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obama meet and greet comedy nights

Wear your Obama tshirts, buttons or any other gear & represent! We will have We will meet & greet at the venue to get seated together at 7p. Seating is first This area is busy on Sat. nights, allow time for traffic and parking. Home - VIP Nation premium concert ticket packages providing preferred seating, Exclusive VIP ticket packages for artists like Michelle Obama, Marco Antonio Solís, A Night to Remember Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival - Before Donald Trump's presidential swearing-in Friday morning, he and Melania met the Obamas at the White House for a pre-inauguration.

Isn't he suspended following his expenses troubles? Apparently the ban doesn't start til June 7. Though the US president and David Cameron presented a united front and touted progress in the campaign, the Prime Minister was conspicuously more aggressive in his tone against the Libyan dictator. He said it was time to "turn up the heat" on Col Gaddafi. Both pledged to keep up the pressure on Libya and other brutal authoritarian regimes today - but stressed they had "learned the lessons" from military adventures under Tony Blair and George W Bush.

Here's some footage of Mr Cameron in that press conference: It's all very decent, the kids are bright and interested, and Mrs Obama is thoroughly engaging, but it takes me back to sitting through special assemblies when I was a kid, watching some local businessman talk about how if we all worked hard then we too could make it in the exciting world of white-goods sales.

Over at Christ Church, Michelle is giving a warm, encouraging speech - in which she says that she identifies with the girls from EGA school - like her from an inner city, at times tough backgrounds - and hopes that they will go on to great institutions like Oxford.

It's next stop Oxford for Michelle Obama. There she will be reunited with pupils from the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school in north London, where she was given a warm welcome on her last trip to London two years ago. The youngsters are attending an university access day, and the First Lady is expected to urge them, and other young people from less than privileged backgrounds, to stay on at school and aim for the top in higher education.

The press conference was bookended by references to the terrible storms in Missouri and elsewhere in the mid-Western United States, with condolences from David Cameron followed by appreciation from Obama of Britain's support for the US during times of tragedy.

As it drew to an end, President Obama thanked Mr Cameron for his expression of sympathy over the victims of the Missouri tornado. In the latter, he said, both sides needed to gain some undertanding of the position of the other before peace could be contemplated. He implied, but didn't say, that that mental shift has yet to take place in the former. Obama described his visit to Ireland on Monday as "inspiring" in terms of seeing how succesful conflict resolution can be even between the worst of enemies.

He compares it to Northern Ireland, and says that peace can only come about when there is "some understanding, on each side, of the other side". He says "I don't want Palestinians to forget they have obligations as well", and that they need to make reassurances that they will stick to the terms of any peace deal that is struck.

He describes the issues of Palestinian right of return which Benjamin Netanyahu called "a fantasy" and the division of Jerusalem as "Extraordinarily emotional issues". He says peace in the region "is going to require wrenching compromise by both sides". Ding ding - just warm enough words on the Government's deficit reduction programme from President Obama for No 10 to be happy: David Cameron has learnt something from Nick Clegg after all - by name-checking the American reporter in his answer to her question, he will go a long way in winning over the US media.

Embarrassingly I didn't catch it - I think it was Julie, but the US media has always hated me anyway. Mr Obama says that it's in the hands of the British legal system. The gist of it was that he has always said that he would not put US troops on the ground in the country, but that the goal is to protect the people there.

Cameron essentially backs him up, and says that people don't realise how much the US is already doing in terms of air sorties. Sorry to contradict you, Tom, but while the White House Press Corp always rise for the President, it is a convention that the British Lobby do not rise for the Prime Minister or any other world leader.

It is a sign that we are independent from politicians and the party in power. President George Bush used be driven crazy by what he saw as the Lobby's lack of respect. I was once at a White House briefing when he ordered us to stand for Tony Blair. First question to Nick Robinson, who sneaks in several queries under the guise of one.

In response to question one, subset one, Mr Cameron says that he and the President have agreed to "turn up the heat" in Libya.

Obama Meet & Greet

Mr Cameron says that every relationship is different, that it takes time, but that it is - yes - special. Mr Obama says that they have saved lives in Libya, and that they have done so with a UN mandate and with local support from Arab countries. He also quipped that when he "first took office" everybody stood. Mr Cameron has used the press conference to set the framework for the G8 summit, which begins tomorrow in the French town of Deauville.

He says that he and the President will push for a package of measures to support the Arab Spring.

obama meet and greet comedy nights

This will be welcomed by those in Europe who fear the US drive on the nascent uprisings has been distracted by the jubilation over the taking out of Osama bin Laden. Ed Henry of CNN mentions: He also thanks the Queen, and Britain, for the warm welcome. He talks about therefore the need to make sure Muammar Gaddafi is expelled from power, because, he says, if the revolutions in the Arab world fail, then young men will still fall for the "poisonous" temptations of al-Qaeda and its like. A moving story, and one, I'm fairly sure, that the Prime Minister has never mentioned before.

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What better way to illustrate how well he understands the enormity of the attacks on the American psyche. He then goes on to talk about terrorism, saying that we can defeat al-Qaeda, and congratulates President Obama on the killing of Osama bin Laden.

He also talks about Israel, saying that two states, with an end to attacks on Israel and with dignity for Palestine, must be the goal.

obama meet and greet comedy nights

They were running a bit late for the presser, but finally here they are. Fair bet to say Israel will also come up - probably in the form of a question from the US side.

