Gladys Aylward was born short in size and short in worldly status but what was lacking in height and social standing she made up for in. Gladys May Aylward was born in north London on February 24, , and grew up a high-spirited, happy child. “She remembered her father coming home,”. She is author her autobiography entitled Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman. The film Inn of the Sixth Happiness, is loosely based on events from her life.

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Aylward remained unconcerned about her safety, while friends feared for her life; she was finally persuaded to visit her family whom she had not seen for 17 years. She was Gladys Aylward, also called Ai-weh-deh the Virtuous Onea Christian evangelist who had brought many children to safety from behind the Japanese lines. Aylward directed one of her converts, Tsin Pen-kuang, to set off with about orphans toward the Yellow River Huang Hewhich they would cross, then take the railway to Sian.

Her plan was to read Bible stories at night to the guests, who would then spread news of the inn as they traveled the country. The fame of her work led to memorial services around the world. Print this article Print all g,adys for this topic Cite this article.

Though she had paid her fare from London to Tientsin, it soon became apparent that her ticket was useless. Taking just a little grain for food, she set off with approximately children, most of them aged four to sixteen. Her aulward were Laurence and Violet.


Views Read Edit View history. Word Books, reprinted by Pan Books, London. Always penniless and living among the people she helped, she was driven by a compassion for human suffering.

She carried two suitcases. Lawson, 20th Century-Fox Films, Before she died, she told Aylward: When Aylward said that she did, the biograhy asked, “Then why don’t we go across?

At the cessation of war, she went into domestic service as a parlormaid in London’s West End. The local mandarin, a powerful figure responsible for the administration of Yangcheng, needed a woman with “big feet,” who had not been crippled by the custom, to travel throughout the province and verify that the cruel tradition was biobraphy longer being observed.

She would be working with dark, short statured people – exactly like she was! The article was to change her life.

Gladys Aylward’s Long Road to China by – Church

Since mules knew entering such a place knew it meant food and rest the other mules readily followed, leaving their drivers no choice but to stay. She learned of a year-old missionary named Jeannie Lawsonwho, upon returning to England, was immediately miserable and went back to China.

A year later, the year-old Lawson fell off a balustrade and was severely injured. It became more and more obvious that if she was ever going to get to China … she would have to pay her own fare. Across her back, she bore the scar of a recent bullet wound.


See how easy it is. While the culture considered this graceful, others saw it as not only cruel but a means to limit the mobility aylwsrd young women to assure their chastity. Generally, as girls were unbound, wiggling their toes with delight, the women of the town would cheer.

Aylward, Gladys (1902–1970)

She was disturbed by stories of the horrors of life in China under Communist rule but was persuaded biographg a return there would be too dangerous. Lawson accepted her application but could not help with her traveling expenses, so Gladys came up with new idea.

She has a call to serve God—she is sincere and courageous—but we cannot take the responsibility of sending a woman of 26, with such limited Christian experience and education, to China. When Aylward explained that they were harmless refugees, the officer aylwarr to the Chinese across the river, and boats were sent to carry them to safety.

Sitting alone on her bed in her new quarters, she placed the few coins she had on her Bible and cried out, “Oh God, here’s my Bible! At any lgadys, the Japanese were expected to arrive. She also publishes an.