Basically, COPA will be used to evaluate the “Profitability” of an organization . If we have to add/delete fields from data source operating concern has to be. SAP copa datasource tcodes (Transaction Codes). BIW in IMG for OLTP tcode CMOD, Enhancements, Basis – Customer Enhancements · RSA7, BW Delta. Cost based is done mainly in manufacturing and production Industry.. Account based is done in Service Industries COPA datasources have 3.

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As in BI 7. If not, then choose the option to create entries F5.

Prerequisites for creating OC: Now that new field cannot be adjusted with the existing data source. Specify the field dattasource for partitioning and double click on that field to initialize.

Just replicate the new data source in BW side and map the new field in info-source. Activate Info Source 5.

FI – Financial Accounting. What is Operating Concern? Describing the Test Scenarios 4. Check, Save, Activate and go back. Select the relevant object classes and continue OK.

May 29, at 6: I also tried searching for this on SDN but cud not find anything useful. If you created the data source with the same as old data datasourcs name, no need to create transformations in BW newly. Go to T-code KEB0 and specify the Data source name, choose the Create function, provide the relevant operating concern, and select Cos-based accounting.


You need to delete the data source and then need to re-create using KEB2 transaction.

SAP BW / BI Tutorial : +++> How to COPA Extraction

The name of copa data source always start with the numeric One. But before you try to ReInit And again Go to the T-Code: I would personally suggest keep the same old data source coap as before.

This always ensures that only records that are already half an hour old, since the start of the upload are loaded into SAP BW. Delta mechanism and how it works: BW Steps Going to Start. Replicate Data source in RSA1.

SAP copa datasource tcodes ( Transaction Codes )

Some points to be noted regarding Delta: Find the line s corresponding datawource the problem datasource. In the information dialog box, choose Enter. Transfer all Data Source elements to Info Source 4.

August 13, at Used for Product based industries. Data source has to be deleted and recreated. If someone has already worked on this kind of requirement then please let me noe… Regards Gaurav.


Now you will be able to open the infopackage. Check the data in the Info datasourve.

In contrast to costing-based Profitability Analysis, this type uses cost and revenue elements, which gives you a unified structure for all of accounting. Very detailed and informative document! LE – Logistics Execution. PM – Plant Maintenance. And then, check the S ummarization levels are maintained or not.

COPA Datasource enhancement

Then replicate the datasource in BW and generate the data flow. Open link in a new tab. Delta mechanism and how it works, and. Every effort is made to ensure the content integrity. However, in-case of DataStore object, the update type of key figures must be set to add and not overwrite.

Assigning Controlling area to Operating Concern. Steps in BW side: While creating the Summ. Assigning company code to controlling area. You can, however, delete it and then create a DataSource with the same name but with different technical properties. Generate Tables for Summarization Levels generate the same.