Suikoden 2 108 stars ending a relationship

Suikoden II 2 recruiting Stars of Destiny character list

suikoden 2 108 stars ending a relationship

Complete list of all possible ending lines for all characters. Suikoden II: Gameplay After ending term as Acting Mayor, chose to live as a normal citizen. Hauser. evolving relationships between its main characters than it is on the grand Now, there is certainly a challenge in tracking down all party members. Suikoden II's good ending also is dependent on taking a certain series of, More than that, there are many characters and events in the first game that. Getting all characters AND grinding, I still managed to beat the if you can get to the area to recruit the 2 recruits before enemies end you.

The three vow to be together, just like they were as children. The final scene of the ending shows the three of them escaping, readying for a new adventure. Choosing to not make their selves known, the three protagonists watch from afar. To me it was important that the trio be together, regardless of circumstance and war. In hindsight, I get why people dislike this ending: Jowy gets off fairly easy, and rather than continue their responsibility to their respective nations, Jowy and Riou choose to leave it all behind.

If you miss her at this point, you should be able to go east through Radat after you reach that part of Lake Dunan. Once you are in Muse for a while, you hear that the Highland Army is attacking.

Annabelle will ask Viktor to stall the Highland Army for a few days. This is the battle you want to save before. Spend all of your time attacking Gilbert, using a Fire Spear and anything you can on him. The idea is to damage him he has two damage points in War Battle, you just need one.

If you do not do damage to him, you cannot recruit Gilbert. He is not used in regular battles, but will act as a Commander for you in War Battles. She joins you on your way to Kyaro but her entourage does not officially join until you meet again at Coronet and need to escape the area. Eilie in battle is a bit of a mixed bag. Her attack is usable, and so is her magical ability.

Joins with Rina and Eilie at Coronet. In battle, Bolgan is frustrating to use. His attack is decent, defense is below average. If he gets countered, even worse. She is weak physically, with HP, and defense. But Rina is one of the elite magicians. Not quite Luc-elite, but on that second tier. May also want to give her a Pale Gate Rune, or a Wizard Rune to make her magic attack even more powerful.

Keep her in your rotation — she is worth using all the way to the end of the game if you wish, and is so much more effective than her two circus friends. South Window vassal, he joins after the incident with Lord Granmeyer as you just enter the area and take North Window Castle. Has a significant story role.

suikoden 2 108 stars ending a relationship

Just a putrid character in battle, and the worst part is you are forced to use him a few times including a long journey to Gregminster, ugh.

By that time, Freed Y is an embarrassment. He starts off with a Lightning Rune attached to his weapon, which sadly is the best thing about him. His attack is inept, his defense not much better. No magical ability to speak of.

Friends with Apple and joins with the storyline events at Radat. Supports Hero as the strategist in Suikoden II. She acts as the one to change in party members and takes care of Pilika. Huan is recruited automatically once you acquire the castle. Huan acts as one of the best Healing options in War Battles. Same thing with Suikoden II, except now he can equip 3 runes very early on. Get rid of that Pixie Rune and Wind Rune.

Utilize his magic total for several high-level Lightning Rune spells. Grabbing a Wizard Rune for him at Two River would be a wise choice. And when you get the Blue Gate Rune, you will want to give this to Luc to put on his head.

But the Level 3 Blue Gate Rune does great damage, and the level 2 can instant-kill enemies. Stick him in the back row and have him cast high level magic all day long.

He is arguably the best magician in the game, rivaled by a hermit-like Wizard you get much later. Though he cannot move fast, you can have Luc slowly come to the front lines with your other forces guarding him, and have Luc focus on attacking.

Attacking from afar, he will only get counter-attacked by other magicians who you should have your other units take out. Sets Luc up well for that other game he is involved in… 28 — Alex — The adventurous guy you met going to the Sindar Ruins.

After your retreat and eventual taking over of North Window, go to South Window when you get a chance. Check out the 2nd floor of the Inn to see Hilda and Alex.

