Jihae ending a relationship

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jihae ending a relationship

When you're head-over-heels in love with your partner, it can be hard to even imagine the possibility of breaking up — but the unfortunate truth. It's also a good route to end with because the ending is the happiest, and In order to get Jihae's good end, you must also raise relationship. Once they enter a relationship, a jealous side to Jihae begins to show too and he In his good ending, Jihae is shown to have cut his hair short and is wearing a.

Once they enter a relationship, a jealous side to Jihae begins to show too and he becomes even more protective of her, especially around Jisoowith whom he has a bit of a rivalry with.

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This rivalry appears one-sided though, as Jihae mostly acts like Jisoo doesn't exist, while Jisoo is actively hostile towards Jihae. Despite the constant praise about his looks, Jihae is actually very self-conscious about his appearance. He believes he is ugly and doesn't deserve to be loved. In fact, he often mistakes Heejung's staring when the Stare action is chosen for her judging his appearance.

He hides a very low self-esteem behind his polite demeanor due to the abuse he suffered back in his original kingdom. Jihae is utterly loyal to Jieun. He has been serving him since Jieun was born and says that serving his "young master" is his only purpose in life.

As such, in both his route and Jieun's route, when Jieun tries to become independent, Jihae is distraught.

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He begs for Jieun not to abandon him and blames himself for not being a good enough servant. His devotion to Jieun is shown to be completely selfless and almost obsessive, but he is willing to let him go if Jieun proves that he is mature enough to stand on his own.

Appearance As a rabbit, Jihae has long silver hair with blue eyes. He is very beautiful and people often stare when Heejung takes him out with her. Jihae's original outfit As a human, he has long, flowing silver hair. He wears a grey jacket with long coat tails, with red accents and gold trim. Underneath is a black, high-collared shirt also trimmed in gold, except for the ruffled sleeves that are visible passed the red jacket cuffs.

His trousers and gloves are also white. On his left shoulder, gold chains are behind a brooch. This brooch may have white feathers or depict wings, with 2 swords crossed at a 45 degree angle.

Jihae's other alternate consists of a black turtleneck, a blue jacket with a light blue brooch on it, a pair of brown pants, a black hat, and a pair of red shoes. In his good ending, Jihae is shown to have cut his hair short and is wearing a brown jacket with a red v neck shirt on underneath.

jihae ending a relationship

She gets more than she anticipated though when they gain human form. Dandelion is an alternation of stats raising and VN scenes. There are two basic stats groups to focus on. The first is relationship points with each character.

This determines which route you will start and the ending. The second group is attributes: Doing activities at home and out will raise these stats.

Concentrate on raising the first three while keeping stress and pressure at a minimum. At certain points, if your stats are where they should be, the scenes are triggered.

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For me personally, I felt the stats raising was too much. Or rather there was too much of it. I also like how the characters are complex and with faults. It demonstrates how differently people can react to situations. The highlight of this game is Heejung.

I love her so much!

jihae ending a relationship

She is sweet and giving, but she can also be sassy and teasing. A lot of the game is Heejung coming to terms with that pressure, finding her dreams, and moving on with her life.