Ikea an example in relationship marketing


ikea an example in relationship marketing

In turn the customer, according to theorists like Gwinner, Morgan and Hunt etc, is likely to develop a long term relationship loyalty with IKEA. In this article, we'll look at 7 marketing tactics IKEA uses to grow their You can get design inspiration from their beautifully set up example rooms. for you to build your brand, strengthen your relationships with your clients. Leadership by example; Constant desire for renewal; Togetherness and enthusiasm; Cost- Network-based relationship marketing. IKEA.

Relationship Marketing - Case Study on IKEA

The creative platform is about little changes that can have a big impact on daily life. Initially that was a philosophical approach, but Ikea is now showcasing a lot more of its products and solutions in its advertising and content.

While the business results speak for themselves, Tiersen says it has also seen an uptick in brand consideration, awareness and trust. And it is not a standalone thing. It is a great opportunity to ensure the physical encounter with the customer evolves, that is why we try to challenge our own concept with pop-up solutions, order-and-collection points, and dining clubs.

Importance of Data in Marketing (Ikea example)

We are trying to surprise. Laurent Tiersen, Ikea How the brand advertises is also having to evolve. For this campaign, Ikea has thought very hard about how it works online, on social media and on mobile. And so over the past year it has explored ways of adapting length and format to work on mobile, taking into account that brands have to grab attention in the first few seconds and that videos need subtitles. For instance in the past year we have explored different ways and adapted the length, the format, the conditions.

ikea an example in relationship marketing

Being able to talk to people in the language and to be where people are today. And also complementing with the traditional messages on TV.


Anderson and Jacobsen, maintaining the purpose of relationship marketing, others stress on its interactive nature exchange of relational benefits: Gwinner et al, or the role of psychological impacts building up trust, loyalty: Morgan and Hunt, achieving that. It also shows the customer centricity and the involvement of other stakeholders. IKEA is chosen as a case study for relationship marketing. The Swedish world market leader in furniture is a particular good practical example of how the different dimensions of relationship marketing are applied in practice.

There can rarely be found another company with such a strong corporate culture and close interaction with stakeholders. According to this model, relationship marketing is an on-going interactive process between the company and its stakeholders.

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While the customer, as the company's main interest group within relationship marketing, is at the center all others are attached to it.

That means the other markets are sub-items. Each group refers to relevant theory reflecting the three different dimensions of relationship marketing mentioned introductorily. That is why it is displayed in a central position within the model.

Hence, this report will focus on the customer market as it best reflects the intention, nature and role of relationship marketing.

ikea an example in relationship marketing

The most indirect stakeholder group that a company has to deal with is the referral and influence market. They cannot easily be influenced by the company and affect their interaction with customers to a lower extent. Hence, these markets do not contribute much to the customer focus of relationship marketing which is used in this report.

Thus, they are only roughly mentioned in the appendix.

ikea an example in relationship marketing

Two main directions of marketing activities can be distinguished: Particularly in saturated and highly competitive markets, such as the furniture business, the emphasis of relationship marketing activities is on building loyalty. The building of strong customer relationships has been suggested as a means for gaining a competitive advantage McKenna, because loyal customers Gwinner, Gremler and Bitner, These factors are an indication that IKEA tries to personalize their speech to the customers. This could be linked to the social and psychological benefits of Carlell These values are understood and communicated by employees and through marketing communication, because of a deeply rooted organisation culture of IKEA.