Visakha vidyalaya colombo inter house sports meet 2015

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visakha vidyalaya colombo inter house sports meet 2015

The annual inter house sports meet of Visakha Vidyalaya'18 was held on Tuesday, the 30th of January at St. Peter's College grounds. Prize Giving The annual prize giving of Visakha Vidyalaya, Colombo was held on 2nd. Ladies' College is a private girls' school in Colombo, Sri Lanka, founded on behalf of the The centenary celebrations in started on Founders' Day and continued throughout the year The new building houses the college archives, the junior library, the The college has a full intra- and extramural sports programme. Visakha Vidyalaya Annual Inter-House Sports Meet '16 was held on 29th of January from am onwards at the school ground.

Opie died in and was buried in General Cemetery Kanatte.

Annual Inter-House Sports Meet 2018

Rita Opie took over as acting principal. Inthere was a push towards abolition of tuition fees in state aided denominational schools. Facilities in terms of teachers and equipment would henceforth be determined by the state, which would bear the cost of the running of the school. InMabel E. Simon was appointed principal. Simon pushed to set up pre-vocational guidance services that would lead onto vocational guidance to help students find new careers.

The decade following her appointment saw a policy of increasing state control. Eight years later, a liberalised economy began to encourage private enterprise. Whilst the need for English was downgraded in state schools, Ladies College continued to view English as a modern living language. English, therefore, remained the medium of communication in the school. This was to serve both the school and the community. It arose out of a need to cater to students who did not wish to continue at the universities.

It also catered to a need in the wider community and society at large — equipping young people with the necessary skills to function effectively in their workplaces.

Sriyanie Miththapala was appointed to succeed Gunawardena. Frequently she has sacrificed her personal needs, unselfishly serving the students and her school with responsibility, always conducting herself with propriety and decorum. Outside the gates of this school but very much a part of our community are two other supportive and strong bodies — The Old Girls Association and the Parent Teacher Association.

Collectively they have worked hard, aiding us financially or in kind in numerous ways. Whether in an individual capacity or serving on committees I thank our parents and past pupils deeply for their valued contribution. Her tenacity to be inventive and innovative in organizing events and fundraisers are astounding — notably providing the entire funding for SMART Boards in each class room and to assemble a range within our premises and to purchase equipment for archery, not forgetting initiating an on goingprogramme which provides motivational speakers for our athletes annually.

As our new young OGA president MrsNilouferVandergert who comes with a wealth of ideas, abilities and qualities, takes over, I look forward to working closely with her. The committee of the PTA has met every month and provides us an invaluable and continuing feedback from parents. With the steady support of our Vice President Mrs Maya Weerapura, our parents also provide assistance variously, particularly when we are in need of resource persons or when our sports teachers are stretched to the maximum, they fill in as reliable chaperones or doctors in attendance.

Our appreciative thanks go out to them. Theylook after and care for the needs of our past teachers and I thank them for their yeoman service. Our institute affords an array of courses. In addition to the professional courses such as teacher training and secretarial, a course on Spoken English and Personality Development was commenced.

A seminar on Parenting Skills conducted by DrShavindra Dias Head of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Peradeniya was so in demand that a repeat session is scheduled next year.

The holiday programme and camp for children was very successful, as evident not only in their eager faces but the relief this provided to working parents especially during school vacations.

visakha vidyalaya colombo inter house sports meet 2015

I thank very muchour Chief Operating Officer MrSunimal Fernando whose unflagging zeal is boundless, Deputy MsLahari Kurian and their team for managing the diverse courses effectively and efficiently. Our vice principal MrsDeepikaDassanaike shares my passion and love for our beloved school.

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A gifted teacher with slick organizational skills, she keeps everyone she engages with, on their toes. Her unstinted support to me and this institution is greatly valued. We have therefore had another successful year and as I review the events that have led to this outcome, I do so, thanking God for his blessings upon us.

NURSERY The path to any successful educational journey begins with the very first stepping stone and as young toddlers tentatively step into the homely atmosphere of Boxford, they are instantly put at ease, as they learn through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic stimuli.

