Robert ross relationship with harris

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robert ross relationship with harris

Robert Ross: Robert is the protagonist of the novel. The reasoning to this relationship is stated in an earlier post called Harris: Harris was one of Robert's closest companions in the war, meeting in the ship's barn. Harris. To best understand Robert's relationship with his mother Mrs. Ross, one must look at their relationship from the perspective of Mrs. Ross. It is her interpretations . Robert's friendship with Harris gave us a lot more insight into who Robert Ross really was. We are able to see that Harris meant a lot to him as.

Ross into hysteria show by her " Ross can no longer face elements of life without her son and this concludes their relationship. Robert Ross' relationship with his father, Thomas Ross: Just at the end of the 25th lap. Fainted and was down with jauntice.

His father got him through it. He came up every evening after work and sat in Robert's darkened room and talked to him and told him stories. None of the stories had to do with running. These were tales of voyages and ships and how to ride a horse. This was the binding of the father to the son. When the ordeal was over - Tom Ross took his boy upstairs and watched while Robert stood in front of the old dark mirror, slipping out of his pyjamas and seeing that his skin was different now a sort of ochre yellow.

Robert smiled and was silent. He went downstairs in his dark skin and stayed that way for another day. Tom Ross understood, it seemed.

robert ross relationship with harris

He too smiled and was silent. Robert loved and respected his father very much, '.

robert ross relationship with harris

Tom played an extremely important role in the life of his son. All the knowledge Robert had taken with him to war had come from his father.

We realise how much Robert had missed his father during the War when his father shows up in Montreal to 'pass from hand to hand' a revolver and a hamper of food to him" Thomas Ross was both a mentor and a role model to Robert as he grew from boy to man.

Robert trusted his father's good judgement many times throughout the story, he chose to do as he thought his father would have done.

The Wars on Harris

Likewise, Tom loved and respected his son a great deal. It was Tom who had taken the initiative to find out when Robert would be in Montreal so he could see his son, as fate would have it, one last time.

It was also Tom who had taken the time to tell Robert how to ride a horse, a skill that proved very necessary to Robert during the time of war. In the end, it is only Tom who comes to see his son's burial, "Mister Ross was the only member of his family who came to see him buried" pg. It is only Tom who cares enough to see a loved one laid to rest. Without the influence of his father, perhaps Robert would not have been such a great leader of his squadron and such a human and dedicated individual.

Robert Ross' relationship with his sister, Rowena: In developing the relationship between Robert and Rowena, Timothy Findley introduces Robert's humane and sensitive characteristics.

When Robert was young, he mistook Rowena for his mother because he often saw her smiling face peering down into his crib. To Robert, Rowena was a guardian, but eventually he considered himself her guardian. After Rowena's death, Robert was lost within himself. He no longer knew how to behave or what to feel anymore. It was as though he could no longer handle or deal with serious matters or think clearly.

Timothy Findley puts this forward as one of the main factors that push Robert to join the army because he could never forgive himself for his sister's death. He felt as if it was his fault because he had not been there that day looking out for her as he usually did. He felt this guilt eating him inside for the rest of his life from that day forward.

Robert reflects on specific moments they spent together throughout The Wars. Will you stay with me forever? Can the rabbits stay forever, too? Now the rabbits had to be killed. This changed Robert's whole perspective on life and his assigned role. He no longer appeared to have feelings anymore but no one knew how much remorse he felt inside. This could have been another reason for joining the war that he could just go away and everyone would either forget about what he did and be proud of in the end for being so brave.

In a sense, a large part of Robert died that day along with his sister.

The Wars – The Relationship of Best friends

Robert treated himself as he was a guardian of Rowena and when she died, he felt guilt and remorse for not being there to prevent her death. She cared for over ten rabbits that were slaughtered thereafter her death, under no consent of Robert. Thomas Ross is the father of Robert and his siblings.

robert ross relationship with harris

He was the more loving parent in the family and was less strict on his children that Mrs Ross was. He tried to help out Robert as much as he could when he enrolled in the army, sending him clothing, boots, and even a COLT 6-shooter. Margaret Ross is the mother to Robert and his siblings. She has problems with relationships with the people in her family.

The Wars on Harris

As stated in an earlier blog, she and Robert have a broken relationship that really seizes to exist. Mrs Ross is an alcoholic and it really shoed after the death of Rowena. She has a hard time sustain relationships and is a very strict, unloving parent. Stuart was held responsible for the death of Rowena because he was not watching her when she fell out of her wheelchair.

Marian was a nurse during WWI.

robert ross relationship with harris

She is introduced through transcripts and interviews throughout the book, talking about Robert Ross and the war.