a methodical networkfrs manageable fashion.

As more and more Wi-Fi enabled devices enter the marketplace and wireless networks become more mission critical, it is important that IT teams prepare to more effectively manage network resources in order to maintain a robust, high-performance wireless network.

Understanding IP multicast design and how to troubleshoot the control-plane permits network engineers to effectively plan and support multicast applications in concert with the rest of their business-critical infrastructure. NetBrain workstation, a software solution featured with data-driven map will be handed out after the seminar.

Cisco TrustSec simplifies the provisioning and management of secure access to network services presentxtions applications.


This application enables the contact center to dial customer contacts and direct contacted customers to agents or IVRs. Cisco introduces the next generation access layer switch building upon 20 years of IOS richness now capable of supporting both wired and wireless infrastructures from a single platform. Many of the presentations given at past conferences are available free with registration on CiscoLive Network Design White-board Clinic Our panel of experts will answer your network design question and show you some of the pit-falls of a poor design.

The final section of the presentation will cover what the current state of the WiMAX standard is and illustrating operational changes in RF signaling and network design. We will take the time to drill down into these mechanisms so you have a better understanding of what tools are available to presentstions and what they do.