Editorial Reviews. Review. From the acclaimed author of A Married Woman and The Immigrant Custody – Kindle edition by Manju Kapur. Download it once and . Manju Kapur (born in Amritsar, India) is an Indian novelist. Her first novel, Difficult Daughters, Manju Kapur’s novel “Custody” has been the basis of daily soap operas on several Indian television channels in various languages. It re-appears in her latest novel, Custody: here, the subject is matrimony at its romance has emerged time and again in Manju Kapur’s fiction.

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This is fiction that is impressive in its skill and heartrending in its honesty. Being a fan of the show inspired by this book I was excited and looking forward kalur this one and hence had decided to pick it up at leisure only for my expectations to go kaput. Th The story moves closest to the society’s tradition onal norms and conventions but women likee Shagun cross the threshold of marital status bei eing shaped by foreign impact such as extra tra marital affairs, materialistic pursuits and soo on.

The T novelist depicts how the marriage set up is disintegrated ending in divorce and legal custody. But is that simply because I come from the West, a broken family and now live noel the East? Manjj one was clearly not for me as I couldn’t connect to any of the characters otherwise familiar to me.

Custody by Manju Kapur – review | Books | The Guardian

Cuxtody the protagonists pr in Custody are in the rat-racee oof the materialistic pursuits. Kkapur stands out particularly in this novel is his anguish and anger at the betrayal he experiences at the hands of his worldly wife. They end up married to each other, but have to face the aftermath of the bitter cu Manju Kapur never fails to amaze. That showed at a few places.

Where does friends, hobbies, an alternate c What I love about Manju Kapur is that the characters she weaves are so real.

The only part that kept me interested was understanding the culture-where west meets east, what is acceptable, what is not, and throwing in the mix of the arranged marriages. The loving couple are reduced to vindictive and ruthless enemies as they battle for custody of their children.

That being said, I did feel that the author took a few shortcuts in the narration towards the end when she fe I think it is the genius of a writer who picked up a difficult situation to talk about and then write about it in a way that I, who has read this book infeel that she wrote today and she wrote it because she was telling me something about the lives of the people in the book.


Marx, Karl and Engels, Fri riedrich. Open Preview See a Problem? When signs of harm or damage begin occur, then it is time to step in and have a mediation between both parents and a counsellor, possibly removing them from the situation. Decently written, though cliched, was never boring yet not as thought provoking as it might have set out to be.

Moral and ethics do not matt atter when it comes to love. Oct 18, Noor Anand rated it really liked it. It would have been a fairytale romance except that Shagun is a married woman, married to Ashok’s best emplo Manju Kapur writes with honesty and emotion in her novel “Custody”, a heart-wrenching tale of infidelity,divorce and broken hearts.

Having said that, a worthwhile read. Analytical study of Disintegration on of family and its Consequences. A very realistic and honest portayal of people trying to secure what the heart wants.

It left me with a dull ache in my head as well as my heart. The he daring female protagonists are presented as re real women of flesh and blood having emot otions and sentiments of their own. Misery, anxiety, tension does d bring out the worst in us- that woul uld apply to any conflictive situation. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. However, the twist in the tale occurs when the divorce is granted and custody of minor children needs to be settled.

Good story with griping and perfect page turner i take hardly two days for finish this book. Jovel development of the special bond between Ishita and Ruhi is interesting to read.

At the other end of the city, in a colony governed by far more traditional bonds, Ishita, a young divorcee, strives to find satisfaction in independence and social work. Manju Kapur never fails to amaze.

Such things have now become commonplace, with increasing number of broken marriages. Where does friends, hobbies, an alternate career come into picture?

All in all, a pleasant read, good enough to make me interested to move to author’s other novels which are rated even better than this. All the adults seem to have forgotten about the child’s turmoil; and I think that was exactly what Manjju was trying to convey. The medical m report reveals Ishita’s incapability tto conceive pleases the in-laws as it is not thei heir son who is incompetent to beget but she he.


A ready made family may seem ideal, but where there are children there are complications, and Raman’s son, Arjun proves to be difficult to love.

Manju Kapur – Wikipedia

The obsession with ensuring a lady is married and settled, as a yardstick to measure her happiness which filters down to parental coercion and feeling of low self-esteem.

What does it mean to be a mother? Her vindictive behaviour towards her husband, who has worked himself into the ground to give her what her family, his family, their culture and customs expects from a ‘good’ The blurb leads you to think of Shagun as the victim, but like most women these days, sadly, she wants to have the whole chocolate cake to herself and remain a size 0.

Ishita, a childless divorcee steps into the role of Ruhi’s step-mom and the author has captured the nuances of the complex relationship that both Ishita and Ruhi develop. Told with nuance, sympathy, and clear-sightedness, it confirms Manju Kapur’s reputation as the great chronicler of the modern Indian family. Recently, there was a news article in The Times of India regarding fighting of a divorced couple over the custody of their children.

Manju Kapur

Sep 26, ponnaluri venkata Sridhar rated it liked it. Jul 18, Miss K rated it it was amazing. An obvious gaffe in the very beginning of the book is though the story starts off from the yearit immediately mentions of novfl characters going to meet Hindi film star Hrithik Roshan at an event.

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