Reba tv show meet the parents transcript

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reba tv show meet the parents transcript

Watch Reba - Season 1, Episode 11 - Meet the Parents: Reba's parents (guest stars Barry Corbin, Northern Exposure and Dorothy Lyman, The. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Reba, Season 1 movie on Reba was an comedy sitcom starring Reba McEntire which ran from to The show aired on The WB for the first five years and the final season aired on the My parents gave this pillow to Brock and me for our third aniversary. Did a Father Risk Daughter's Life for Reality TV Show?; Two Men .. Terror Suspect's Father Met With CIA Interview with "Jena 6" Parents/Reba McEntire .

Reba's excited about her parents' visit until her mom starts making comments about what makes a good marriage. Thinking her mother is disappointed that she didn't keep her marriage together, Reba takes the comments to heart. Nevertheless, she plans a lunch to celebrate the anniversary and tells Brock that he should stop by and say hi, but not to bring Barbra Jean.

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Van's terrified of Cheyenne's grandparents because he's sure they disapprove of the marriage and Cheyenne's pregnancy, blaming him. Grandma assures him that she and her husband got married young as well.

She gives Cheyenne a locket that her husband gave her a few years after they got married. The producers also discuss their initial conception of Reba, as a more timid woman concerned about, for example, being kicked out of the Junior League because of her pregnant daughter. But as they developed the character over time, they added more of McEntire's personality to make their Reba feistier and more assertive.

Steve Howey jokes about Reba's persona, the no-nonsense rodeo barrel-racer from Oklahoma.

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Other extras include deleted scenes, bloopers, and outtakes, an interview with McEntire and Peterman, and two featurettes about how their characters were developed, "Creating Reba" and "On the Scene with Barbra Jean. Peterman, whose character is often in conflict with McEntire's on the series, says she wanted Reba to hug her after the show to make sure Reba's fans wouldn't hate her. McEntire observes, "Yes, I have very loyal fans.

Tell me about it! Do you think Dad would care about what kind of bedspread is on the bed?!

reba tv show meet the parents transcript

It's obvious that your father doesn't care about what's on his bed! You Make Me Sick [1. I want you to stop vomiting. If I could control it I'd do it on you right now. I don't know, something to do with Jesus?

reba tv show meet the parents transcript

There's no teenage orgy on our lawn. There's a couple frisky squirrels but I just tell Jake they're dancing. The Steaks Are High [1.

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H, I'm "Player of the Week. Ungawa Reba after agreeing to Van's plea that she host the team's steak dinner: Boy he sure makes it hard to say no. Tell me about it.

Mom, you hold them down and I'll whack them with the mallet! They're on the drill team.

reba tv show meet the parents transcript

The Man and the Moon [1.