Georges brassens jeanne relationship

The songs of Georges Brassens (1) with English translation

georges brassens jeanne relationship

Hécatombe · double bass · Georges Brassens, Il suffit de passer le pont · double bass · Georges Brassens, La Cane de Jeanne · double bass. Georges Brassens was a French singer-songwriter and poet. He wrote and sang, with his guitar Planche was the inspiration for Brassens's song Jeanne. George Brassens was born on the 22 October , in the town of Sète .. Jeanne became very angry when she learnt of his relationships with.

La Guerre de 18 Les Trompettes de la Renomme His wry comment on the so-called glory of war La Princesse et le croque-notes Fernande Anguish following temptation from a 13 year old. Brassens would like us to look at him in a charitable and tolerant spirit. Le testament - Chanson pour l'Auvergnat. While still a young man, Brassens thinks of the death he is very reluctant to accept.

Marinette -J'avais l'air d'un c Les Philistins - Je me suis fait tout petit -Brassens song of the poem by Jean Richepin about a son who disappointed his parents' aspirations Le Pornographe - Le pornographe Brassens ponders his public reputation Heureux qui comme Ulysse Not recorded in an album - The theme song for the last film of the great French comic actor Fernandel.

He earns Brassens' admiration.

georges brassens jeanne relationship

The beautiful Vanessa Paradis sings the 2nd song with Le Forestier. Pensees des morts La Religieuse Verses from the poem by Lamartine tell of the sadness when deep love can only be experienced in the emptiness left by some-one's absence Venus Callipyge Les copains d'abord Brassens' song that is pure fun - but not so pure to celebrate anatomy admired all the way back to the days of Ancient Greece. Brassens' thoughts of his final resting place revive nostalgia for the seaside town of his childhood.

Putain de Toi - The tramp that you are! Les Amoureux des bancs publics A beautiful girl who let him down badly. Trompe la mort - Cheating death Don Juan Brassens maintains that his death is not as imminent as the newspapers suggest. Consequently, he never learned to read music. A poor student, Brassens performed badly in school. Brassens had already been experimenting with songwriting and poetry.

Brassens developed an interest in versification and rhyme. That is quite a transformation. Thanks to this teacher, I opened my mind to something bigger.

Later on, every time I wrote a song, I asked myself the question: Nonetheless, personal friendships and adolescence still defined Brassens in his teens. At age seventeen, he was implicated in crimes that would prove to be a turning point in his life. To get money, Georges and his gang started to steal from their families and others. Georges stole a ring and a bracelet from his sister.

The police found and caught him, which caused a scandal. The young men were publicly characterized as "high school mobsters" or "scum" - voyous. Some of the perpetrators, unsupported by their families, spent time in prison.

While Brassens's father was more forgiving and immediately picked up his son, Brassens was expelled from school. He decided to move to Paris in Februaryfollowing a short trial as an apprentice mason in his father's business after World War II had already broken out.

David-Y -Brassens2 : The story of Georges Brassens and his Jeanne

Apprenticeships[ edit ] Brassens lived with his aunt Antoinette in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, where he taught himself to play piano. He began working at a Renault car factory. In May the factory was bombed, and France invaded by Germany. He spent the summer in his home town, but soon returned to Paris, feeling that this was where his future lay.

He did not work, since employment would serve only to profit the occupying enemy. Saddened by the lack of poetic culture, Brassens spent most of his days in the library. Brassens expressed his gratitude to him in his song of " Chanson pour l'auvergnat" — the nickname apparently for Jeanne's husband. His only musical instrument was a low piece of furniture which he used as a drum, beating out the rhythms.

Nevertheless the tensions of these months should not be understated. In fact the time that he was shut away totalled five months. The house was without electricity, running water and proper sanitation. The soft hearted Jeanne could not turn away any strays and she poured out on them the love that she would have lavished on her children, if fate had been kind enough to grant her any.

Her boarder, Georges Brassens had an equal attachment to her cats. If it is a surprise that Brassens chose to live on in these conditions and it is a further surprise how long he lived on there.

georges brassens jeanne relationship

In fact, he stayed in the run-down cul-de sac, close to Jeanne for another twenty years, even after he had become rich and internationally famous. The personality of Jeanne must surely have been the major factor in this attachment. In my interpretation of Brassens' song, " La Femme d'Hector ", she is the partner on whom he can rely absolutely throughout the years, who is, in the bargain, a woman of incomparable qualities.

The songs of Georges Brassens (1) with English translation

Brassens explained in a radio interview that he stayed on there because he felt comfortable. In the letter to his acquaintance of time past, he said that by remaining there he was able to keep his little routines, because the local residents respected what he termed the private territory of his daily life.

georges brassens jeanne relationship

With a number of these friends he attempted to launch an anarchist movement. The most important person in this company was Jeanne, who gave him great love and support.

A less romantic view of this appeared in the recent T. This pointed out that for ten years Jeanne kept Georges who had no income and who made little effort to find some kind of job which would at least allow him to pay his keep.

From an artistic point of view it was vital that Jeanne gave him the encouragement to persevere in his composition and to go on trying to get his songs played.

georges brassens jeanne relationship

Brassens was lacking in confidence and experienced nervousness and panic when he had to perform in public a nervousness which is still evident in his heavy perspiration sometimes as he performs in his later years. Jeanne gave him vital encouragement and bought him a guitar on the death of his Aunt Antoinette in Julyhe inherited her piano.

georges brassens jeanne relationship

They battled on for over five years in the face of refusals and disappointments and all the while, he did not earn a penny. The turning point came in in Marchwhen the famous French singer Patachou sang his songs at her cabaret below left and called the nervous young man with a big moustache up on stage to sing.

He was greeted with acclaim. Hear Brassens' first song composition and record, when inhe and Patachou, both on the brink of their dazzling careers sang in duet the tale of his debt to his parents' unfailing love and his regret for his adolescent excesses.

He was an accomplished musician, who would become his accompanist and give him the solid support he needed to perform in public, as Brassens' nervousness on stage never left him. In his private cine-films, we see Jeanne in the smart clothes that Brassens was now able to buy her, accompanied by Marcel — and dog- on an outing to the Bois de Boulogne, to where they were driven in a fine car.