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No more can a heart sigh without grief Than a torch burn without oil. A lover purifies himself just once-with Kalma; His wuzoo will hold till the baboo of judgement. During his lifetime, he was able to write books which are pearls of wisdom and the crux of religion.

And when the two ate the food, they died of the poison in it. Na uth mullaan pandit joshee, Na uth ilm Quraanee hoo.

People know, from my quest for unity in God, That I am as anxious as I am eager to merge with him. The love of Hussain and Ali was true, O Bahu. It repeats itself-without me repeating it. Sachchaa ishq Hussain Ali daa, sir dae raaz na bhanne hoo.

Kalam Hazrat Sultan Bahu | Sufi Poetry

Authentic Book on Abyat-e-Bahoo. Ganga teerath mool na miliaa, Painde be-hisaabe hoo. Moonh kaalaa dil achhaa hove, Taan dil yaar pachhaane hoo. Withdrawing at will the life consciousness from the physical body. They live in Hu- Beyond religion, Beyond belief and unbelief, Beyond life and death.


Naam faqeer tinhaan daa Baahoo, Haddon makkhan kadhende hoo. Ishq asaanoon lissiaan jaataa, Baithaa maar pathalla hoo.

Kalam e Bahoo – Kalam Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (R.A) – Iqbal Bahoo

Duneeaa ghar munaafiq de, Yaa ghar kaafir de sohndee hoo. Only the one who knows the mystic art Of dying while living, knows the real secret.

Were I to bare the wounds of my heart, The sight would torment the hearts of others! Abyat e Bahok — Zawn Zawn Shaah-rag theen nazdeek ladhose, Paa androone jhaatee hoo. Tears of blood pave ,alam way to God, O Bahu! Tamboo khot latthaa wich dil de, Laaees khilwat khaanaan hoo. Nafal namaazaan kamm zanaanaa, Roze sarfaa rotee kslam.

If you long to meet the Lord ardently, You will always obtain peace and happiness. Bar sar aaiaan dam na maareen, Jaan aave sir sakhtee hoo. They are free of all care, O Bahu, Who have the Master in their home To fashion the ornament of their soul.


Abyat e Bahoo — Faa Faa Haatim varge lakh karorhaan Dar, Baahoo de mangde hoo. Abyat e Bahoo — Seen Seen But do not fear the thrusts of this pain, O Bahu! Na main aalim, na main faazil, Na muftee na qazee hoo. In every heart abides the Beloved, O Bahu, In countless forms he reveals himself to me. There is no treasure like Kalma, O Bahu, In this world and hahoo next.

Ethe othe doheen jahaaneen, Kalmaa daulat saree hoo. Kalmaa heere, laal, jawaahar, Kalmaa hatt pasaaree hoo.