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meet the wiggles

The yellow and purple Wiggles describe on-stage fun, off-stage romance It's seven days a week, we meet children everywhere we go, in the. Meet The Wiggles is a Blockbuster exclusive VHS containing Wiggle Time! Another double feature of these same two videos was released in Australia in , Yummy Yummy and Wiggle Time!. Murray, Jeff, Anthony and Greg are ready to teach your kids how to "Rock-a-Bye Your Bear" and. The plan is that maybe the whole family can go backstage after the show and, well, Meet the Wiggles, and I can record their glee and go from there vis-a-vis.

We've seen the Elmo show and Blues Clues and a few others, but they're not a patch on the Wiggles. I think, as I drink in the Big Show, that's because the Wiggles are human most obviously but also extremely earnest, caring, childlike. There is nothing ironic about the Wiggles, and this is crucial. Seuss once said that if you tried to fool or fib to a kid, you were doomed -- he'd see through it every time. Fred Rogers said something similar. Maybe the Wiggles read about it, or maybe they just know it instinctively.

Whatever -- they're on the right wavelength. They may have been Cockroaches once, but they're Wiggles now, and comfortable in their red, yellow, blue, and purple skin.

The Wiggles are special. The Big Show is over, and I scan the crowd. The kids are satisfied and, in the aftermath, still a-tingle. For our part, Mary Grace who, after calming down, enjoyed the concert bestJack, and Caroline are smiling and happy. We take pictures in front of the Big Show set. As for backstage, that's not happening today -- at least not for the whole gang. It might even diminish the magic.

meet the wiggles

More or less as a courtesy and because I'm supposed to be "working"I go to chat briefly with an available Wiggle, who turns out to be Murray. He's as nice as can be, gracious, helpful, and happy.

I ask about how big this whole Wigglemania thing has gotten and he says, "It is amazing. It used to be 'What's a Wiggle? We hear this stuff, but I'm not sure who's spurring that, the kids or their parents.

Tylar Wished to Meet the Wiggles

In Australia, some of the old Cockroach fans are Wiggles fans. The bass player from Blink, I heard, is a fan. Seinfeld came backstage once, and DeNiro. That's all very exciting. I went to see the Strokes the other night.

You know, Anthony was the original Captain. His girlfriend was sharing a house with Anthony's friend, and one night he filled in as the Captain. That's how we met him. We really haven't contemplated life after the Wiggles. We still love it. There are some other Wiggles starting up.

meet the wiggles

There's a Taiwanese Wiggles. They sing our songs and wear the colored jumpers. The red Wiggle's actually a girl; she's five feet tall. Are they huge fans?

I think the Wiggles, for them, are just like any milestone. My son's really into it. My daughter, who's 9, says 'Oh, I think it's quite a good show for kids. And then I do something I've never done.

"The Day We Saw the Wiggles"

There are certain rules in this business, and one of them says, "When you're working, you're working. A few years ago, I met Ringo Starr. I have never asked for an autograph. But now, I think back to Let's say Artie Sullivan had been able to get backstage at Suffolk Downs, and let's say he had brought back to the Oldsmobile a piece of paper with I flip my notebook to a clean page, and ask Murray if he might oblige me.

Yes, because it's not normal to be even a band for that long.

Wiggles couple reveal how their romance bloomed and the key to entertaining kids

I think that's why Anthony [Field] is such a genius, because he does try and keep up with the times, whereas a lot of people get stuck and bogged down. The Wiggles have celebrated their 25 years in children's entertainment this year. What have you learnt from being part of the Wiggles phenomenon?

meet the wiggles

They are egocentric; they don't know they're there with that many people. So that's why so many of the songs are really direct By speaking as if speaking to one, then that's why they all connect. I think that's a real skill. How have the Wiggles changed over the 25 years? Even going from just doing a CD to going on VHS, which sounds so ridiculous now, but it was such a big thing then.

Then they were the first to do a DVD in children's entertainment Now it's iTunes, and only recently we signed with Netflix to countries.

meet the wiggles

Wiggles is aired all around the world. Where is the strangest place you guys have been recognised? I get a lot of recognition in the ladies' bathroom, and it sounds weird but it keeps happening to me … I think when you're waiting, a lot of people recognise because it's that moment that they stop and actually look at you.

What do you do in your downtime? We don't have a lot of time not Wiggling — we are touring six days a week, every week — but when we do have time off, we try to go and see our family. What's next for you guys? Well, [we have the] Lachy! And we also have our Big Show Tour. Are the original Wiggles members still involved? Yes, they are behind the scenes.

The Wiggles policy is that any child that has reached 12 months of age requires a ticket.

"The Day We Saw the Wiggles"

Children under 12 months enter free of charge, and therefore do not require a ticket. However they will be expected to sit on an adult's lap as they will not be issued with a seat. So please contact the venue prior to attending a Wiggles concert to find out their policy on purchasing tickets for your child. If your child does not require a ticket, they will be expected to sit on an adult's lap as they will not be issued with a seat.

Do The Wiggles have a merchandise store? Our online store is located at: We have had many enquiries about toys, especially from the USA. We see it prudent to offer some safety advice concerning children and toys to our Wiggly friends around the world. For example, Dorothy the Dinosaur tail should be used around the waist only.

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