Meet the adebanjos dont jealous me part six

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meet the adebanjos dont jealous me part six

Best Comedian: Obonjo comedian, Don't Jealous Me, Adot, Eddie Kadi, Funmbi, Kat . Best TV Show: Meet The Adebanjos(OH TV), The Sporah Show(BEN TV), Telling Tales(OH TV), 6. Best Male UK based Afro/Caribbean Act: Lil P Dance 1. Best Dance Act: Boy Blue Entertainment 2. . It was an honour to be part of it. Aunty Funke LIVE In Theatre - Meet the Adebanjos Dont jealous me - Meet the adebanjos leaked! lol. DntJealousMe. K views DJM part letter O G niki. The opportunities were not really there for me anymore and so I left. we came to develop 'Meet The Adebanjo's', a British Nigerian family, A couple of years ago, I met this really talented online comedian called 'Don't Jealous Me' TV media and I am just privileged to be part of it and helping it grow!.

Brought to us by the same winning team behind TV series Meet The Adebanjos, the comedy, which will feature a cast of emerging talent, takes much inspiration from T-Boy's own life as the title character struggles to adapt to London culture.

meet the adebanjos dont jealous me part six

I write all my own lines, so I'm sure there's a couple of things people will be familiar with. It's even better that it's now embraced.

She has always told me to keep pushing forward.

meet the adebanjos dont jealous me part six

It's very important I have their backing. I think I'm one of the lucky ones. A lot of people think they're too big for whatever event or show is being offered to them, but you never know, that thing could be the thing that makes you what you are today.

That's important in today's society.

New TV station London Live orders a raft of comedy shows

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meet the adebanjos dont jealous me part six

What made you want to do pranks of your own? It seemed fun to do.

meet the adebanjos dont jealous me part six

Vitaly and Stuart Edge two famous YouTube pranksters inspired me to try out pranking. Getting punched, stabbed, and or killed.

New TV station London Live orders a raft of comedy shows - News - British Comedy Guide

Have you ever been threatened or in danger of being stabbed or killed while filming? SoFloAntonio on Twitter Why not?

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The reward is not worth the risk. My drugging girls prank was too crazy and the return was not worth it. What do your parents think about what you do? How do we know your videos are real? Many prankers nowadays fake so much stuff and people like it.


It was supposed to have been revealed to have been staged anyways. People like the reactions. The mystery also is part of the love for pranks. Has all of this fame gotten to your head or are you still able to remain humble? What do you aim to accomplish by filming these videos?

meet the adebanjos dont jealous me part six

Just fun and easy income. Also get to meet great people. What is most misunderstood about what you do? Some require me to act weird or rude. Do you foresee yourself pursuing your major once you graduate or solely going into YouTube? I plan on being an entrepreneur. YouTube is a gateway to opportunities.