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He says that the barbecue was "the first time in history that a British Prime Minister has given a US President a good grilling" - boom boom, etc - and praises Mr Obama for his "real courage" and "thoughtful consideration". It was at Lancaster House that the agreement providing for independence of Zimbabwe back then Rhodesia was negotiated in Hope Nick Robinson's applied the suncream: Not sure whether it was pilot error or a technical problem, but we lost the live stream for a minute or two at the top there.

Should be working again now. Always reminds me of Zulu. And it's jackets back on for the short journey in the Beast over to Lancaster House.

Libya and Afghanistan will of course be among the questions the leaders will face. And it would make Downing Street's dreams come true were President Obama to offer even a morsel of support for the Government's deficit reduction programme. They're terrified of infection while they're here, aren't they? Yesterday it was all about not drinking tap water. It's like Howard Hughes. Or something out of Dr Strangelove. We promise not to steal your precious bodily fluids during your trip to London, dear Americans.

It might seem an obvious thing to say from the warm body language, but pretty emphatic given the source - Sir Ming is personally close to Brown, they used to and may still do commute to and from Westminster and their Scottish constituencies together - and is one of the Lib Dems who is personally most suspicious of the Coalition with the Tories.

It also underlines how good the personal rapport between the two leaders must be - a right-wing Conservative from a privileged background would not once have been expected to get on so well with a black Democrat who found his way into national politics via Chicago community action groups. But these men both ooze with modernity and confidence, at ease in their own skins and supported by attractive, dynamic wives and energising young children.

And it seems that this has created more of a shared outlook than differences in personal and political background might suggest. Hang on a sec though, we can't take everything Sir Ming says as gospel - he's just made the somewhat unlikely claim that there is a "bit of a Lib Dem attitude in most Americans. They'll update it throughout the day.

ITV's Tom Bradby will now get a question. Actual sunshine at a barbecue.

obama meet and greet comedy nights

Who'd have thought it. It's jackets off as the leaders take to the barby amid bunting and uniforms in the glorious sunshine of the rose garden. Mr Cameron flipped at least two burgers, and President Obama grasped a set of tongs with purpose, but it's fair to say that the Downing Street chefs won't be put out of work any time soon.

The other political bigwigs have now left No 10 for the presser, where Andrew Porter is standing by for us. Here's the menu for the barby - quite a contrast from the state banquet last night: British sausages and beefburgers, rosemary Kent lamb chops. Caesar salad and corn on the cob. Given the early start, I hope they were hungry - but not too much.

The tight schedule means that Mr C and President O will not get much time for chowing down. We're awaiting the Obameron presser on a sunny lawn; will make for good images for both but watch out for awkwardness on Libya I have been asked to explain that "Obameron" is a sort of comedy shorthand for Obama and Cameron. I'm fairly sure you got that, but in case you were wondering. There's been a bit of a barney about which broadcasters have got the two - and only two - questions from the British media.

Michelle has arrived at Downing Street via the back door of No And, breaking news, the press team are briefing that Mr Cameron and President Obama will take charge of the hamburgers and sausages at the brunch-a-cue, leaving the salads to their wives. The sun is blazing down in garden of Lancaster House - it's a great venue for presser. Cameron is clearly a lucky general to get weather like this in May in London. It really could be the Rose Garden at the White House.

Hacks are taking bets on whether Cameron or Obama will be first to make a gag - a la Dubya - about Nick Robinson's sunburnt dome. US and British service personnel have begun arriving at No 10 for the barbecue in their honour - full uniforms and medals proudly on display.

Caring for service families is something which is particularly close to Michelle Obama's heart, and she has dedicated much of her time as First Lady to improving the lot of the wives and families of those risking their lives for their country.

obama meet and greet comedy nights

The cook-out in the Rose Garden is taking place somewhat earlier that usual - but maybe the barby brunch will take off. They've certainly got a glorious day for it. Apparently Mr Clegg has offered a sort of jokey apology on behalf of the UK for the interruption of Mr Obama's toast with the national anthem last night, as Rosa says: The BBC mikes have picked up on a jokey apology from Mr Clegg to the President - revealing that the Buckingham Palace band accidentally "crashed" the end of Obama's speech during the last night's state banquet.

A gracious President Obama said that the opening bars of God Save The Queen gave the conclusion to his address a far more "rousing" tone than he could have hoped for.

He has this on President Obama's address to both houses of Parliament later: It's considered a rare honor for a US pres to be invited to address Parliament.

It has been widely suggested that his humiliation that night was a turning point in Trump's decision to run for the presidency. If so, it wouldn't be the first time that a few pointed jokes at the dinner have caused major ripples. Here are five of the most memorable — and controversial — comic skits from recent years. Bill Clinton discovers the internet President Clinton also had a thorny time with the press, but — even after the Monica Lewinski sex scandal — he never missed a WHCA dinner.

He spends his time gardening, watching cartoons and folding origami swans or, if you prefer, lame ducks. Things only look up for Bill when a White House staffer teaches him how to use the internet "You're riding the wave of the future, my man! Stephen Colbert skewers Bush The boldest comic skit in recent years came from Stephen Colbert, appearing in character as his hotheaded right-wing media pundit.

obama meet and greet comedy nights

By WHCA dinner standards, his minute routine was a surprisingly savage attack. Defending the ailing administration, he quipped: The president is Rocky Balboa, and Apollo Creed is The shaming of Donald Trump Walking on accompanied by Rick Derringer's song Real American, Obama projected an enormous image of his birth certificate across the room, before mocking Donald Trump's role in promoting the "birther" conspiracy the false claim that Obama was not born in America.