This file, part of the Collection of the Academia Argentina de Letras, was provided to Wikimedia Commons thanks to an agreement between the Academia. Una excursión a los indios ranqueles has ratings and 9 reviews. This Argentine literary classic, one of the most subtle and perceptive commentaries e.. . Tras las huellas de Mansilla: contexto histórico y aportes críticos a Una excursión a los indios ranqueles. [Carlos – Mayol Laferrere] on * FREE*.

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First off, a disclaimer. I probably should have read this book in Spanish.

Not only did Amazon have it, but everyone raved about the translation as well. And it was annotated!! Author Coronel Ranquees V. Mansilla pictured in center above requested a very particular assignment: The translation I read consists of pages with an additional 80 pages of notes. You can imagine the detail.

The translation by Eva Gillies transmitted the spirit of the coronel nicely even if some English words were obscure. Annotations were essential, explaining long-forgotten literary references, historical figures or customs.


File:Una excursion a los indios ranqueles – Lucio V. Mansilla – – Wikimedia Commons

But placing all annotations at the back of the book instead of on the same page was mansipla big editorial mistake. After all, he was the nephew of Juan Manuel de Rosas. His excursion corresponds to the shaded area below:.

His substantial wit pervades the entire text. Mansilla also offers the reader numerous opinions about a wide range of topics: Imagine that… a dandy calling into doubt his own existence. He also revels in talking about himself, often with a touch of satire that makes his introspection amusing rather ranquelles arrogant.

Woven throughout the entire book are several asides: Mansilla describes tribal life at length. But Mariano Rosas is not easily fooled.

I explained that the fact of living or having lived in a place did not constitute dominion over it. He argued that, if I were to settle ranquels the Indians, the piece of land I would occupy would be mine. At least we know exactly how he felt! In all, minor issues compared to the valuable insight the work provides today.


Una Excursion a Los Indios Ranqueles

We owe Mansilla a great deal for that. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Kansilla how your comment data is processed.

His excursion corresponds to the shaded area below: Some of the most intriguing exchanges deal with land claims: In reply, I asked him whether I could sell it if I felt like doing so. Leave A Comment Cancel Reply.

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