Things to doodle when youre bored in a relationship

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things to doodle when youre bored in a relationship

An article about what your doodles reveal about your personality. We all doodle when we're bored. Drawing dots and spots unconsciously means you' re a great organiser and can handle yourself well. vulnerable, which could be right after a breakup or in the very beginning of a new relationship. My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for 3 years now. I decided to capture what it's like to be in a long distance relationship for us. Explore Jay Godston's board "stuff to draw when im bored and depressed" on Pinterest. I get what she was trying to do and it's extremely well put together buuuuuutttttt CCB Fill - Long Distance Relationship by lexieken Victorian Sherlolly.

Draw on Walls Drawing has been our prehistoric pastime. Our stone age ancestors gave vent to their creative drive by painting on cave walls. To this day, their descendants continue with this drawing tradition but now on walls and call it graffiti!

I am sure you have seen graffiti work on walls around town. All you need is a spray gun and a wall. Graffiti is one of those really cool things you could try your hand at.

Make sure that you have permission to draw on the walls you choose to make your canvas or else it may be considered to be vandalism. Draw with Chalk or Crayons Say you are sitting bored in a classroom, with nothing to do and you have chalks around and a board or a set of crayons.

Start drawing pictures on the board with a chalk.

things to doodle when youre bored in a relationship

You could make all kinds of sketches. You could give slant cuts to chalks which will help in shading the sketches. With different amounts of pressure applied, you could create different shades.

I Draw What It’s Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship

Use multiple color chalks and let your imagination run wild on the board. With crayons and paper, you can do wonders. Here are some sample drawings. Body Art If you are willing to experiment, there is a traditional way of making designs on your hand with henna in India called 'Mehndi' or henna tattoos, which you could try out.

Henna is a type of red-colored dye, used to color hands and hair. You must wrap henna paste in a conical roll made of plastic which has a small opening.

Using this as a 'Henna Pen' of sorts, you can make minutely detailed designs on your hand. Finally, here's a summarizing list of the things that you could draw when bored out of your mind. Cartoons, flowers, faces, landscape drawings, abstract drawings, dinosaurs, birds, trees, fruits, houses, dogs, cars, trucks, skyscrapers, space ships, moon, planets, sunset, clouds, galaxies, animals, treasure maps, sphinx, unicorns, angels, demons, bridges, self-portrait, tanks, etc. Take personality quizzes together There are quizzes and personality tests out there for every topic under the sun.

Pick a few quizzes that interest you — anything from determining your spirit animal to which Hogwarts house you belong in, and compare results with your partner. A good site to get you started is playbuzz. It can also be a lot of fun to create your own quiz with your partner, and then share it so others can enjoy it too. Blind drawing challenge This is a challenge designed to see how well you can communicate with one another.

Do an image search online for some abstract geometric shapes and patterns. Or search for tangrams shapes. Something that could work well is an image of two slanted rectangles intersected by an arrow shape, all inside of a circle. The partner who finds the image online has one minute to give instructions to the other, describing exactly how to draw the shapes.

The second partner must draw silently and cannot ask for clarification. After the minute is up, compare the drawing to the actual image and see how well or terribly you did. Have list competitions The website sporcle. You could also do this as a pen-and-paper activity if you think of your own topics and use a timer.

Do a snail-mail art project Complete an art project by mailing the materials back and forth. For example, one of you could draw a doodle on an item and mail it off — the next could color in the doodle and draw a new one.

Play storytelling games Ah, the ancient art of storytelling. Some such games, like Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, are book-based though expensiveand guide you through a fictional world, allowing you to direct the story based on your decisions.

Other games, like the popular card game Once Upon A Time, require you to come up with the story, but gives you boundaries and inspiration in the form of keywords based around a theme.

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The game is affordable so you can purchase a copy for each of you and play via Skype. Play board games online Listing all the sites you can use to play board games would probably require another book. I have enjoyed using this site many times. Days of Wonder has some really wonderful games at Daysofwonder. Minecraft, the world-building and exploring game, is an excellent choice for people who consider themselves non-gamers. It is tons of fun to have your own private creative server where you and your partner can build a world together.

Doodle Diaries: Really Cool Things to Draw When You're Bored

Second Life, extremely popular with certain groups, is another user-built world where you can go to virtually hang out with others, though it lags and glitches terribly. MMOs can be played on your computer or various consoles. Play or make text-based decision games Companies like Choice of Games at choiceofgames.

Read aloud a game with your partner and take turns making the decisions.

things to doodle when youre bored in a relationship

Or make them together. Watch movies simultaneously This is probably the single most popular long distance relationship activity, as it is so easy to set up and mimics the traditional in-person movie date so well.

Get snacks and run Skype in the background so you can communicate during the movie. My boyfriend and I like watching documentaries together, and we always learn something new and find plenty to comment on during the movies. Play print-and-play games As a graphic designer, board game enthusiast, and someone in a long distance relationship, I felt that there really needed to be some more easily accessible and free board games that could be played without a dependency on Internet connections.

In order to play, you and your partner will each need to print a copy and learn the rules. Have drawing competitions Using sites like CoSketch. Keep your artwork saved on your computer so you can get it printed as a hysterical photo book one day.

Alternately, each of you could draw your image on a piece of paper and show it off via webcam. Miracle berries or miracle berry pills are naturally occurring fruits that change how your taste buds react to sour foods and drinks and make nearly everything taste sweet. Lemons will taste like sugar-saturated lemonade. The effects wear off in an hour or two, but during that period you and your partner can have a great time tasting drinks, sweets, and savory foods over Skype. Read bedtime stories If you and your partner normally have a bedtime phone call, consider taking an extra ten to fifteen minutes each night to read stories aloud to one another.

Bedtime stories are fun and relaxing and can even teach you new things and give you a sense of accomplishment. Cuddle up in bed and read a chapter over the phone, picking up where you left off the night before. One person may like to read and one person may prefer to listen, but you could also purchase two copies of the same book or share a digital version and take turns reading to one another each night.

Alternatively, if neither of you feels like reading aloud, you could download the audio version of a book and listen to it simultaneously.

things to doodle when youre bored in a relationship

Have Skype drinking dates You can play some of your old favorite drinking games together via webcam or take turns choosing new and exciting drinks to try. Test out the same drink recipes together or, for sophisticated folk, sip and nibble on new brands and flavors of wine and cheese or tea and cookies. Run outside and talk A Bluetooth headset for your phone or a simple set of earbuds with a built-in microphone will allow you to have tandem outdoor exercise time with your partner.

Near the end you can encourage each other and give updates on how many minutes and seconds are left. Hold a fitness competition The site Fitocracy. You can each work out in your own free time or set a time to work out together each day over Skype. Meld your faces together online There are a few sites where you can upload images of your face and the face of another person and see what you would look like mixed together.

Take any of the ideas from this list to form your double-date plan: Write a story together Over the course of a day or week, construct a short story with your partner, one sentence or paragraph at a time.

One of the couples I spoke to when writing this book loves this method of story-making, but I prefer NaNoWriMo, which occurs every November with mini-sessions in April and July.