They both gladly join you and act as your innkeeper and item shop owner respectively. You meet him at Coronet, and you have to win potch in his game.

They take you to Kuskus, but later on you are asked to look for someone who can man a ship. Tai Ho is still very powerful and with a Killer Rune his crit-rate makes him useful as an attacker.

But he does little else for us, with no magic ability and is not a strong defensive character. Plus I miss his Unite with Yam Koo that blew any enemy away. A talented character but his overall ability is clearly lacking without his companion. Would it have been that hard to give him a spear, a generic name for it, and stats similar to but weaker to Tai Ho?

They could have kept the unite attack going. Instead, Yam Koo just fishes with you. To be fair, S2 was clearly trying to tone down some of the Unite Attacks that got out of hand in S1.

Which is a big reason magicians are so dominant in Suikoden II. Later on, you are told to look for a person to act as captain of your ship. Amada can be one of those guys along with Tai Ho. Just recruit them both, but you have to duel Amada and kick his ass one more time to convince him. Amada is Rikimaru-like in that his only significantly relevant statistic is his high HP total.

His attack power growth is maybe slightly above average. His defense is okay but if left in the front line, his high HP can still go down quick. You meet him earlier on, as he helps you recruit Shu. After you have Headquarters at North Window, head over to Radat. Talk to Richmond in the south part of town, by the appraisal shop.

If you guess the right one heads or tails with his coin flip, he will join. But you cannot win this. Instead, talk to him a lose. Then go to the Bar in the northwest part of town. Take to the guy just west as you enter. He gives you a special coin. Return to Richmond with the special coin, and you then recruit Richmond. He does not serve much purpose, but he does check up on all Stars of Destiny, finding out secret information. Anyway, she is in Radat.

Put Freed Y in your party, and go to the south part of town, then east past the fence. You will see clothes hanging on the line. Yoshino should be here too. Talk to her and she will force herself into your army so she can stay with Freed Y. Yoshino is a character I rarely use. She lacks magical ability and can only fight in the back row — albeit with a weak weapon. She seems to be skilled as far as technique but she has little else in her favor. Now you need a few things to recruit Adlai.

Fortunately, two of them can be found at South Window. Now you also need a Sacrificial Jizo — Bolgan has one of these in one of his item slots. Bring all of those things to Adlai — he will first ask for a Sacrificial Jizo, so give that to him. Then give him the Wooden Shield. Next, you have the option to throw the Wind Crystal at him, so do so. Adlai then joins you. He runs the elevator at your place. Well, actually the next character has one too… In War Battles, Adlai has an Invention ability he can use.

If you talk to the old lady to the left as you enter Kuskus, she will tell of the jerks who attack people with women. So with this full group of females, go to the left part of town over the bridge, and you will get jumped. But Oulan saves you. Oulan is the bodyguard literally and figuratively.

Her defense is stout as she can equip a shield and heavy armor, not to mention her magic defense is solid. Obviously cannot perform magic but as a front liner, she is blessed statistically. Oulan and Hanna also have a Unite attack if you happen to have both of them on the front. You can go west of your base to Lakewest after you get a ship captain.

She is in the northwest house. Just talk to her 3 times and after that, she will just join you. He has his own ongoing quest of chasing Elza around. You have to help him along the way, but have strict time limits as far as bringing Clive to Elza at certain places. Anyway, to recruit Clive we just have to run into Elza at Muse City early on, in the northeast part of town. Help her out by taking what she gives you, then leave the town. Clive will come out and confront Elza, while Elza holds up Hero as a hostage.

Clive shoots, misses, and Elza runs off. Next, you will see him at South Window, just south of the entrance. He will join your party. Clive already has a high critical-attack rate, and his attack power is higher than most long-range allies. His armor is comprised of the armors you see at other armor shops around the world. You will see Hans on the 2nd floor of the Two River Inn. After chasing back Klaus and Kiba, Fitcher is fired by Makai and joins you automatically.

