Aug 24, Katerina Kolozova delivers the first accurate and comprehensive study of my interpretation of Marx in my book “Introduction to Non-Marxism,”. Aug 27, On the occasion of the publication by punctum of feminist philosopher Katerina Kolozova’s much awaited new book, Toward a Radical. Katerina Kolozova, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University/ Institute of Social Science and Humanities, Skopje, Gender Studies Department, Faculty Member. Studies.

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It is more honest and accurate from a theoretical point of view to call this metaphysical. Metaphysics of the Finance Economy — Chap. The general trait of the style of ruling is, I would argue, patriarchalism.

But she also re-reads in a timely and astonishing way the aftermath of the financial crisis. Well, I am afraid that I will sound conservative now, but this should happen by preserving the model of democracy that we have at the moment.

My response with regard to our differences will be, therefore, more of a clarification katerkna debate. Subjectivity in Poststructuralist Philosophy,” New York: To put it in metaphysical terms, the concept of the real I operate with in the book does not hold the status of substance ousia but rather that of modus tropos. Just like any hero of a tragedy who usually pays a certain debt to the chthonic gods, Lazar pays a debt to somebody who comes from the afterlife, from the world beyond, from the world of the dead.

Lacan, Religion, and Others I sat down with Kolozova over Skype to see exactly what was at stake in Towards a Radical Metaphysics of Socialismand what it means for current political issues in Europe and America.

Katerina Kolozova – Wikipedia

It renders Haraway’s notion of the Cyborg more radical and unravels its inhumanity rather than posthumanity. Purportedly, the convicted perpetrator, journalist Vlado Taneski, had traumatic childhood experiences with his allegedly emotionally absent, aggressive and promiscuous mother. Part of a volume that highlights the contemporary relevance of Jacques Lacanwhose linguistic reworking of Freudian analysis radicalized both psychoanalysis and its approach to theology.


Automatic technology as such, if employed in a different political and economic kolozlva, would be something completely different. It is interesting that Marx is becoming increasingly relevant for all of the different projects circulating around New Realism. Thus it is also what enables capitalism to be capitalism and create surplus value. I have learned a kolozovq from Miglena’s reading of my book.

Regardless of whether purported to be decentred and posthumanist, the subject conceived in poststructuralist and philosophical terms remains anthropocentric kaaterina anthropo-morphic. In fact, liberating or emancipating women through technology happens through their bodies, so reconceptualizing the position and relevance of the body vis a vis technological progress is one of the most radically metaphysical questions that feminists should ask.

The automaton of capital and philosophy is individually substantiated as ” subjectivity, ” and more specifically that of the split capitalist self. There is no single form of commonality, beyond historical context and the real conditions that it generates.

What is the role of technology in iaterina kind of socialist or democratic transformation? It is also a question of exploitation. Brassier is currently working on Marx, I just finished a book on Marx.

Meanwhile, the calls to revolution have become louder than ever. As I see it, it is through this gesture that both Vattimo and Heidegger become prey to a duplicated estrangement, or to philosophy par excellence. katerjna

Maybe I should go back to working on Greek tragedy, which is my first philosophical love. How does alienation of the real and the alienation of the financial katerona that you talk about in Towards a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism relate? Metaphysics of the Finance Economy — Chap. The Stranger is a metaphor for the base of the dichotomy between the organic and language that we are all made of.


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Hence, the locus of opposition to The real is not necessarily a physical exteriority. Kultura,and the editor of a number of books from the fields of gender studies and feminist theory, among which the one together with Svetlana Slapshak and Jelisaveta Blagojevic: In order to lay the foundations of a different economy, one that is not based on wage labor and the exploitation of human life and nature based on their auto-alienation, but rather on action in accordance with their resources, we need — according the author — to rethink the concept of the state in a non-philosophical and post-capitalist fashion, structurally different from the modern bourgeois state.

Is the democracy that you are talking about also minimally philosophical? In kaaterina words, Vattimo’s weak thought aligns katerkna reality and produces an interpretation of it, limiting its ambition to an explication of practice by philosophical means. The uses and abuses of neoliberalism and technocracy in the post-totalitarian regimes in Eastern Europe more. We are also witnessing the kolozva of the attempted response to this crisis, which has come in the form of renewed calls to revolution of the Marxist variety.

So the mediation of the physical kolozpva language is already a part of the human-in-human or the human as the real. Katerona a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism: This makes the real economy inferior to the finance economy, and further makes the latter dictate the real economy. Rowman and Littlefield,”Theology After Lacan: For example, Eastern Europe is not non-capitalist.