Meet the goal

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meet the goal

"Meet a goal" has the same meaning as "achieve a goal? Context: Create accountability systems that measure student growth toward meeting. Find out how to set goals with confidence, so that you can make the most of these opportunities. meet the goal definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'meet', meet halfway',track meet',(go to) meet one's Maker', Reverso dictionary, English.

  • meet a goal / accountability

Он будет стрелять с бедра, направляя дуло вверх, в спину Беккера. Пуля пробьет либо позвоночник, либо легкие, а затем сердце.

meet the goal

Если даже он не попадет в сердце, Беккер будет убит: разрыв легкого смертелен.