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22 (CD) · Chicken - Quicksilver Messenger Service - Comin' Thru (Vinyl, LP, Album) .. One Truth - Sputnik Weazel - Flirting With The Cult Of Celebrity (CD, Album) · II. . Solid As The Rock - Various - The Singles From The Warner Alliance Artists .. Tokyo Tiger - 22 Pistepirkko - Rumble City, LaLa Land ( Cassette, Album). The Music Machine - Rarities Volume 1 - Last Singles & Demos (File, MP3) .. In (CD, Album) · Snowy Dave (Mom Remix) - 22 Pistepirkko - The Singles (CD) Is Now (Max K. Remix) - Ultra Flirt - The Time Is Now (File, MP3). It was released on the album Itku Pitkästä Ilosta and as a single. . and roll and touches on the subject of a man responding to the flirting of a much younger girl. .. Pistepirkko The 69 Eyes A ABREU Absoluuttinen Nollapiste Advanced Art .

The Pentagon releases her, her friends, and Caesar. In the aftermath of the Haley fiasco, Alan is heartbroken and Carol's efforts to get his attention fail. Seeing that Haley is going on another tour, Alan buys tickets and falls in love with the new Haley while Carol watches helplessly. Meanwhile, Dave and Skip release highly classified information, and the new Haley decides to kill them in order to plug the leak. General Armbuster arrives, explains to Carol that the new Haley is a rogue agent, and implants a copy of the Haley computer chip in her.

Dave and Skip destroy the classified computer program, and Armbuster kills the other Haley with Carol's help. He is Dave's roommate, Jessica's ex-boyfriend, and Carol's crush.

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Continually frustrated in his quest for a girlfriend, he was introduced 20 January At one point, she was Alan's girlfriend while disguised as Haley, but has been unable to attract his attentions as herself. She was introduced January 20, Alan's friend and Account Executive, she lives with her cat Caesar.

Currently, she is estranged from her coworkers and friends due to her behavior in and out of the workplace. She was introduced along with Carol and Alan January 20, A surly bachelor, he is considered crazy by his friends because he thinks Caesar is hyper-intelligent. He was introduced 29 January Literate and well-connected through the internet, Caesar drew the attention of the Pentagon who originally made him super-intelligent via an implanted computer chip when he hacked into its computer and stole the plans for an AI can-opener.

Dave and Carol are aware of his intelligence. He was introduced 13 February Coworker of Dave, he is a newlywed and a conspiracy theorist.

Possibly bisexualhe is unhappy in his marriage, although that might change since he has seen the consequences of Roger Thornhill's continuous infidelity. He was introduced preparing for his wedding on 12 February He is a middle-aged, philandering George W.

Carol's boyfriend at one point in time, he lost his front teeth after he hit on Jessica and she responded by smashing a wine glass against his face.

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He was introduced 12 March After being framed for the murder of his friend Dr. Sadarski, he lost his job and was imprisoned. He did, however, manage to escape and kill the true culprit with the help of Carol. She was known for doing ridiculous things, like firing Alan after she had made a mistake and attempting to find and clone a dinosaur after the characters in Jurassic Park.

She was fired for sexual harassment of Jessica, and was last seen managing Alan's favorite coffee shop. She hired him as an employee for Victoria's Secret after Britney fired him.

Jackie Dallas was a stripper who fell in love with Dave. She died when Carol unwittingly made her a dinner full of things she was allergic to. Haley Bhairavi is a classical cellistAlan's occasional girlfriend, and secret agent.

In reality, "Haley" is a computer chip designed by the United States government as a secret agent. Currently, Carol Bradley is able to transform into her at will. John Sadarski is the Pentagon's specialist in science and technology.

He was murdered by Anna Kerruish after attempting to curb her behavior. Anna Kerruish is another secret agent for the American government. I wish he'd recorded it for the album, but a somewhat changed arrangement showed up later on his 'Amor y Control' album.

During rehearsals for the album, I cycled from my apartment on 23rd St.

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I said, "what for" and two of them grabbed it and set off down the street. I ran after them and grabbed the saddle. I don't know why I did that. What was I expecting? That they would apologize and hand it back? Anyway, shortly after, I picked myself up from the middle of the street with a throbbing in the back of my head. There was no one in sight. I went back to the SIR, was let in and went into the studio where the band were. There may have been a little blood on my head and the band stopped mid song and asked if I was ok.

In the end, my experience as a mastering engineer at Trident paid off and Lou came around after I was able to articulate my problems with the sound of the pressing. A change was made and everybody lived happily ever after. I think he saw I was a record company person who knew what I was talking about - sonically, at least - and all encounters since have been respectful and, often, very friendly.

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I went out to Long Beach on Long Island to watch the video get made. Lou had a small cameo in it and must have been in a great mood because later, he showed a side of his personality I had no idea existed. I have some candid snaps of it — here - but this was one performance I wish I had taped. Oh yeah, I got thrown out of a Velvet Underground show.

Because this show was being filmed, Luna who were supporting them on the European leg was asked to sit this one out because their equipment would have gotten in the way of the cameras. Lead loon-er, Dean Wareham and I were given tickets to watch the show from a seat in the balcony, close to the stage.

Both of us were feeling pretty, uh, ecstatic and the show was everything I had hoped it would be. Hey, we all make mistakes. I had a habit of recording shows by people I liked, purely for my own enjoyment, of course.

My friend, singer Amanda Thorpe, had recently undergone knee surgery and one of her legs was in a brace necessitating the use of crutches to get around.