The stranger meursault relationship with his mother and i

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the stranger meursault relationship with his mother and i

What, if anything, do you feel Meursault learned from his mother's death? imply that Meursault cared about his relationship or lack of relationship with his I'm no stranger to psychology and ideas about neurosis and those kinds of things. The relationship between the two is also considered a parallel to How do you think Meursault should have reacted to his mother's death?. The relationship between Meursault and his mother is one of much debate in the novel The Stranger. Even though we never see the.

Even though we never see the relationship in real time, as the book begins with the mother's death, we do learn more about their relationship from Meursault's behavior both at and after her funeral.

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At his mother's funeral, Meursault was very distracted. It was hot and he was tired, therefore he seemed to not feel any sadness about his mother's death.

The relationship between Salamano and his dog is also one that sparks a lot of conversation while reading The Stranger. Salamano and his dog are both pretty old and both have a skin disease. Even though they have these similarities, Salamano abuses his dog and they are known to hate each other. This escalates until Salamano's dog runs away from his owner while they are out on a walk.

Salamano and his dog have an abusive relationship that sparks the question if Salamano should actually be allowed to have ownership of the dog. Meursault and his mother have a pretty distant relationship, as Meursault sent his mother to a home and then didn't visit her much because it was inconvenient. While at his mother's funeral, Meursault then didn't express much grief in the way that society expected him to.

Even though both relationships seem to be unusual ones, they also have some fundamental differences. Meursault tells him to check the pound. Meursault also becomes closer to his other neighbor, Raymond. Although Meursault is actually indifferent, he prefers to satisfy people rather than disappoint.

Marie is first introduced to the reader in chapter two of part one.

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You could see the shape of her firm breasts and her suntanned face was like a flower. This relationship revolves purely around sex and physical pleasure. The coldness and the lack of emotion towards Marie are described well on page Towards the end of the show I kissed her, but badly.

the stranger meursault relationship with his mother and i

Afterwards she came back to my place. Through these descriptions of Marie, he appears indifferent.

He also states that he probably would have accepted the same proposal if it had come from another woman. At the funeral direct reaction Since Meursault had to go to the funeral, he had to be absent from the work for two days. He justifies himself a lot thought the novel.

the stranger meursault relationship with his mother and i

Meursault also smoked at the funeral.