Good breakfast to eat day of track meet


good breakfast to eat day of track meet

Snacks The best things to bring to an all day track meet Running Track, Track. Read it . Best pre-workout snacks - what to eat, how long to wait and why snacks · As I'm sitting here this morning meal planning for my week, I thinking. Eat high Carbohydrate meals the day and night before to fuel your muscles. or broth based soups to help retain fluids and maintain good hydration status. that can keep food chilled and pack your familiar foods the night before your meet. I always eat to much or to little the day of a track meet and end up having stomach I found the best thing to do is to eat oatmeal for breakfast.

Your breakfast should also be high in carbohydrates waffles, pancakes, toast, bagels, breakfast shake and you should again drink a full glass of water.

What should I eat the day of a track meet?

If your race is later in the day, try to eat three to four hours before the event. Again, water is so important, drink 8 ounces of water thirty minutes before the start of your race. Foods that are High in Carbohydrates: Multi-grain cereals, whole-grain cereals and breads, fresh or dried fruits, lowfat yogurt, bagels, pasta, beans, fruit bars, pretzels, vegetables, rice, toast, waffles, pancakes, bread, potatoes, sports drinks, nonfat milk.

The day of the meet can be a great experience if you do one simple thing… be prepared.

good breakfast to eat day of track meet

Lay out your uniform and sweats the night before. Pack your bag the night before that includes having the proper length spikes in your shoes, and packing sunscreen and extra layers of clothing to handle the weather. The challenge is deciding what foods you can tolerate and when. The foods at this time should be high carbohydrate, low-fat, low-fiber, moderate protein. General Rule of Thumb: Snacks hours before competition - Bagels, toast, yogurt, graham crackers, dry cereal, pretzels, trail mix, fig newtons, energy bars, animal crackers, rice cakes, canned or fresh fruits, juice, oatmeal cookies, etc.

The closer to competition, rely more on liquids and small snacks - Gel, sport beans, pudding, juice, sports drinks, honey, etc.

good breakfast to eat day of track meet

What is "Nutrition Conditioning"?!?! Training your gut by eating the same meals and snacks in training that will be used in competition. Are fluids really that important? Being only slightly dehydrated can decrease muscle strength, speed, stamina, energy, cognitive process, and increase risk of injury. Drink 16 oz sports drink 2 hours before race produce a light-colored, but not clear urine Drink oz sports drink 15 minutes before event After Event Hydration: Drink oz sports drink Why are sports drinks better than just plain water for training and competition?

They are formulated to taste better than water which encourages re-hydration, provides carbohydrates for muscle glycogen, and the sodium helps the body retain more fluids. If there is more than 2 hours between competitions, choose both Carbohydrate and Protein. If there is less than 2 hours between competitions, choose mostly Carbohydrate. Fueling after event s: Refuel and re-hydrate within 30 minutes after event. My other events are the openand triple jump.

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I have a senstive stomach as well as no appetite before or during meets and if i do not constantly eat i get very light headed throughout the day. I found the best thing to do is to eat oatmeal for breakfast. It starts the day off with a decent amount of calories as well as carbs and protein and since it has a low glycemic index it will not raise your blood sugar level and cause you to crash and feel tired later on.

Then an hour before and after each race i drink an "ensure", or a "boost". It seems to satisfy my caloric needs and doesnt leave me feeling hungry or lightheaded. They are only 8 ounces, easily to down quickly, taste ok, and cause me no GI stress.

Just make sure you have a something solid in you stomach as well so you are not running ot the bathrom every 5 minutes. Eat these and an hour later you'll be sleeping in a corner. Participant finao on March 30, at