products offers magneto magnetizer products. About 16% of these are mobile phone bags & cases, 7% are magnetic materials, and 5% are. “Could you send plans and drawings for the magneto charger in your article?” This was the most frequent inquiry I had after my November GEM article on . I would like to build a magnet charger like the one John Rex wrote in the January I have been a full time Magneto Restorer/Repairman for quite a number of.

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Arc suppressor diodes The purpose of arc suppressor diodes is to reduce the high voltage arc produced by the coils when the switch is opened. Coil 2 is wired the same except the diode is reversed and terminals are marked 3 and 4 instead of 1 and 2. Guide the wire through the notch on the insulating washer, scrape the insulation off and solder it to a lug at the terminal marked ‘2’.

magneto magnetizer

Where could the average man pick up some of this? The internal magnetiser is based on a design by Allan Hurst which was published many years ago in the Velocette Owners’ Club’s Fishtail magazine. As winding progresses, it will be more and more difficult to prevent the winding from becoming scrambled. The minimum special order required to ship it in was more than I was willing to pay for such a small amount of material.

Building a heavy duty magnet charger

All of this means that a far greater magnetising force is needed to achieve the required magnetic flux density at the magnet. Two things go into design of an electromagnet. To prevent shorts, the core must be insulated. A view of the finished charger. Gas Engine Magazine is your best source for tractor and stationary gas engine information.

There are magneto magnetizer suppliers, mainly located in Asia. I am of the opinion that if Fairbanks Morse, American Bosch and International Harvester thought that a 25 pound charger would do an adequate job, that is what they would have built. That is as long as the volts times the amps, comes out to the same value. This is important, because there have been cases where an enclosed switch has had the contacts stick closed even though it indicated open.


I’m thinking of the large magnets they use to pick up scrap metal in a junk yard. An ordinary automotive ammeter reading 50 amperes is sufficient. Don’t bring the compass too close to the charger or to magnets because the needle may be demagnetized or remagnetized in the opposite direction.

Magneto Magnetizer, Magneto Magnetizer Suppliers and Manufacturers at

If a magneto’s magnet is driven fully into saturation so that it achieves its full strength, its strength will drop, soon after it is put to use in the magneto, to a maximum operating level. Construction of magneto chargers is not a new subject for GEM. As for the switch, poke about in old city electric buildings or factory electrical rooms.

Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Note the size of the Wico EK compared to the coils. Air is a poor conductor of magnetic flux and we want to put magnetic energy at the pole pieces rather than waste it in cracks and gaps due to poor fits. A second pair of diodes is necessary to prevent damage to the first set in the event the battery is connected backwards.

A compass needle points north, because the end of the needle is charged south. I like magnetto suggestion about using a motor rewinding company to make the coils.

I have had good luck with my charger made from two 12v truck starter solenoids. That will determine the maximum field you can generate to charge magnets.

The internal magnetiser can be used for most jobs, and we prefer it because it is so efficient, effective and quick and easy to use. Send me an email. Magnetizef assembly Now things start to get heavy, so it’s good to build the charger onto a two wheel hand truck or other cart.


If an ordinary switch is used, always check the ammeter to make sure the current has stopped flowing when the switch is opened.

Mechanical details of the charger.

On the Gingery the cores are 2″ dia x 6″ mild steel mounted on a 4″ x 10″, 1″ thick mild steel plate! Most Lucas magnetos are designed so that if the magnet does not have some sort of keeper such as the magneto armatureits magnet strength does not fall significantly below the maximum operating level. Ammeter The use of an ammeter, although optional, manetizer useful to monitor the current through the charger. The permeability is a characteristic number for the pole pieces used and is the ratio of the amp-turns to magnetic field strength.

The main base is attached to the hand truck using the two pieces of steel angle cut from bed rails. The “REX” type charger is the way to go and I am building one now. In the photo above, it is shown with an RB M1 magneto that has an armature diameter of just under 2″, slightly too small for our smaller internal magnetiser core.

I am nearly finished with my own design made from stuff I had laying around to charge EK mags. The actual winding is started by scraping off a half inch of insulation and poking the wire through the start hole in the magjetizer end washer and soldering it to a lug on the terminal marked ‘1’.