Meet the sloths documentary heaven

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meet the sloths documentary heaven

Genre: Documentary, Drama Documentary, Factual Entertainment, Magazine Programmes, Natural History Meet the Sloths HOLIDAY HEAVEN ON EARTH. Meet The Sloths goes behind-the-scenes at one of the world's most peculiar animal To find out about the documentary (which in the UK airs on Animal Planet. |Minn W MEET THE SLOTHS Another baby sloth, Buffercup, is found clinging to her so that it would always be looking up into the heavens to face its creator. of the mammals The documentary is about the sanctuary, not about the sloths.

Why did you want to film on Zavodovski island? The islands lie around miles east of the Falklands. Any voyage in the Southern Ocean is likely to be rough, but this one meant seven days there, eight days back, on a 62ft small yacht in pretty almighty seas. Perhaps the hardest aspect is the boredom. Was it a difficult shoot on the island?

Some cameramen turned it down. It took around 18 months of planning, pulling together the right team, sourcing the right kit and getting permissions. As the producer, I had sleepless nights for months in advance.

The reality was, I enjoyed every minute of it and would return at the drop of a hat. Penguins have been seen in many wildlife docs before. Beyond that, we were going for intimacy. That involved putting in time, working carefully and slowly, getting the penguins used to us and finding individuals to film that were neither frightened nor too curious about the camera. Were you using any new techniques or ideas to get original shots?

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The story of the individual family was where we could try something different with the footage with regards to new technology. We also got permission to fly a drone, which gives a birds-eye view of the colony, which is pretty incredible. Getting a helicopter to location was not an option, so being able to get into the sky was a real bonus. Did the shoot go smoothly, or were there any problems? We had minor issues, like tents getting splashed by waves, and it took three days for the swell to be suitable for us to get everything off the island.

But there was only really one mishap. On Day 5, one of the cameras got drenched by a massive wave. It was incredibly unfortunate. A wave hit the side of the cliff and came from a totally unexpected direction.

KSTR, with the help of volunteers and donors are planning on building this critical enclosure during the month of June Not only will the sloths benefit from this pre-release, but other animals could also practice here like orphaned anteaters and adult sloths who need some climbing practice before their return to their habitat.

KSTR is very excited to have such an enclosure to add to their facilities.

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Information provided by these collars will not only help KSTR keep track of the sloths to gauge their health, happiness and safety but will lend valuable information for publications and studies on setting standards for how to raise and release orphaned sloths.

GPS technology is constantly developing and this is only the beginning of the kinds of studies we could do to learn more about sloth conservation. In addition to the threesome, we have two other sloths who could benefit from this enclosure and that number is only going to grow.

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They deserve the best chance at a successful release and this is their next step. Virtually nothing is known about sloth behavior and ecology. We need to learn more about the sloths in the Manual Antonio region.

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They are a HUGE tourist draw and a species that must be protected. Please play a part in helping us maintain and keep this species alive. For Pelota, Ellen and Kermie. For all baby sloths. Smaller or larger donations always welcome. If you are aware of any corporations that might also be interested in a sponsorship, please let us know. To learn more about how you can help, please contact Jennifer kidssavingtherainforest.

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meet the sloths documentary heaven

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Started by two nine year-old girls who saw the rainforest disappearing from their beloved home and inspired to save it, Kids Saving the Rainforest KSTR priority is to grow, expand and continue the operation of wildlife rehabilitation, sanctuary, reforestation and volunteer programs. Sejud encourages all citizens to get on board to maintain the magnificence of this vital part of Costa Rica.

Donations may be made directly on Kids Saving the Rainforest Website. Villa Perezoso is pleased to also announce the expansion of its staff services. Villa Perezoso is now accepting bookings for its season. To contact Villa Perezoso, email info villaperezoso. There is so much more to living a pure life. So much more than words can even describe. It is unfathomable and yet livable. Let me try to explain…. Of course, you might taste a small part of this pure life in an exclusive resort but you may not fully grasp and enjoy its full meaning.

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meet the sloths documentary heaven

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