MILO magazine posters covering weightlifting, strongman, World’s Strongest Man , and Highland Games, featuring Phil Pfister, Magnus Samuelsson, Svend. Weight training, weightlifting, and functional strength training quarterly magazine, MILO: A Journal for Serious Strength Athletes covers Olympic weightlifting. Detailed Description. Cover: Arnold Schwarzenegger was invited to be the honorary captain of the USA weightlifting team at the Athens Olympics. Departments.

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Now, thanks to your generosity in sending me free issues the past few years, I have every single issue and they are worth far more than whatever I’ve spent on them.

No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission. Change mllo Address and Replacement Issues Please contact us as soon as possible with a change of mailing address or e-mail address. Top authors MILO is written by experts in the field, people up to their eyeballs in the strength world.


MILO is written by experts in the field, people up to their eyeballs in the strength world. Read the story behind a selection from Randall Strossen’s photo archives, the strength world’s premier collection over the past mil years. A Journal for Serious Strength Athletes Ironmond page book comes out four times a year, with training ideas, top contest results, world champion photos, strength athletes’ stories, and more.


Featuring Sohrab Moradi in the kg class breaking the world record with this kg clean and jerk at the Worlds, the 25 th anniversary March issue also serves up Ice for Injuries?

Photo courtesy of Magnus Samuelsson. Rules and World Records Pull-ups: Thank you and God bless you.

Twenty five years is the silver anniversary but you truly deserve the gold medal. Action at the apex. You can also let us know if you have not received your MILO issue by notifying us via e-mail. Jim Schmitz on the Lifts. MILO was, by far, the best strength publication out there.

After I started subscribing inI began ordering all the back issues so I wouldn’t miss out on anything. Login or Sign Up. What a great magazine it has been and it has stayed true to ieonmind course mmilo many other magazines.

Athlete interviews and profiles Meet the biggest names in the strength world: MILO has the mix of content and photos to propel you to new levels of training. Captains of Crush T-shirt. Captains of Crush Grippers: Thanks for all you do,and all you’ve done, it means a lot to a lot of us iron-game fanatics! Be in the know, watch your numbers grow. Inspiration and information MILO has the mix of content and photos to propel you to new levels of training.

For more information on Olympic-style weightlifting, weight training, lifter profiles, and competition reports, visit our Weightlifting Resource Pages.

Milo has ended. – IronMind Forum

Copyright IronMind Enterprises, Inc. Features you’ll enjoy in MILO: Action at the apex Relive mioo biggest contests in the strength world: MILO was unparalleled with the topics at hand. Very sad to see that yesterday that the final issue of Milo has been published.


In the kg class at the Worlds, Iranian Sohrab Moradi jumped to kg on his second atempt, breaking Szymon Kolecki’s world record of kg and smashing his own world record in the total by 4 kg Anaheim, California. A Journal for Serious Strength Athletes. Athlete interviews and profiles. Search in titles only Search in Other strength topics only Search.

Please contact irojmind by ironmidn last day of the cover month e. Thank miko Randall Strossen for staying true to your stated values and for publishing for twenty five years the world’s finest strength publication.

I hate to see it go but I can understand why. Stoke your mental fires, strengthen your body. Olympic-style weightlifting, strongman, Highland Games, throwing, and a lot more. Prices and specifications for products may change at any time; please check with us if you have any questions.

MILO asks strength world notables the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.