Use case realization relationship quiz

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use case realization relationship quiz

Which are valid relationships in Use Case Diagrams? use; generalization; subtyping; include; extend; extract. Question This question has 4 correct answers. Which statements are true for use case relationships? Generalization between UseCases means that the child is a more specific form of the. use case - a collection of related success and failure scenarios Extend relationship between Use Cases (one UC calls. Another Generalization relationships.

So dependency could in fact have some grave runtime semantics implications. A dependency is generally shown as a dashed arrow pointing from the client dependent at the tail to the supplier provider at the arrowhead. The arrow may be labeled with an optional stereotype and an optional name.

Class SearchController depends on requires SiteSearch interface.

use case realization relationship quiz

For many years UML specifications provide contradictory example of the dependency shown below. The explanation for the Figure 7. In this case, the dependency is an instantiate dependency, where the Car class is an instance of the CarFactory class.

Car class has a dependency on the CarFactory class. CarFactory class depends on the Car class.

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This example in fact shows opposite to what UML specification states. CarFactory depends on the Car class. Car class could be defined without the knowledge of CarFactory class, but CarFactory requires Car for its definition because it produces Cars.

use case realization relationship quiz

It is also wrong to say that " It is possible to have a set of elements for the client or supplier. In this case, one or more arrows with their tails on the clients are connected to the tails of one or more arrows with their heads on the suppliers. It is designed to support the Historic Mapping pattern. UML Distilled, 1st edition, p94 Which of the following statement is true about visibility? UML Distilled, 1st edition, p99 Which of the following statement are false about interaction diagrams?

use case realization relationship quiz

Interaction diagrams is the superset of Sequence diagrams and Collaboration diagrams An interaction diagram captures the behaviour of a single or more use cases Within Sequence Diagram, each vertical line is called the object's lifeline; each message is represented by an arrow between the lifelines. UML Distilled, 1st edition, p Which of the following statement are false about sequence diagrams?

Sequence Diagrams can also capture concurrent activities. Activations should not be used for concurrent activities Asynchronous message is represented by "half-arrow"; Asynchronous message blocks the caller until it is completed.

use case realization relationship quiz

Asynchronous message must create a new thread, create a new object and communicate with a thread that is already running Object deletion, indicated by a large X, must be self-delegation cleaning up your own mess This question has 2 correct answers.

UML Distilled, 1st edition, p Topic: Which of the following statement are true about collaboration diagrams?

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Basically sequence diagrams and collaboration diagrams are used to depict objects interaction. ClassName Collaboration Diagrams are preferred because the layout indicates how objects are statically connected Interaction diagrams can support complex conditional or looping behavior either by creating separate diagrams for each scenario or by inserting conditions on message [condition] This question has 2 correct answers.

use case realization relationship quiz

When to use Interaction Diagrams? When you want to look at the behavior of several objects within a single use case or several use cases They are good at showing collaborations among objects; they are not so good at conditions and looping They are good to look at behavior of a single object across many use cases.

All of the above This question has 1 correct answer. Which of the following statements are true about Package Diagrams?

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Package in UML is similar to Java, to avoid name collision Package is a grouping mechanism that can be applied to classes only Package diagrams are particularly useful for testing Package dependency and class dependency are not the same.

Dependency is indicated by a solid line with arrow head at one end Package is an object-oriented approach in managing system structure A package may contain class eslist of classes, another package Whenever a class diagram that encompasses the whole system is no longer legible on a single letter-size sheet of paper.

This question has 3 correct answers. Design and Implementation Techniques Which of the following statements are false about State Diagrams?