Kamehameha goku first meet

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kamehameha goku first meet

After Master Roshi first used the Kamehameha, Goku was amazed by the other , and nearly evenly matched, in Vegeta and Goku's first fight. One of the first of Goku adventures involves the Castle of Ox King burning. Kid Goku and Chi Chi go to Master Roshi to retrieve the Bansho Fan. Goku's First Kamehameha Wave (True p HD) from Dragon Ball <3.

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While searching for the Bansho Fan, Turtle mentions that Master Roshi was last using it as a placemat. The hermit says that he threw it out because it was sticky from some juice he spilled on it.

Master Roshi then decides to go to Fire Mountain himself to put out the fire.

Goku's First Kamehameha

After calling Baby Gamerathe three were on their way. Master Roshi prepares for his special technique Upon arriving at Fire Mountain, Ox-King rushes to greet his old master, and Master Roshi immediately falls to the ground riding around in circles made him dizzy.


After berating Ox-King for killing people over his treasure in his castle, the mighty giant begs for his forgiveness. At first, Bulma gets very mad, but Master Roshi points out that the Dragon Ball is still inside the castle. Bulma will only go on a date with him when the hermit puts out the fire.

Meanwhile, Yamcha and Puar are still staring in awe.

kamehameha goku first meet

When it was all over, he returns to his normal self, but everyone mentions that even though the fire is out, the castle is destroyed as well. However, Bulma was able to find the Dragon Ball in the rubble. Goku attempts the Kamehameha Master Roshi tells Goku that the Kamehameha took him 50 years to perfect. However, Goku manages to perform it within 50 seconds, and destroys the capsule car in the process.

The Kamehameha Wave

Then, Goku mentions that it was not as powerful as Master Roshi's. Master Roshi is dumbfounded, but after Ox-King mentions that he is the grandson of Grandpa Gohanthey briefly talk about him. We thought it would be interesting to look back at all the things we've learned about the Kamehameha wave to compile a list of the lesser-known facts that Dragon Ball fans might have never known.

Here are 15 facts that you never knew about the Kamehameha!

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However, the Kamehameha was actually the first ki attack to be introduced into the franchise, and it changed everything. What started out as a fantasy adventure series slowly began to focus more heavily on martial arts, and just as slowly, that martial arts began to become more and more supernatural. Without the Kamehameha, there wouldn't be ki blasts, or power levels, or even scouters to detect the power levels. However, the funny part about this is the fact that Goku did not create this move on his own.

In fact, most of Goku's attacks were learned or copied from someone else.

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The creator of the Kamehameha was none other than the turtle hermit, Masher Roshi. Roshi created the franchise's first ki attack, but he would rarely use it as time went on.

kamehameha goku first meet

Other users of the attack include Gohan and Goten, Krillin and even Yamcha. But, it is without a doubt Goku's signature attack, it's just kind of ironic that he's not the originator. This is because "Kame" means "turtle" in Japanese, and since Master Roshi is the turtle hermit, Toriyama wanted to include the word into his special move. As a result, "Kamehameha" has two meanings, one in the Hawaiian language, and one in Japanese.

In the Hawaiian language, "Kamehameha" translates to "the very lonely one," which ties in with the fact that Roshi was a hermit for most of his life save for the company of his talking turtle friend. As some added trivia, when the attack is referred to as "the Kamehameha wave" in english dubs, "wave" is technically redundant. When the Ox King asked for Goku's help in putting out a fire that had engulfed his castle, he told him to fetch Master Roshi, who was thought to be in possession of the Bansho Fan, a magical fan that could put out the flames.