Austin and ally first meet full episode

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austin and ally first meet full episode

A few months ago we asked Ross Lynch if he'd ever date his Austin & Ally co-star Laura Marano in real life, and his answer totally surprised us. THR debuts a scene from Sunday's episode of the Ross Disney Channel's ' Austin & Ally' Heads Into a Futuristic World (Exclusive Video) futuristic episode tied to the cable network's programming event, its first Flash Forward Weekend. meet their friend Trish (Raini Rodriguez), but Ally has other ideas. Disney Channel has renewed “Austin & Ally,” the most-watched In , Frattini became the first female exec producer of a Super Bowl.

I thought you had all forgotten! The darkness was gone and the full room was revealed, there were cool music notes hanging everywhere and disco balls all around. There were silver, pink purple and black balloons and musical instruments all over. The walls were different shades of purples, pinks and silvers. It was absolutely stunning! You said that you had always dreamed of wearing a pink, flowing, glittery dress, so I hope you like it.

Really you have to like it because I paid a fortune for this dress," Trish said happily. Next everyone sang happy birthday to Ally as she cut her four layer chocolate cake which had white chocolate music notes on it.

Finally the time came to slow dance and Ally so badly wanted to dance with Dallas. She looked at her friends for support, they were all pointing in Dallas' direction mouthing "Ask him already! She showed him her signature move, shaking her hands in the air and clapping then shaking her hands up in the air again. Sorry," Dallas replied and then walked away to the food table. Ally stood there looking sadly down at the floor.

Trish smiled triumphantly at Austin with a look that said "I told you so. I'm so embarrased, that is the second time Dallas has rejected my offer to dance," Ally replied and began to leave until Austin grabbed her hands.

Before she knew it, she was dancing happily around the room, suprisingly, she didn't even trip. When he dipped her, she felt that she could really trust him and didn't worry about falling.

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After a few seconds, an ear piercing scream could be heard throughout all of the room. It was then that Austin was so startled that he lost his grasp of Ally and she fell to the hard floor. It hurt quite a lot, but she didn't really mind because no one was focusing on her little tumble. They all walked over to the croud, to find Dez lying on the floor right next to a llama. They put two and two together and realized that Dez was the one that had screamed. Austin asked staring suspiciously at the llama.

He spat at me and we ended up in a fight. He won as you can see," Dez said glaring at the llama. It spat at Dez's face and made a laughing noise. Trish burst out laughing. Tell me someone got that on camera! The rest of the night was spent with the four friends chatting, dancing and laughing together.

Ally had her dream party which was spent with her best friends what more could she want?

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The Next day Trish, Dez and Austin were all hiding behind a bush near the cell phone accessory cart. They needed to convince Dallas to be Ally's blind date for the evening and only had a few hours until 6: Austin and Trish watched from the bush. Austin sighed and stepped out of the bush slowly.

I meant Dez, Dez can do it for you! Please say Dez has to wrestle an alligator!

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Ally's bedroom at around 5: It was a white, sleevless summer dress with red, yellow, blue and purple flowers patterned on it. Trish stared at Ally, desperately thinking of something to cover up her little slip up.

She noticed a basket of pickles on the dressing table. She quickly grabbed one and stuffed it into Ally's mouth. At the Restaurant 6: They were hiding behing the buffet table, watching Ally wait excitedly for her blind date. Hey I've never been three weeks late for something," Austin interrupted. Neither of them replied. She was beginning to think that she had been stood up. Austin asked in a very good british accent. During the date, all of Austin's words are spoken in a British accent.

Ally looked up at the boy in front of her and instantly felt nervous. This must be my blind date! I hope he is nice. I feel sooooo nervous, oh my gosh I haven't answered his question, what was it again? Oh yeah it was are you Allyson Dawson?

That feels so weird being called Allyson, i think I suit Ally more. Oh my gosh I still haven't answered is question. He must think I am so awkward! Uh that was so silly she thought to herself. Ally's face flushed and she looked down. She wanted to chew her hair so badly but that would look very strange. Picking up a menu and handing one to Ally. A waiter suddenly walked up to their table and asked for their order.

The waiter picked up their menus and walked away. Ally looked at him with a puzzled look on her face. Austin looked through his mind to find an answer.

He had never been to England in his entire life but just happened to be amazing at their accent. Before he could answer the waitor brought their food. She suddenly remembered that she was on a date and that he was probably staring at her right at that moment. She looked up and noticed that he was smiling at her and holding out a tissue.

