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Recognizing the distinct difference between Middle and Upper School students and the wide range of individual abilities, AGS athletics strives to meet. Athletics. High School Athletics · All-Sports Calendar · Schedule Listing The Summer School program is offered every year in the summer for 6 weeks. More than 75% of AGS students play at least one sport. With our Check out the results below of our terrific Middle School Track and Field Athletes! m Dash.

Due to the academic class schedule with regular classes going into the late afternoon hours, it is not always possible to make all scheduled games. In comparison, at American Schools that we play against, academic classes end earlier in the day. League affiliation poses transportation problems due to the late bus schedule. Therefore, the GISW generally maintains an independent position with area schools and creates a schedule that both the opponent and the GISWl find workable.

Schools are added to the schedule or dropped depending on the activity, school schedule, distance to be traveled or changes in the other school's program.

Some of the schools that are regularly asked to play the German international School include: This is a very flexible situation due to daily fluctuations in bus availability.

The use of bus runs with drop offs at the away destination is the usual procedure. However, sometimes the opponent is not on or near a bus run and an extra bus or student driving is used.

This is used only when school transportation is not readily available.

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Permission to drive to a game is necessary before a student may drive alone or with other team members. This practice is used for Varsity level teams not Middle School. If transportation is needed during a Middle School game, parents are asked to drive. If the event is on a Saturday or later in the evening, a student may drive to the location or carpool with other players and or parents.

Our goal is to minimize the number of students driving to athletic commitments and to centralize travel on GISW buses driven by a bus driver. A parental driving form can be found at the end of this handbook. Uniforms Each student should have appropriate attire for all practices.

This would include but is not limited to t-shirts, shorts, sweat suits, competitive swim wear, goggles, flip flops and athletic shoes and socks. The use of the regular school sports uniform is an alternative. The uniform can be purchased in the Sports Office. The uniform used during a game is official attire that meets the standards for schools competing in the Washington Area. The uniform can be bought by the player prior to the first game.

The price of the uniform used by a player depends on the sport, the team level and player requests. If the student does not wish to purchase the uniform, they must return it in good condition at the end of the season.

Inclement Weather Weather conditions often result in adjustments to practices and games scheduled. In these situations, consideration of player and spectator safety, transportation safety, field conditions and long term facility care are taken into consideration.

Practices and games may be cancelled or terminated due to heavy downpours. If the school opens late or closes early, games and practices are cancelled. If school is not in session, games and or practices will not be held.

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Practices can be halted, cancelled or postponed due to high temperatures and humidity. No outside practice or game will take place when there is thunder and or lightening present. A game can be suspended or cancelled by the officials on the field and or the coaches participating in the event. The game may not resume unless the official in charge and the two coaches agree it is safe to continue.

The hotline is generally updated weekly unless something occurs when the need for immediate information is necessary. If there is a question about a game that is not addressed on the hotline, please feel free to call the Main Office at Every student needs to have a proper bathing suit, towel, and flip flops.

It is recommended all students wear goggles. Bathing caps may be used at any time. Students may not chew gum or wear jewelry while swimming.

Contact lense should be removed and properly secured in a water-tight container. Students must shower before entering the pool.

Students need to take a soap-and-water shower after leaving the pool water to minimize the effect chlorine can have on the skin and hair. Blended learning combines a traditional, bricks-and-mortar educational experience with online learning.

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Blended learning is not just about increasing access to computers and tablets; blended learning involves leveraging technology in a strategic way to provide students a more personalized learning experience. This includes small group instruction where and when each student learns best, as well as at the pace at which they advance.

For instance, if a child is performing below standards, they can receive remediation, but if they are ahead, they can receive acceleration. How much does it charge for its services? Seton and Accelerate Great Schools share the belief that all kids deserve a great education.

Seton is a nonprofit c3 organization founded to preserve disappearing urban Catholic Schools, many of which serve low-income students. We revitalize our partner schools, implement a more sustainable model and equip them with the tools to succeed. Thanks to the generosity of donors, Seton does not charge Archdiocesan offices or individual Catholic schools to join the Seton Blended Learning Network. This autonomy at the school level empowers principals and teachers to personalize their approach to meet the needs of their individual school population.

Most often, Seton implements a classroom rotation model that uses a mixture of flexible software and data-driven, small-group instruction. Francis de Sales will assist the schools with introducing the blended learning model, making necessary infrastructure updates while remaining at their same locations to allow more technology in the classroom and increasing student enrollment.

Cecilia serves students, and St. Frances de Sales serves students. We project enrollment at each school will grow to students each in three years. They choose to enroll their children in Seton-partnered schools, which drives enrollment.