At the beginning of the twentieth century England’s empire spanned the globe, its economy was strong, and its political system seemed immune to the ills that. Buy The Strange Death of Liberal England by George Dangerfield (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. was George Dangerfield, a recent immigrant to New York and literary editor of Strange Death of Liberal England, after languishing for three decades, became.

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Dangerfield has given us a classic that defines one of the most important moments in the history of Great Britain and strannge World. There are choice sentences and gleaming pearls-of-phrase in this work which will thrill you.

Capricorn Books, an American publisher, put out a paperback in that stayed in print for most of the s.

The Strange Death of Liberal England by George Dangerfield

Feb 21, Tim Vicary rated it it was amazing. Views Read Edit View history. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The author only glancingly addresses the eclipse of the Liberal party by Labour. I felt tears pricking behind my eyes all through it.

A Transcultural History Measuring Matters: The writing does improve in the second half, e. Dangerfield argues that four great rebellions before the Great War effectively destroyed the Liberal Party as a party of government.

They got shiploads of guns from Ulster, formed their own army and provisonal government, and were supported by the Conservative leader, Bonar Law, and most of the House of Lords. It is also a very persuasive and unusual thesis about Edwardian England in the periodwhich is often portrayed as a peaceful idyllic country living out its final summers in blissful ignorance of the clouds of war about to overwhelm it. The Henrician Reformation 7 Source Exercise 5: Opinionated histories written by conservatives – true conservatives – are rare.


This book argues effectively that the Great Britain and the British Empire’s entry into the First World War was partly due to the fact it was lead by a dying and unworkable political order. The book has inspired the titles of other publications, notably works of contemporary political history. Every page, indeed every sentence, is lifted above the average by his irresistible writing style.

Instead, he provides disconnected dangerfiele about the House of Lords veto, labor strikes, the age-old Irish Question, and — most oddly, in the Epilogue — the life of poet Rupert Brooke. English diction and finely-turned idiom is presented here, the like of which one rarely sees. There tactics of reaction have continued to malign and prevent another modern country emerging. The Medieval Universe Source Exercise 3: Dangerfield’s basic premise is that the Liberal party came unstuck because of a general upswelling of raucous rock-the-boat energy, particularly focused liberral Ireland, women’s suffrage, and labor unrest.

The strange death of liberal England

So three stars for me, but if you already know a bit about England’s history in the years leading up the first world war who the players are and the basic outline this book will be a gorgeous piece of history, absolutely, for ths This book is outdated and reflects the misogyny and prejudices of an era that, though deatth a century in the past, continues to inflict pain on our own time.

The Strane Death of Liberal England is one of the most important books of the English past, a prime example that history can be abiding literature. One of the most enjoyable and fun works of history I’ve ever encountered. He described Emmeline Pankhurst as a “fragile little woman, not more distinguished in her appearance than other pretty little women who have worn well”.

The strange death of liberal England | Jonathan Jones | Art and design | The Guardian

I’ve never read a work of history before — and this is an excellent one — that feels like a novel by George Eliot. He didn’t understand their libegal at all.


But this is no staid parliamentary history, it is a sweeping cultural interpretation of what Dangerfield sees as the death of Victorian rationalism and sobriety. The Uses of Facts: It’s a great counterpart to reading Barbara Enland The Proud Tower about the same period though she doesn’t cover England in nearly the depth – concentrating on the Lords’ rebellion – and she examines matters in Germany, Russia, France and the United States. In the s, a wave of new forces conspired to undermine not just the Liberal Party but the optimistic and reasonable view of strrange nature on which it was based.

George Dangerfield, The Strange Death of Liberal England

Pages using web citations with no URL. Extract Linda Colley, Captives: I didn’t quite finish but I was so invested beorge that I finished it after I graduated.

Often those adaptations are unsatisfactory and unsustainable. Oct 20, Brigitte Dale rated it did not like it Shelves: Christopher Hitchens said that it was one of his top three favorite books and called it geodge ‘tone poem of a book’ which is part of the reason I read it and it definitely didn’t disappoint in that regard I really liked his chapter on the suffragists and I learned a lot from his discussion of the worker’s movements, especially the miners.

Faculty staff login required Visiting scholars Alumni. When I first read this book it inspired my novel, Cat and Mouse, which has characters from all three groups.