The idea behind this was to explain to our young thinkers how knowledge can be gained and subjects learnt from their surroundings. Classrooms were transformed to underwater fantasies and cultural spaces. Their interests were stimulated from sounds and visuals of the ocean and its beings, to craft work, cookery, and communicative skills of language, and dance of different nations; prompting one to count in Chinese and another to sway to the Brazilian samba.

This wonderful newfound knowledge was reinforced in a lively concert and recreated as activity races in their sports meet. These are then distributed amongst those less advantaged. I take this opportunity to express my appreciation and thanks to the Sectional Head MrsLilamani de Sayrah, Deputy MrsIshaniRekawa and their group of very dedicated teachers for harnessing such an exciting atmosphere, with the necessary caring support that our children need.

Their daily lessons are enhanced with these events and they are stimulated to think independently and speak confidently on related yet varied subjects. As one child passionately expressed her desire to save the planet whilst giving me solutions to do so, another eagerly quizzed me on statistics of different rainforests dangling a toffee as a reward, while yet another read a poem she had written of an imaginative tale of an enchanted forest.

My kindergarteners certainly inspire me. Physical activity is an important component in any curriculum. Our girls have the advantage of having a beautiful backgarden and a swimming pool. Life skills are introduced and nurtured on both land and in water and further strengthened in competitive races in their swimming and sports meets.

Students were also taken on class trips to different places of interest where they were even given the opportunity to be part of a production line. As she retires mid next year we lose the valuable services of MrsTheogarajah who has been the mother, the anchor, the inspirator, the gifted teacher to both her students and teachers alike, not forgetting the firm but fair manner she adopts to our oarswomen, even the coach, as a teacher in charge of rowing.

To this institution and to me she has shown the utmost loyalty and it is imperative that I place on record my grateful thanks to Diedrea for a job so well done. She will be certainly missed. The Special Needs Unit works with differently abled children, with the aim of integrating them with the mainstream section, whilst honing their skills and teaching them to communicate and cope with the challenges of daily life.

Their interaction with the elders was endearing and commendable. They were also taken to a post office where they excitedly mailed notes to their parents, and they actively assisted in a wafer Dansala on Poson Day. The children continue to enjoy their Swimming and Tennis lessons which improve their mobility and encourage balance and coordination skills.

The Learning Support Unit on the other hand, provides remedial assistance in Mathematics and Language, to students from grades 1 to 11,who have specific learning difficulties.

visakha vidyalaya colombo inter house sports meet 2015

Here they are able to learn at their own pace, where one to one attention is provided or they work in small group settings. Depending on the need a teacher will even go into class to assist the student in her main lesson. The results have proved to be beneficial and fruitful. This is where they learn the meaning of responsibility, teamwork and the importance of delving into new challenges. A good example of the latter would be the introduction of termly examinations and competition in sports and extracurricular activities.

Here they get the opportunity to represent their house or school, which we try to introduce without pressure but find it increasingly difficult when parents bring upon unwarranted stress and competition upon the children, which again we try to diffuse. To enhance their progress, the teachers encourage pro-active learning through encouraging the use of role play, playlets and independent research. Students were also further stimulated through their various class trips, that had each grade learning important subject matter such as cultural significances through the Martin Wickremesinghe Museum, history through visiting the ancient temples of Kelaniya and Weherahena, and industry by probing the Sri Lankan Airlines Aircraft Hangar and the production line of the Kist factory.

My sincerest thanks go to a team of well-committed teachers which include our new Sectional Head and old girl Mrs Kalum Hewage who joined us this year. She holds a Masters degree with a postgraduate degree in Education and 19 years teaching experience in Primary schools. Also a graduate, her deputy MrsSandyaWickramasinghe is no stranger to us, having vaulted from the Kindergarten, she assumed her duties seamlessly. With their ready smiles and approachable nature, together, they ensure that this section runs smoothly.

The 9th graders took on a well-informed flashback through the ages, as they discussed epidemics. The students, along with the Primary School, then worked on their class projects. Robotics has proved to be a great educational tool as it has sparked an interest in programming and artificial intelligence, which are vital umbrellas of growth, in every sphere, in our technologically enhanced future.

