Relationship between hisoka and gon doujinshi

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relationship between hisoka and gon doujinshi

Pairings: Mainly Killua x Gon, Hisoka x Gon and implied Pariston x Ging He pointed to Hisoka, "You tried sneaking my son's shower and. Gon is has a secret crush on Hisoka. No one knows because he hasn't come out his shell yet. Yes, he is gay. What will happen when gon confess his feelings to. Illumi currently seems to be the only person that Hisoka claims as friend, although their relationship is unconventional. Illumi appears expressionless, his face.

Gon just hoped Hisoka won't do much worse when he found out that Gon knew his brother's secret. This was inspired by a movie and I was fascinated by the relationship of the characters in the movie Found and rephrased some lines because their lines were great. Although the real movie contains no real sexual attraction between the characters, there are brotherly love interaction there and I interpreted it as one with the sexual kind for this fic.

Thematic Parallels Between Hisoka and Ging

Please do not continue if any of those themes displeases or intolerable for you and I do not condone the characters' actions. Also, please excuse wrong grammar, repeated use of words and narrow-minded creativity in this fic. Thanks for my friend, Patty, for criticizing my works: Gon has always been on good terms with Hisoka, his brother, and Gon knew Hisoka would never hurt him because brothers don't hurt each other, right? My Brother's Secret Gon stares at the bag in his brother's closet.

Gon shouldn't be inside his brother's room right now without his brother's permission. Gon stared hard at the black duffel bag inside his brother's closet, his hazel colored eyes wide and unblinking.

His hand twitched, moving to grab the bag in his brother's closet. Gon's body moved fluidly, already used to opening his brother's secret whenever he had the chance when his brother is out. Gon kneels on the floor, putting the duffel bag in front of him, and reached for the plastic gloves tucked behind his pants that were covered by his white baggy shirt.

Gon's eyes still held his gaze on his brother's bag while putting the gloves on both his hands, not needing to look anywhere else but what held his interests at the moment. Heart beat increasing, Gon reached for the zipper and starts to open the black leather bag that held his brother's secret. A pungent smell assaulted his nose the moment he fully opened the bag but he paid no heed to it as he keeps on staring at his brother's secret, mesmerized by the surreal reality that led a human head in his brother's bag.

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Gon lifted it up to look at it completely. Every few days it's a new head. Usually they are men. But one time he had a little boy's head in there. Today was a boy, by the looks of it, slightly older than him by three or four years.

The dried blood splattered around the head made his plastic gloves cling to it, giving him a difficult time when he begin to drag down his fingers starting from the closed eyes up to the slightly parted lips. The head on Gon's hands felt cold to the touch. He contemplates to the times that the head once held thoughts and feelings. It kissed somebody it loved and now it's just a head in a black duffel bag. Gon truly hoped he won't end up that way. Gon worries about his brother finding out.

If Hisoka found out Gon sneaked inside his room, he would probably kill him too. Killers always kill the nosy people or what the killers in horror movies have done whenever Gon watches it.

There certainly weren't any complaints about that.

relationship between hisoka and gon doujinshi

Chrollo smiled, as if he had never done anything wrong in the world. Regardless of anything I'm actually quite qualified to be your son's boyfriend. He can help me steal items beyond all our imaginations and I can be the perfect boyfriend- I'm handsome, I have tattoos and if the authorities ever try and track me down they won't find a thing on me since there are no records of me anywhere. Pariston scoffed, "Well I am a gentleman and would never talk about such things in front of a respected, potential lover.

Well I've showered with him in his own home beat that! Pariston couldn't help but laugh, "Ah yes, the heat of being young! Why Ging, do you remember once after Netero finished his meeting we had a little meeting of our own in the broom closet? But before he could say anything a completely new conversation erupted. If Pariston had a weirder sense of fashion and black hair this would've been his twin.

But it didn't end there oh no, everyone, with the exception of a confused Gon began to yell random, lewd stories to each other or other irrelevant things. He looked at his son who beamed happily at him.