They spent hours just getting to know eachother and Austin had just described his personality the complete opposite than it actually was just so Ally wouldn't get suspicious. Their night was coming to an end and they were saying their goodbyes at the door of the restaurant. It was at that point that Ally began to lean in and her eyes were begining to close. Thoughts flashed through Austin's mind.

I can't do this to her, I can't kiss her while she thinks I am someone else, it's not fair but what else can I do?. Austin had no other choice than to lean in too and close his eyes. Their lips were getting closer and closer until A llama ran into the restaurant and knocked over some of the tables.

Austin and Ally pulled away from eachother before they had the chance to kiss and looked around to see what the commotion was. Dez shouted running after the crazy llama. So I named him and now he is my pet llama. She would be heartbroken and probably angry at him for lying to her. The next day at Sonic Boom "And he was smart and funny and kind and sweet and cute and his accent was adorable and his nose crinkled up everytime he smiled which was sooooo cute and he was gentle and nice and he didn't think I was weird and he likes pickles and-" Ally said dreamily.

Austin walked into Sonic Boom and greeted his friends. Ally was just staring into space with a dreamy look on her face. Austin dresses as a lumberjack to perform at a karaoke joint to avoid being caught by Jimmy.

austin and ally first meet full episode

After getting a good look at him, Ally recognized him immediately and an accident with his fake beard blew any chance of him being able to perform again anytime soon. Trish gets one of zebra print for her quincenera. In "Relationships and Red Carpets", Jimmy Starr says that Austin can't have a girlfriend, or his career will go down the toilet.

This is a fair time after Austin was in a relationship with Keira, Jimmy's daughter, whom Jimmy forbid from dating singers, but let the two date after Austin reveals their relationship albeit in a failed Batman Gambit to get Jimmy to break the two up. The Password Is Always "Swordfish": After the gang sabotage his relationship with Dez's sister, Chuck spends the entire episode setting off explosive strawberry jam attacks on them as revenge.

He even manages to rig Dez's zombie survival kit with the jam easily figuring out the combination as "". When Austin reads Ally's song book before she has the chance to tell him about her crush At the start of season 4, it's revealed that Dez and Carrie broke up. Turns out, they broke up because Dez said "We're done" at a restaurant, but Carrie assumed that Dez was talking to her instead of the waiter. Played as a Gender-Inverted Trope.

Ally is the shy, nerdy everywoman who writes songs for musical star Austin and his rise to stardom drives the overarching plot of the show and shakes up Ally's life. Trish said the "previously on" line for the former and Austin said the line on the latter.

austin and ally first meet full episode

Austin Moon and Ally Dawson "Sun". In addition to an updated title sequence, Season 4 has the theme song, originally performed by Ross Lynch solo, re-recorded as a duet with Laura Marano. Capped by The Stinger: Bobbie played by Dove Cameron: Which one of you is Austin and which one is Ally? Granted, it wasn't an official performance and it wasn't a huge crowd, but still Even with her short stature Ally has an impressive set of legs [1] Austin: I'll always be an Ally Dawson fan.

Along with ten million other examples. The bill to repair the store window. If it weren't for an off-hand comment in a Season 1 episode the average viewer would probably think the whole series took place during Summer Break ala Phineas and Ferb.

Somewhat Averted in Season 2 as a good chunk of episodes actually have the school setting or schoolwork become major plot points. Austin then states that it's better for the kangaroo to play the drums. In another episode the kids are detained by a police officer named Dunphy. Bonus points because Trish is played by Raini Rodriguez, whose brother plays Manny. The 'This Or What? Ally's Swedish "Roxie Rocket" alias wears a long blonde wig albeit with some pink markings and pink clothing, hangs out at the beach, has a superstar boyfriend and is treated far differently in her disguised persona than her regular "ordinary girl" self, as least until her secret is revealed.

Remind you of anyone? The goofy, barely-there pidgin Swedish accent "Jaaaa! Their high school Glee club is named The "B Sharps"not to mention an entire episode being set around their club wanting to make it to Regionals. Wow, Hater Girl is good. I mean she's bad, but she's good at being bad because she's a bad person but she's just so good at being - I'll stop talking now.

She wears dresses or skirts on their own, often achieving various high grades of Zettai Ryouiki. The few times she wears pants or shorts she doesn't match them with skirts. Trish uses layering of long t-shirts to achieve a similar effect to the trope but still averts the trope. Stalker with a Crush: It's averted with the 'Starr Records' plot-line in the final two episodes of Season 1.

austin and ally first meet full episode

You'd expect something to go disastrously wrong so that Austin can remain an independent singer trying to reach for the stars but nothing does. He signs a record deal. He has a record made.