In addition it enhances the understanding and skill in Mathematics and Science.

visakha vidyalaya colombo inter house sports meet 2015

Our children were absorbed when this hands on progamme was introduced in the second term. Book Day this year centred on the popular playwright, Oscar Wilde. The children delved into his early beginnings in Dublin and enthusiastically brought his work to life through playlets, displays and projects, ensuring that the day finished on a high note. An adaptation of his plays was also staged in this hall, by our students for the Inter House English Drama Competition.

It is with much gratitude that I thank the Sectional Head MrsSuvendriniGnanaskandan, Deputy MrsRanmaliBalasooriya and their unit of talented teachers, as they take on their academic duties and the challenges of teenagers, with equal responsibility and tact.

Here students face the nerves that go hand-in-hand of sitting for public examinations and the importance of making life-altering decisions, as they apply for universities and institutes of higher studies.

With this in mind, our students are given various opportunities through selected workshops, seminars, exhibitions, field trips and leadership programmes, to widen their educational experiences.

Visakha Vidyalaya wins Regional Round

Career guidance for grade 12 students are held once a week, which include in house activities and speakers in different fields to address our girls. Inviting reputed guest judges they finally dazzled us with their innovative designs as the girls walked down a spectacular ramp that was set up across our pool. In short, it was a memorable event. It is with pleasure that I announce how successful our vocational programme, the Pearson Business and Technological Education BTech Diploma in Hospitality, was this year.

visakha vidyalaya colombo inter house sports meet 2015

Our first batch of students not only passed with distinction, one in particular ShenayaPerera was the only student to receive the High Achievement Award in Sri Lanka. All of them have got confirmed offers from William Anglis, a leading hotel school in Australia which included an exemption from 5 modules in the 1st year at university, a concession not afforded to others in its history.

In April we signed an agreement with Chandigarh University in India and acquired an exemption of one year in the undergraduate programme for Hospitality and Business Management for our Btech students. Although a school should not be defined by its external examination results alone, I am proud to announce that our senior students continue to excel in academia.

From the students who sat the exam qualified for the Advanced level. Our Advanced Level students also fared very well. The results of British Advanced level AS and A2 level examinations were exemplary and students have gained admission to prestigious universities around the world. We receive scholarships from diverse universities overseas. Great praise must go to all the upper school teachers who continue to ensure that our students gain not only the knowledge, but values and life skills that are required for them to venture out and become valued members of our society.

Ayesha Fernando and Deputy Mr. AyaduraiNaguleswaran and Deputies Ms. Indira Ratwatte and MsMedonieRajamoney, very much indeed for their diligence and dedication. In order to maximize participation, we have Inter House competitions in almost all the sports, the foremost being the Sports Meet and the Swimming Meet where we were pleased to welcome the new Principal of Trinity College Mr Andrew Fowler-Watt and his wife Vivian and former Swimming Captain Ramani Fernando Jayawardena respectively as our chief guests.

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Whatever the event the school is represented, a fine reputation has been established for high standards, good sportsmanship, modesty and generosity. In this regard we owe a debt of gratitude to our dedicated coaches, not forgetting our committed sports teachers and teachers in charge of sports, headed by the indefatigable Mrs Kamala Kulatilaka. Most of them are on the academic staff as well, working well beyond the call of duty, sacrificing valuable time with their families to be with our children.

I extend a heartfelt thank you to all of them. Our children continue to make waves in the inter school arena. The latter two were also placed 3rd in the 16 — 18 age category. This year has been particularly fruitful for our athletes as we emerged overall champions in the Circuit and Zonal Athletic Meets, with SenuriPeiris being adjudged the under champion in both tournaments.

Our students also performed well in their individual events at several meets, with Rheanna David, SiyanaWickremesinghe and SareeshaGunasekara being awarded Western Province Colours for In another highly competitive sport, our Under 17 team were placed second at the Inter Schools Tennis Championship and emerged champions at the National Schools Tennis Tournament where the Under 20 team were placed second.

She also represented Sri Lanka at the Fed Cup that was held in Tajikistan and she was awarded national colours. Our Table Tennis players performed exceptionally well this year. It was encouraging to note that our young shuttlers were placed 3rd at the under 11 Badminton Team Championship. In the Novices Squash Tournament our players were placed 1st and 2ndin all the age groups. Our Netball players had a successful year as well, as the Under 16 and Under 20 teams were placed 1st and 2nd respectively at the Circuit Netball Tournament.