I hate to say this but how has my brat gotten this far without any of these creeps… you know what, I'd rather just thank the gods and not think about it… The double star hunter thought to himself.

relationship between hisoka and gon doujinshi

But he had to admit, since he'd seen his son again his fondness grew every day for the miniature him. He may not have been there in some of the most important parts of his life but he'd be damned if he wouldn't grab his son and Killua and ran away from all these demented adults.

It reminded him of when Gon was still a small child, his tiny hand squeezing onto Ging's rough ones. Another one of those segments throws all subtlety that was still left out of the window: Today, we introduce the card Blackout Curtain. With this card, other players can't see what's inside your binder. Madhouse themselves seem to ship the two, as they add additional scenes just to show more Ship Tease between the two, such as the scene where Killua pushes Gon out of the way of Kite's bullets and Killua ends up straddling Gon in a protective fashion.

And then there's the fourth ending, Nagareboshi Kirari. It focuses heavily on Gon and Killua set to an Award-Bait Songwith imagery that can be interpreted both platonically and romantically; for example, we have Gon along with flashes to Kite and Ging, while Killua is shown along with flashes to him and Gon in Whale Island and Gon crying; we also see Gon and Killua watching the sunrise together.

And then there's the lyrics. There's also the moment when Shura, the last surviving descendant of Shadow, tries to convince Kurapika to join him as an On user by whispering seductively in his ear. The way the shot is framed, there's a split second where he seems to go in for a kiss. And then Leorio comes to Kurapika's aid, which ends in Kurapika taking a bullet for him.

Killua has a habit of staring at Gon and blushing whenever Gon compliments him or is generally sweet to him; which some fans take as Crush Blush. Killua's Tsundere nature comes out mostly when around Gon, he usually shows his deredere side to Gon, but whenever Gon compliments him or is sweet to him, Killua's tsuntsun comes out.

The first thing I'm gonna do when I meet Ging is introduce him to Killua, my best friend in the world. Kurapika and Leorio bicker like a married couple ever since they met and even talked to each other. It goes that far back. In the anime, they share the same room for at least an episode, and there's instant tension between the two.

In the same episode, Leorio goes off to find Kurapika when he burns the Kurata ship. He even outright states that he was concerned for Kurapika. Also in an anime-only episode, Leorio is supposedly lost at sea, and Kurapika is terribly shaken and tries to hold off the operation they were doing just to buy time for Leorio, and eventually Gon, to get back on the ship.

Then there's the more nicer moments where they agree on things, such as the nice phone call talk at the end of the first anime.

Three mini Killua x Gon Doujinshis 'Kiss me'.

Even more noticeably, they talk with each other more often than to the other two in the group. The Radio Dramas have Leorio and Kurapika hitting it in a restaurant and speaking in "moody" voices. When Leorio relents and tells Kurapika its okay to stick to his ideals rather than kill Majitani, Kurapika says his name affectionately.

relationship between hisoka and gon doujinshi

In the Nightmare of the Zaoldyecks musical, Leorio seems a little too eager to get naked in the hotsprings with Kurapika. In The Last Mission Kurapika gets infected with On and Leorio spends the rest of the movie speaking encouragement into his ear while he's unconscious. When Kurapika wakes up he admits he could hear everything Leorio was saying and that he appreciated it, though he felt some of the lines were rather cheesy.

Kurapika and Chrollo actually have a surprisingly large fanbase. There are a surprisingly large number of fanfiction dedicated to the pair, with the most common plot comprising something of 'Chrollo capturing Kurapika and forcing him to join the Spiders to take Uvogin's place'. They certainly have the Foe Yay aspect going on. Although, it definitely is more of a one-sided hate from Kurapika towards an otherwise indifferent Chrollo.

And of course there's the famous scene where Kurapika comes up with his plan, dresses as a female receptionist, captures Chrollo in his chains and proceeds to punch the living daylights out of him. Granted, this is not a healthy relationship, but And there are also fics and fanarts with the idea of Killua and Gon being forced to join the Spiders, speaking of the above.

Though kind of one-sided admiration on Silva's part, who marvels at Chrollo's handiwork and proficiency at zetsu, calling it "beautiful. Chrollo fight, compared to when he fought him 3 years prior. Despite having a member killed by Silva, Chrollo greets him politely with "long time no see.