Ridley joins automatically after aiding them to drive back Highland. Ridley cannot be used in normal battle, but he is one of the top generals in War Battles. His unit is very high in attack naturally and with some good units he can be an absolute beast on the front lines.

suikoden 2 108 stars ending a relationship

Chaco is a decent if not unspectacular ally in battle. He is fast, good enough technique, and a decent attack. He offers little with magic. In War Battles, Chaco allows you to fly around the battlefield. Gabocha is at the Two River Kobold District, in the first house you see. Bring Gengen there after defending Two Rivers from Highland.

Gabocha will want to join and follow with Gengen.

Spoiler Warning: Suikoden II – The Best Ending

Note that if you wait until you get the Greenhill mission, you will not be able to recruit Gabocha until after Greenhill. Gabocha will not be in the house if your Greenhill party is assembled. In battle, Gabocha has a weak long-range attack. A couple sets actually, and equip them on your characters.

Go into battle and use the Fried Tacos on Riou, until he starts smoking. Tetsu is in here, and he will appreciate how Toasty you are. Tetsu is then recruited to make baths at your castle. You need to win potch from him in Chinchirorin, the game you play with Tai Ho.

Just save before you do it to ensure you win and recruit Shilo. I actually had to go to HQ and then back to Lakewest to get Shilo to challenge me. Shilo is not very useful in battle. Typical high-technique but weak long range character with no magical ability to compensate.

After returning from Two River, go to the northeast part of the castle and explore a bit. Once outside, you will see Hai Yo speaking with a guy, and you can then let Hai Yo be your cook. Not sure why anyone would use him in battle, but if you want to experiment then by all means. Not at all unlike Antonio and Lester in Suiko I.

You may have stumbled upon this earlier and after a creepy encounter, automatically left the room. If you have not found the room yet, look next to a ladder about halfway through the sewer. You need to have Chaco in your party, as Sid will mess with him for a bit. Then Sid just joins you so he can harass Chaco all day. Very similar to Chaco in battle, accept maybe a little slower but more attack. Sid unfortunately has a Waking Rune which causes him to be asleep starting a battle, but in Fury Mode when woken up.

You need to run from 50 battles in order to beat him in a race. You can then recruit Stallion. Always one of my favorite characters, because I love the added speed on the World Map.

First time playing Suikoden 2. Any tips? : rpg_gamers

Anyway, Stallion is mediocre in battle. Very fast, decent technique, but with a weak attack and no magic support.

Suikoden II 108 Stars% Speedrun 7:29:07 [WR]

Since I like his World Map speed effect I try to salvage his spot in the 6-man battle roster by giving him a Warrior Rune or Fury Rune, something to augment his attacking ability.

You may need to return to HQ and go back to Forest Village that is, without taking on the Greenhill mission. Wakaba is a talent in battle. Not a brute as far as strength, and her defense is weak, but some of her other stats are amazing. Really high technique, speed and hit points.

Inside, you see Tony in the bedroom to the southeast. Keep asking him to come be the farmer at your castle, and the mayor will allow him. Tony lets you play whack a mole. And you can give him crops. Find him in the field to the northeast at Headquarters. Later on, you can find her behind the desk. You can even ask her questions about Shin, which will make her get suspicious.

suikoden 2 108 stars ending a relationship

Just choose to explain yourselves, she is a trustworthy ally. He joins automatically as you escape the city. Shin looks pretty cool and has a 3x damage rune on his side, but he has some weaknesses that are exposed often as a front line character. Moderate HP, and a terrible defense.

Between that and his 1-time-per-battle Spider Slay Rune, hopefully the battles end early.

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She is hiding out at Greenhill and the City-State wants to rescue her from the clutches of the Highlanders.

Once you complete the sidequest in Greenhill as students, you can then recruit Teresa. Poison Clan Rocks The World. Junpeiclover Topic Creator 5 years ago 8 Wow, great read and interesting stuff Now to nitpick some things: D First off, the Hero.

In fact, I actually thought about this while trying to pick dialogue choices. I personally felt as if he DID want to rule, but the game definitely strides to the fact that he did not want to be a leader, but he did want to end the war.

