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Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: http:// Like us on We're. I have been told that this house was used for interior shots in the filming of "One Potato Two Potato" It is almost directly across the street from the daycare where. We're the Millers is a American comedy film directed by Rawson M. Thurber . The film's screenplay was written by Bob Fisher, Steve Faber, Sean Anders.

The bombing increased support for people working for civil rights. It marked a turning point in the U. The three-story Sixteenth Street Baptist Church was a rallying point for civil-rights activities through the spring of The demonstrations led to an agreement in May between the city's black leaders and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference SCLC to integrate public facilities in the country. The explosion blew a hole in the church's rear wall, destroyed the back steps, and left intact only the frames of all but one stained-glass window.

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The lone window that survived the concussion was one in which Jesus Christ was depicted knocking on a door, and Christ's face was blown away.

In addition, five cars behind the church were damaged, two of which were destroyed, while windows in the laundromat across the street were blown out. She was the first child of photo shop owner Chris and school teacher Maxine McNair.

Her playmates called her Niecie. A pupil at Center Street Elementary School, she had many friends. She held tea parties, was a member of the Brownies guide organization, and played baseball. She helped raise money to support muscular dystrophy by creating plays, dance routines, and poetry readings.

These events became an annual event. People gathered in the yard to watch the show in Denise's carport, the main stage. Children donated their pennies, dimes, and nickels.

Denise was a schoolmate and friend of Condoleezza Rice. She is buried in Elmwood Cemetery. About five years after the bombing, Denise's parents had two more daughters. Cynthia Diane Wesley was born April 30,14 at the time of her death, she was the first adopted daughter of Claude and Gertrude Wesley, both of whom were teachers. Her mother made her clothes because of her petite size. Cynthia went to school at Ullman High School, which no longer exists.

She excelled in math, reading, and band. Cynthia held parties in her backyard for all her friends. Upon Cynthia's death she was found because of the ring she wore, which was recognized by her father.

She is buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Scotty tries to sexually harass Casey, but is thwarted by Sarah and Kenny. David then arrives at the carnival, begging them to come back with him and offering each a full share of the profits. On their way to the RV, they encounter Edith and Melissa. In the ensuing conversation between the Millers and the Fitzgeralds, Kenny blurts out that they are smuggling cannabis.

One-Eye appears and is about to shoot everyone, but Don comes out of his motor home and knocks him out cold.


David and Kenny then subdue him while he is distracted. Melissa and Kenny with a newfound confidence kiss, as do David and Sarah. David delivers the drugs to Gurdlinger, who tells him he is late and that their deal is off, but then admits that he had never intended to pay him at all. DEA agents interrupt the meeting, arresting Gurdlinger, revealing that David grassed them up. He then adds that anyone who was a witness to the crime will be put into protection, which pleases David.

The Millers are then seen together in a suburban house with several marijuana plants growing in the back garden. Ed Helms as Brad Gurdlinger, a drug lord who hires David to smuggle marijuana from Mexico and one of the film's two main villains.

Kathryn Hahn as Edith Fitzgerald, Don's wife. Matthew Willig as One-Eye, Pablo's henchman. Thomas Lennon as Rick Nathanson, a former college classmate of David's.


Young as Scottie P. Ken Marino as Todd, the sleazy owner of the strip club that Rose worked at. Production[ edit ] Development of the movie first began in