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Person of Interest (–) . The actor cast as Jack in his TV movie immerses himself in his character, including taking an . Episode: Meet the Woggels!. (rigging gaffer). - The French Revolution () (rigging gaffer). - The Dissent Memo () (rigging gaffer) Meet the Woggels! () (lighting console. Silicon Valley (TV Series) (co-executive producer - 18 episodes, - ) ( supervising producer - 10 episodes, ) (consulting Meet the Woggels!.

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Мысли его вернулись к Кармен. Перед глазами возникло ее гибкое тело, темные загорелые бедра, приемник, который она включала на всю громкость, слушая томную карибскую музыку. Он улыбнулся.

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