fereydoun Moshiri,iranian poet فریدون مشیری. Persian Poetry, Poetry Quotes, Poems, Poetry, Poem. Fati R · Feelings (Quotes, Photos, Paintings and. I began my grad program last week, and was asked to translate a poem. I asked my mother for “The Alley” – Fereydoon Moshiri. On a moonlit. Fereydoon Moshiri was one of the prominent contemporary Persian poets who wrote poems in both modern and classic styles of the Persian poem. A selection.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It means that he was accepted to use rhymes in a suitable mpshiri rational manner and combine it with a new look at Nature, Things and Persons around, along with a delicate feeling and sensation, to present his poems with a characterized feature.

I think the fresh fereydoonn of his works will remain unique for years to come. Tears quivered in your eyes; the moon beamed with love for you. Vahshi Bafqi — ‘Orfi Shirazi.

کدام غبار؟ – فریدون مشیری – Which Dust? by Fereydoon Moshiri

Peace and friendship, love and serving mankind as a fereydooj have been the foundation of Moshiri’s poetry in his next book called ” Aah Baraan ” Oh, The Rain published inand his last published work, ” Ta Sobh-e Tobnak-e Ahura’i ” Until the Bright Ahuric Dawn in You are commenting using your Facebook account.


From your side I cannot leave, I porms. His cheeks, that are more charming than the blossoms, are the shining chandeliers of the house. Make a Small Donation.

Fereydoon Moshiri Translations

In the violet garden of your eyes, Yellow and azure and purple leaves, Green and blue and violet perfumes, Compose unheard melodies, Better than all songs and tunes. Down the fegeydoon pure moshidi, light streams. On the delicate velvet of your cheeks, The colorful buds the humble-plant, Open fresh leaf upon leaf Better than all colors and secrets! You are commenting using your WordPress.

We sow love like seeds in soil. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Persian Samples 10 Persian Samples The meadow was decorated like butterfly wings. While I know this is not completely accurate nor is it wonderfulmy intention was to capture as much of the essence and emotion of the poem while losing as little of the accuracy as possible.

Some of his other published works are as follows:. Throughout these years his first poems appeared in progressive journals such as Iran-e-Ma. By your side, I have passed the summit of ineffable pleasure. First Lady of the Charter for Compassion. Sun, like a mothcr, full of kindness, gleams.

Fereydoon Moshiri

One of the major contributions of Moshiri’s poetry, according to some observers, is the broadening of the social and geographical scope of modern Persian literature. I cannot journey from your side, I cannot. A world of friends, all familiar, One big house, this globe, and its dwellers, One family, Bond by fibers of their souls! He was a true writer, a researcher, a great editor and columnist for the poetry pages of many magazines and newspapers.


And his smile is a different spring, full of songs, when he plays in his cradle. I remember that I no longer heard answers from you. Life is blossoming of the buds.

The colorful butterfly, flew here and there, Spring. Notify me of new posts via email. Round the sand she turned Washed away the gloom Off its dusty face, Water. Branches turn into colorful chandeliers of blossoms.

The pathway of my fate. Log in Username Password Remember Me.

Bird sings so that rock is not alone, Sun strives to make amber from the stone! Moshigi of Man’s feeling towards his life and death, love and destiny, social environment and the whole universe have been the main theme for the selected poems of Bahar ra baavar kon Believe The Spring published in In Moshiri joined the Iranian department of Telecommunication where he served till retirement. The best of all that was and is, The best of all that was and is. I began my grad program last week, and was asked to translate a poem.