Type, API. License · X Consortium. Website, FreeGLUT is an open-source alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library. These kept the API (all gluts functions are usually implemented exactly with the Two of the most common GLUT replacements are OpenGLUT and freeGLUT. It looks to me that Ubuntu has provided everything that the original web site http:// has provided. The api documentation.

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The glutWireIcosahedron and glutSolidIcosahedron functions render an icosahedron whose corners are each a unit distance from the origin.

FreeGLUT – Wikipedia

The glutBitmapWidth function returns the width of the given character in the specified bitmap font. On other platforms, function treeglut are provided so that GLUT-based programs can compile and link against freeglut without modification.

The users callback is passed a format string and a variable argument list that can be passed zpi functions such as printf. If you want to write your own event loop I suggest you drop the idle func and use the following event processing cycle:. Freeglut calls the special key press callback when the user presses a special key. Jesper k 34 If you freevlut problems with these packages, please contact their maintainers – we of the FreeGLUT team probably can’t help.

However, many of these values can be set with glutSetOption for now In multi-monitor setups on Windows and newer, the window will become fullscreen on the monitor that it overlaps the most.

My attempts at setting the GameMode to a lower resolution failed Also I was only able to set GameMode when I provided all four fields in mode string. This is fteeglut with the following functions:. It should be noted that freeglut fonts are similar but not identical to GLUT fonts.



One possible arrangement is as follows:. The callback function has one argument: This is really unfortunate, since GLUT is getting old and really needs improvement.

The initial title is set when you call glutCreateWindow. If the string contains one or more carriage returns, freeglut calculates the widths in pixels of the lines separately and returns the largest width.

The freeglut Project :: API Documentation

All the stuff in the GLUT tutorial is exactly the same, apart from one detail when using subwindows. Two of the corners lie on the positive and negative X-axes. freegkut

Pete OHanlon 8, 2 21 The length of each side is sqrt 5 This most likely only helps if you already have a basic understanding of how to use the GL. In developing the freeglut library, we have taken careful steps to ensure consistency in function operation across the board, in such a manner as to maintain compatibility with GLUT’s behavior whenever possible. The glutFullScreenglutLeaveFullScreen and glutFullScreenToggle functions are used to transition the current window between ffeeglut and normal mode.

If the user has a need for an unsupported callback he should contact the freeglut development team. If frreeglut application has a single window then this option behaves freegljt as the first option. One corner is on the positive X-axis and another is in the X-Y plane with a positive Y-coordinate. The glutTabletButtonFunc function is not implemented in freeglutalthough the library does “answer the mail” to the extent that a call to the function will not produce an error.


Releasing the Delete apu causes this function to be invoked with a value of for key. The glutWireSphere and glutSolidSphere functions draw a wireframe and solid sphere respectively.

With GLUT, the printf would never be executed. Under his license, people are allowed freely to copy and distribute the libraries and the source code, but they are not allowed to modify it.

In this case, you should use this specific reference:. The glutStrokeString function renders a string of characters in the current window using the specified stroke font.

The rreeglut function processes a single iteration in the freeglut event loop. An application should call this function at most once.

The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: A warning is issued and the request is ignored if the supplied font is a stroke font, or an unknown font. With freeglut it is possible to specify what happens when a user closes a window.

With freeglut the main loop terminates and the application regains control, hence the printf will be executed. This prevented the execution of cleanup code, or could cause problems in multiple window setups. The glutStrokeLength function returns the width in model units apii the given character string in the specified stroke font.

Another function, glutLeaveMainLoophas also been added to allow the application to tell freeglut to clean up and close down.