Relationship between amelie and nino

Amélie / Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain - Film - European Film Awards

relationship between amelie and nino

Though canned by Cannes Film Festival, “Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie In the scene where Nino (her love interest) left her cafe and seemingly out of The unique relation between people who were once strangers is amply illustrated here. Amélie is a French romantic comedy film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Written by The film was a co-production between companies in France and Germany. When Amélie bumps into Nino a second time, she realizes she is falling in love resulting in a romantic night together and the beginning of a relationship. William Harris, in a response to Amelie, wrote Amelies unity is created through the frame is divided between the painting by artist Michael Sowa and the wall, Jeunet was so particular about effects timing that when Nino blinks, they fired a.

relationship between amelie and nino

We are able to understand the fear and loneliness that so many of the characters experience. I feel that this is mainly what the films intends to address. Amelie was raised in a home without affection.

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Her mother died when she was young, and her father lost touch with reality, leaving Amelia essentially alone. As she came into her adult life, she feared relationships and love because she did not know how to handle it. It was like a foreign language to her, and she hid from it, avoiding coming face to face with it. Amelie interacts with her first love encounter much like a child would with a newfound creature. She watches it closely, but from a distance, only getting close enough to poke it every once in a while, becoming excited when she sees it move.

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Her infatuation with the photo booth man grows throughout the film, and though she so desperately wants to confront him about her feelings, she is afraid of it and instead toys with it. It takes the encouragement of the old man from her apartments for her to meet him, face to face.

Seized with excitement, she makes it her mission to find the owner. Her researches bring her into contact with the concierge of her building, who longs to receive a letter from her errant and, unfortunately, dead husband, and with the cruel grocer Collignon, who treats his innocent employee Lucien appallingly.

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Finally, her path crosses with Dufayel, who puts her on the right track to find her quarry and, in the process, reveals himself to be a domestic philosopher and eccentric painter - he has been making a scrupulous copy of a Renoir once a year for twenty years. So moved is she by his joy that she starts looking for other lives to fix.

relationship between amelie and nino

She steers Joseph into passion with Georgette the cigarette-girl and so frees Gina from his unwelcome jealousy. In an attempt to liberate her father's emotions, she steals his beloved garden gnome and gets Philomene to send him Polaroids from the gnome's round-the-world trip. She gets into Collignon's apartment and makes subtle changes, leading the horrible man to doubt his sanity.

She fakes love-letters to the embittered concierge from the woman's late husband. Then one day, as she is returning from a visit to her father in the suburbs, Amelie sees a young man collecting discarded passport-photos from a booth in the Gare du Nord.

He races away, dropping his diary.