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Once connected via the Skype app, you can initiate or join a video chat, audio chat, or instant message Finding which friends are online in Skype is easy!. So who are the best people to meet and get in touch with on Skype? Well, what you want to do is find people that you share a common interest. Skype Meeting Broadcast enables users to host and broadcast meetings to . Avoid setting the meeting access type to People I invite from my.

When a user schedules a meeting, Skype for Business Server creates a record in the conferencing database, which stores conferencing data, but does not reserve any hardware resources for the scheduled meeting ahead of time.

meet people for skype

Instead, Skype for Business Server has built-in load balancing logic to dynamically allocate conferencing resources on Front End Servers in a way that distributes loads equally across all Front End Servers in the pool. This effectively provisions and uses hardware resources, but it is important that you plan appropriately to support very large meetings. For example, when a Skype for Business Server pool is running close to its top capacity, each Front End Server might host approximately average-size meetings.

Adding another small meeting would not be a problem, but adding a meeting for users would be a problem because the Front End Servers would probably not be able to support such a large meeting at the same time as the other meetings. Supporting large meetings of up to participants requires addressing the issues related to both the shared hardware model and the no-reservation model.

In general, you need to plan for a dedicated pool and follow best practices as described in the following sections. Plan for a dedicated pool If your organization requires meetings with greater than participants, you need to plan for a dedicated pool to support the load.

To have sufficient CPU and memory resources for meetings of up to users, the hosting Front End Servers should not host any other instant messaging IM and presence or Enterprise Voice workloads. The servers should also not host any other meetings, regardless of the size of the other meetings. To host meetings of up to users, you need to set up a separate Skype for Business Server pool that is dedicated to hosting large meetings.

A Skype for Business Server pool that is dedicated to hosting large meetings should host one and only one meeting of up to users at the same time, so meeting times need to be reserved in advance via an out of band scheduling process to ensure dedicated support from the Front End Servers. To support more than one large meeting at the same time, you should set up multiple dedicated large-meeting pools.

For more information about hardware and software requirements, and planning a topology that supports large meetings, see Hardware and software requirements for conferencing in Skype for Business Server and Plan your conferencing topology for Skype for Business Server. Implement best practices for large meetings After setting up a dedicated pool for large meetings, you can take steps to help ensure that large meetings hosted in the pool provide the best user experience.

The following sections provide guidelines for managing large meetings: Create dedicated meeting organizers Maintain a separate calendar of large meetings Implement a large-meeting scheduling process Specify appropriate scheduling details Create a conferencing policy for large meetings Create dedicated meeting organizers To minimize the real-time communications traffic in the large-meeting pool, Microsoft does not recommend hosting users who regularly sign in using Skype for Business clients and participate in instant messaging IMpresence, conferencing, and voice sessions.

Instead, do one of the following: Create one or more dedicated user accounts just for scheduling large meetings Home the user accounts of the staff responsible for scheduling large meetings on a large-meeting pool Create dedicated moderators With several hundred to a thousand users in a meeting, it is a good practice to have a dedicated person moderate the online session of a large meeting.

This dedicated person can be a delegate of the meeting organizer or a member of the organization's large-meeting support staff. It is important to add the dedicated meeting moderator as a presenter at the time that the meeting is scheduled, although it is possible to promote an online meeting attendee to the presenter role while the meeting is in progress. The meeting moderator can use all presenter functionalities of Skype for Business clients to manage the large meeting.

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Monitoring the lobby and admitting or rejecting users in the lobby Removing any users from the meeting who should not be in the meeting Changing meeting access types Changing participant roles Inviting additional participants during the meeting using drag and drop functionality, phone dial out, or email Muting and unmuting the audience or individual users Managing meeting content, including uploading content, deleting content, and switching active content Maintain a separate calendar For each large-meeting pool, you should maintain a separate calendar of large meetings scheduled on that pool.

For example, you can home a single user account on the large-meeting pool and use Outlook with Exchange and Online Meeting Add-in for Skype for Business to maintain a separate calendar.

meet people for skype

If you use multiple user accounts to enable a support staff to create large meetings, you can set up a separate calendar that aggregates all large meetings created by the members of the support staff. Maintaining a separate large meeting calendar helps to prevent conflicts and ensure that only one large meeting is active at any time.

Implement a scheduling process Because only one large meeting at a time is supported on the dedicated large meeting pool, you should implement a large meeting scheduling process to facilitate setting up large meetings and help prevent conflicts. One way to implement such a process is to use your organization's support team's ticketing system, if available.

Scheduling a large meeting involves completing the following steps: The meeting organizer or delegate determines the time, duration, and size of an upcoming meeting, in addition to the list of presenters. If the anticipated meeting size exceeds users or to ensure the best user experience for a meeting of fewer than users, the organizer or the delegate submits a request for a large meeting.

The scheduling staff checks to see whether the requested date and time is available. Since we support only a single large meeting on the dedicated pool at a time, the scheduling staff needs to check the large-meeting calendar to determine whether there is another meeting scheduled for the requested date and time.

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If the requested time is available, the staff approves the meeting request. If the request is approved, the scheduling staff using credentials on the dedicated pool uses Online Meeting Add-in for Skype for Business with Outlook to set up a meeting on the dedicated large-meeting pool. The URL to be used to join the meeting is provided to the requester as part of the approval notice. The meeting organizer or delegate uses Outlook to schedule the upcoming meeting, adding the URL for joining the meeting to the meeting invitation.

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The meeting organizer or delegate then specifies the users to be invited and sends out the meeting invitation. Specify appropriate scheduling details After checking to ensure that no other meeting is scheduled at the requested time, the large meeting support staff that handles the request schedules the meeting on the large-meeting pool.

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To ensure the best user experience, it is important to schedule the large meeting with the right access levels and meeting settings that are appropriate to the meeting organizer's needs. Consider the following scheduling settings configured in Skype for Business Meeting options: Use a new meeting space for each large meeting instead of reusing the dedicated meeting space.

Specify the meeting access level as follows: If at least one invitee is external to the organization, set the meeting access type to Anyone no restrictions. This enables you to avoid having to manage a potentially large lobby when the meeting is in progress.

If the meeting is an internal-only meeting, set the meeting access type to Anyone from my organization. Note Avoid setting the meeting access type to People I invite from my company because when you use this setting, organizers must add all user email addresses to the invitee list and you cannot invite a distribution group.

Avoid setting the meeting access type to Only me, the meeting organizer because this setting requires that every meeting participant, including presenters, must be put in the lobby at meeting run time. The person responsible for running the large meeting must then constantly monitor the lobby roster and admit new users who are in the lobby.

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meet people for skype

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