I found that becoming the leader of a nation was something he would want, especially with the grandfather's side story. My main concern though was with the betrayal the grandfather faced which caused him to leave his position in the city-state for good. This was probably used to emphasize the idea that Riolu doesn't want a forceful resolution, yet that is the only one available.

EXACTLY what Jowy thought, and this was also brought up during one meeting I think Shu or Ridley said this where somebody said something along the lines of some things needing to be fought for, as "gentlemaness" doesn't get you far. Hence, there needs to be a leader capable of viewing war as something that IS NOT a necessity, and I bet ya that this was the mindset of both Riolu and Jowy.

What I didn't understand though is how the game didn't allow for both of them to become leaders since both the Black Sword Rune and Bright Shield Rune become the Rune of Beginning which can end all wars. That's why I was baffled by the ending where they all left an lived happily ever after because it's as if the Runes were pointless lol TL;DR: Why bring about this notion of fighting being pertinent to a country, and then have battles that aren't avoidable major battles but then go back to the idea of fighting being unnecessary?

Nanami getting excited over this adventure only to die in the ending seems as if it would fit more. Her character was annoying though, and I admit that she was confusing at times. First, why did she want to go to almost every serious battle if fighting was wrong? I understand that she wants to protect her brother but seriously, make up your mind!

Also, the irony was her death or supposed death because she died while her brother was trying to protect her. Back on track, all she really did was say fighting was wrong, so I want to run away. At Tinto she wanted to leave the war completely, forgetting that the town was in danger and they had the means to get them out of it. When she died I thought it signified that the Main character had to protect himself from a very crucial turning point in the city-state war Shu alludes to this in best ending when he says that Riolu shouldn't have tried to protect Nanami.

Without Nanami, he becomes stronger, by facing the loss of somebody who he truly cared about, which happens in war quite often.

I agree this, but what bothers me is the fact that she kept endangering herself in the first place, yet she didn't want to fight. She acts as if she has the reason to be strong for somebody who is already doing well, yet she fails to realize that he is stronger than her, which leads to her downfall or Going back to the idea I mentioned earlier about the unification of the two runes having the ability to end wars, I don't see why both were needed, OR I don't see why one person didn't acquire both.

I would have thought the Jowy's rune would have been the Main characters as well, which would give him access to both runes which in turn creates the rune of beginning. Having both live just shows that War is eventually going to happen.

Otherwise, why give these two kids the runes in the first place?


If anything, it would have been cooler if Nanami and the MC received the runes instead, since their grandfather was important in that aspect, and Nanami would have been MUCH more tolerable. Or at lease let Jowy be a part of their family two because I didn't see why he deserved the black sword rune with his current history Done Ok, I'll just wait until somebody takes a bite at this. If there is anything confusing about this I'll clarify as best as I can Duke Darkwood 5 years ago 10 What I didn't understand though is how the game didn't allow for both of them to become leaders since both the Black Sword Rune and Bright Shield Rune become the Rune of Beginning which can end all wars.

It's part of Suikoden lore - the 27 True Runes are manifestations of fate in the game's world, and have been in conflict since the dawn of time - indeed, their creation myth begins WITH Sword and Shield. Sword claimed it could cut through all that exists. Shield claimed itself impenetrable. Thus, the conflict was born -- a truly vicious conflict, lasting seven days and seven nights.

In the end, Sword breached Shield, and Shield shattered Sword. Pieces of Sword rained down to make the sky. Pieces of Shield rained down to make the ground. Stars were created from the sparks of that battle. The 27 gems adorning Sword and Shield transformed into the 27 True Runes.

And thus began the world as we know it. And that world has lived in conflict after conflict, as the runes were borne by people, time and again.

Whether this actually dies literally into the creation myth, or if that myth simply builds on this division, who can really say? But as long as these two half-runes have existed, they fought each other.

Every bearer of the two, throughout history, faced off against their counterpart. Han and Genkaku were not the first, and in the cave you found the runes, their inscriptions say they regret that they were unable to undo the fate of the runes.